Skil Worm drive Circular saw VS Makita 36 Volt LXT (You decide who wins!)
Tool Review Zone Vs. VCG Construction. Their old school Skil Vs our new school Makita. They don’t stand a chance against this 36 volt rear handle beast!


patdthomas says:

I did a job recently on the outside of a locked building. No access to an electrical outlet. Thank God I had my cordless Makita saw otherwise I would have had to go and get my generator, gas it up and lug that heavy beast back to the job site and probably go deaf from all the noise. And even if my batteries all went dead, which they didn’t by the way, I have a Makita battery charger that plugs into my cigarette lighter. So if I had to, I could still use it in the middle of the woods. I’m never going back to corded tools ever again and so my SkilSaw is gathering dust. And I don’t mean sawdust.

Chris Blake says:

You could buy another Skillsaw, couple blades and an extension cord for what it would cost on the Makita battery replacements alone… $130 each!!! LOL!


No it doesn’t have enough power my Dyson v6 absolute cordless vacuum is better

Ali Al-Ke'aiw says:

Mak … win

JAMES RAYMOND a.k.a. RHINO ! says:

When I worked at the lumber yard in the 90’s, we sold the original worm drive SKILSAW by the pallet ! My money is on “The SAW that built America.”

J T says:

WWhat is that screaming guy’s problem?

Dojah Mastah says:



Let me know if you need a referee next time

austin pollock says:

The fuck am I watching.

EDGE everyday says:

I do like the idea of no cord but i would rather have a corded saw for all day work

Tech & Tool Outdoors says:

You got to love that portability and power from the Makita.

Moises Robles says:

That makita is like a toy agaist the skilsaw


Your tool reviews are awesome. I thought Vince was talking about a wrestler named Skilsaw lol


Tool review zone i had the ryobi brushless strut stick vacuum but I returned it to home Depot because it was not that good of a house vacuum I just that I would let you know


I like how you let people know the specs. Then your like….. enough of that let’s get down to business

RedemptionRVA says:

Skilsaw FTW!

187icu says:

MAG77 baby woooooo

Joseph Powell says:

these versus videos are gold !!

id say a tie on this round

n3qdz says:

What did the 5 fingers say to the face…………………SLAP! On no he didnin. VGC just put the slap down oh ouch. Still love the Makita

Robert DeMilo says:

That was entertaining 4 sure. Maybe a better comparison would be comparing corded versions and battery versions of both? Cordless is great but it costs more and has expensive batteries that will probably go obsolete. Corded versions will probably last 20 years or more without fail.

Logan Connally says:

I’m going to go ahead and say both have their place, as a form carpenter though I’m all over the place on the job, it’s REALLY convenient to NOT drag cords through the mud and ruin them, and not wrestle any cords either, makita is definitely a better saw for me, can’t wait to purchase their 36v roto hammer and sawzall. Also wired an inverter into my truck so I charge my batteries on the go

Stone cold coffee says:

Just say No to drugs

Makita man says:

Makita chewed up that skill saw also skill saws are outdated Lol that was a cool video brother take care

Rahat Mohammad says:

Is this motherfucker a part-time clown?

rob says:

this is so dumb.

thanks for making it.

Eddie Smallhorn says:

“Can you hear me now? Skilsaw……”

Michael Oliver says:

He is shouting because deep down he knows makita is better and the future

Mark McIntyre says:

Why choose one ? I have both of them and I use both of them every day. I set the Mag up by the sawhorses and lumber stack and I bring the Makita around the job with me cuz of ease of portability. I cut stringers and fascia boards all day with the Makita and don’t have to change out the batteries. And the Mag saw speaks for itself, after all it did build America .


Do you have the ryobi cordless sheet sander or orbital sander and if you do not then you should check them out because I have them and I like them

Anthony H. says:

Skil. For this vid anyway

Cheng Liu says:

I just got that Makita circular saw for $250 and it came with 4 5aH batteries, a dual charger, and a bag.

Moises Robles says:

Tool review bro you lost thisguant the skill saw will still be working in 60years the makita will be forgotten bovary will now about that circular saw


You bring some really good points for the Makita. Nice job

David Gunther says:

It takes 2 batteries at what, $100 each?


I wait for that every video

Pavel Nesterov says:

Way the go man. Great video


Vince was so out of control that Nick had to be a stunt double for the mic stand haha


Is the ridgid brushless belt sander worth the buying if it is then I will buy it because I want a brushless belt sander

Lou Miller says:

I own both saws. The Makita is in my truck and gets used every day. My 20 year old Mag 77 sits in my garage and collects dust. Sure, the Skilsaw has more power, but the Makita is the better saw overall.

00ninja00 says:

I have been using the mag77 for years. But I’ll tell u something, since I’ve had the Dewalt wormdrive style saw, I’ve never had to use the mag77 ever. The Dewalt is as powerful if not more. And in a heavy use day, it only goes through 2x 9ah batteries. I’ve used the Makita and it’s just as nice, but I do believe that the Dewalt has a bit more power.

And I think dude has a bit too much testosterone running through his veins. Haha jk lol. I like watching him. Good reviews!

BadCat says:

If I did not already own my Skill 77 mag saw then I would seriously consider the Makita one , but I am betting my Skill saw will out live me — so — ???

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