Ryobi 18V 6-1/2″ Circular Saw P507 Review

Review of the Ryobi cordless 18 Volt one + 6-1/2 inch Circular Saw P507 features and performance

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Tool Craze says:

+junior salas from what I remember the performance is very close to the brushed 18 volt circular saws from dewalt and milwaukee. Actually this Ryobi saw is identical in appearance except for the colors to the craftsman c3 6-1/2″ model.

Melvin Madigan says:

i love my saw it does great for me

ichiban2point0 says:

Nice saw,but I think I’ll wait for the next upgrade model. Maybe with so e few improvements. By the way, I would like to see a review of ryobi 9 inch bench top bandsaw if you haven’t done one already. I took a look at it at home depot. I was kinda disappointed with the quality.

Cheng Liu says:

I have this. I got it gently used for about $45 and it was worth every penny. I used it with a high quality Diablo blade when I was helping to build a small house for homeless people in Mexico. The site did not have electricity so it was cordless tools only. I used it to cut 2x and plywood all day and it worked very well and only required one battery (4 mAh latest generation). I just hope that since Ryobi has announced that they will be releasing 9 mAh batteries, that they will make a saw like this but 7 1/4″.

Pedro V says:

I bought one but it has a grinding noise is that normal?

Paul Bialozor says:

I started with the Ryobi Blue set but soon gave up on it because of the Batteries. This new Green Line shows great potential and I would venture to say packs extreme BANG for the BUCK. What I really like is I just have to invest in the New Batteries and they would work with my Blue Set and perhaps provide more runtime if nothing else. I really do like the Rigid Line and if it ever goes bad, I am sure I will replace it with this Ryobi Green. My needs are not what they use to be and I don’t really need the Performance of Rigid anymore. I will invest in the Ryobi Nailer because the Kit with Battery is almost cheaper than the Rigid Nailer with NO BATTERY, so that is a no brainer… Great Videos as always…. I really like how you show the Good, Bad and the Ugly about everything you test and that makes for great sound advice for us to follow. I’ve seen other videos that are not so diverse…

D.P. SoniSerr says:

i dont why home depot does not make this available in all their stores without ordering online instead of that junk useless 5.5 inch underpowered one they have displayed in the tools section

Александр Балакирев says:

Hello and tell me this saw without the brush engine or not? thanks in advance.

to sexy for this says:

Best tool review guy out there

apm gold says:

Good review, with focus on the good and less so good elements of the saw. Therefore providing a balanced review that allows you to make an informed judgement.
Thanks for the review.

guillermo aguilar says:

Tengo la de 5 1/2 ryobi valdra la pena cambiarla por esta ..? Saludos bro

The MGTOW Whisperer says:

I withdrew my negative comment today regarding the Ryobi cordless saw. I’ll preface it with I’m a tool nut and was a commercial plumber for many years before retiring. I like all tools corded and uncorded, large and small.
Ryobi is a decent brand. I bought a cordless package plus batteries last week which consisted of a circular saw, jig saw, 1/2″ drill and palm sander. Also with this kit came two small 18v LI batteries and I bought a larger two pack of 18v LI batteries. Whether it was pilot error or a bad battery set, I had experienced a very short battery life yesterday while ripping small strips from a 1/2″ sheet of average plywood and ran out of power 2 1/2 strips into the project.
Ok, I charged all four batteries last night and continued my cuts. I fared much better today. I was able to cut 14 (2 1/2″) strips out of the plywood using all four batteries but at least I finished my cutting.
I don’t know if that’s normal or not, but I got the job done at least.
For the price point, the tools are decent. I have always had a mix of brands in my arsenal from Porter Cable and Milwaukee, to Mikita, Black and Decker (don’t laugh, B&D was once a professional brand and they still make a wicked belt sander).
I apologize to anyone that read my rant yesterday and want to say I really like the tools themselves, I just wish the battery life was longer.
In a perfect world, we would not need batteries just a small nuclear reactor.


I own a huge mixture of tools (I own a custom wood shop specializing in very high end tables) I have to say I like my Dewalts but that being said I’m starting to really love the Ryobi platform I think it is just awesome that you can go out and buy the new battery’s that Ryobi has and you can put them in there older tool’s, No more having to go out and buy a new tool to work with a new battery, I have several of there older tools and I went and bought there new battery’s and was able to come home and put them in my older tools, So I give Ryobi a BIG THUMBS UP For doing that

junior salas says:

How does the power compare to brushed Milwaukee/Dewalt saw. Just the look is identical to Milwaukee’s saw. I know they are under the same Tectonics Inc. but would they go as far as putting the same guts as the milwaukee. If so, this is a great buy…

Melvin Madigan says:

I love my ryobi p507 saw

Jordan Family says:

Wow, I can see Ryobi’s cordless circular saws have come leaps and bounds. I have the old blue cordless circular saw, and honestly it won’t even hardly  cut a 2×4. They have really stepped up their game.

Bigchuck678 says:

Come on ryobi. Give me a 7 1/4″ saw!!

jaguar1822 says:

Como siempre excelente Review Javier… Parece ser una buena herramienta, quizas no con la potencia de otras sierras, pero si con lo necesario para hacer el trabajo, definitivamente conseguire una de estas… Gracias y un saludo

FKP says:

I like the 5.5″ trim saw that came in my kit but I can’t cut a 45 deg angle on a 2×4. Not sure if I want to spend $35 for the 6.5″ and have that laying around too…maybe I’ll wait till Ryobi makes an improved 6.5″ 18V with a laser, etc…

Brien says:

Wow! Impressive performance. It looks like it would give my 18V XRP a good run.

BADD1ONE says:

really nice review man. good job. I love ryobi junk. lol

Mark Kilroy says:

another great video Javier, nice job

Patrick Guerrisi says:

is this as powerful as a cord saw? looks like it is

Frank B. says:

Great comprehensive review.  Thanks!

The Gunner The Gunner says:

nice vid. put that Diablo blade on it and give it another review.

MustacheVerra says:

And other useful review again. Disappointing that it doesn’t have brakes… Maybe I’ll wait for the next review.

David Johnson says:

Mind your fingers, had to close my eyes several times

Raj R. says:

Great review. Thanks from 2017!

Kenny Vega says:

Another great review keep up the good work

Mike Z says:

Great review Javier I dot know how i missed this one.

Bothuhead 19 says:

Great review Javier! I’ve been trying to find a review on this saw for quite some time now. It looks like it packs quite a punch. I’m seriously considering the One+ lineup with all the new and improved tools they are adding.

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