Rockwell VersaCut Mini Circular Saw RK3440K – Review

We review the Rockwell VersaCut Mini Circular Saw RK3440K. Always wear safety equipment when working with power tools. Check out the full review at

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Al Hamilton says:

Bought one in May, tried to use it first time in September. Found to be defective, laser light inoperative. Have spent the last three months trying to get it rectified or replaced, Rockwell totally untrustworthy, have made multiple promises to send pre paid shipping label so I can return it but they never arrive. Lesson learnt, never will buy Rockwell again.

PG Bartlett says:

I would have liked to know the clearances: in a tight area, how far is the front of the blade from the front of the saw? How about the side of the saw to the blade? Etc…

VenusMarshall says:

I wish someone doing reviews would demonstrate how this saw changes blades. The manual is awful. If the idea is to sell this saw to people who do NOT know a lot about tools, it’s a bad idea to put the text way past where the illustrations are, then not even bother to put labels on the parts being referred to, then top it all off by using terms that new tool users won’t recognize. These obstacles are so unnecessary – Singer Sewing Machine Company perfected the art of teaching how to use devices without language DECADES ago. They sold worldwide before “globalization” was even a term.

hoopfan71 says:

I just bought this tool to cut out rotten subfloor; worked very well. It didn’t bog down, and the laser helped maintain a straight cut. It’s a very lightweight tool. It takes a bit of practice to not start the blade running while releasing the blade lock. Also, a lock on the plunge feature would be nice.

CrushAssad says:

I like the video on what this saw can do But my experience with Rockwell is of a very cheap product and cheap material. The BladRunner that I bought a couple years ago was a piece of crap. It couldn’t cut straight and the power button broke off when I bumped it against a door. 

David DeWitt says:

Decent presentation, but I would suggest that you show more, & say more about the features of the saw. The laser guide was only mentioned, but not really shown on the work or demonstrated. I realize that the vacuum would probably be loud on the video, but you could at least show how it hooks up, and maybe show it running for a few seconds. And, as someone else mentioned, you didn’t even demonstrate a single plunge cut? I was really hoping to see more and learn more from your video.

Tools In Action says:

Not sure of the numbers, but it is a flush cut saw.

Tools In Action says:

@daviddad Thanks for the feedback. We might make another video.

Tools In Action says:

@dakota123422 No just plunge cuts.

Roberto Niez says:

This is very nice little saw I’m a handyman and I always carry this tool for my everyday cutting. It’s very handy and very easy to handle with one hand.

Quentin Raffensperger says:

is this better than the ROTORAZER?

Ana Chica says:

can it cut a 1in. thick wood?

chezargonzo says:

which of the saws that have tried is the one recommended to buy, dremel saw max or Rockwell or any other you’ve ever tasted? Thanks hope your answer I want to buy some for home work and see that in general all good but I want to know them experts. good videos.

Adi Satzinger says:

I have one for a few month now and I got to say it looks great when you see somebody cutting with it but it is somewhat of a pain to really use it. The retracted blade make it almost impossible to see where you will be cutting. Besides that, it takes quiet some effort to push the blade thru the guard. Once you start cutting you have to keep the pressure on it or it will pop back up. By pressing down so hard, it makes it hard to push along the cut because there is so much friction. I wish the blade guard could be locked in the retracted position or that you could at least adjust the tension of it. I find it easier to use my circular saw.
I feel this needed to be said.

sheltered says:

I have this saw, not impressed with it. Tried to trim a piece of aluminum for a threshold and the blade crapped out.  It cut a piece of lumber okay, but on metal…NOPE. I will be sending it back. 

kj197734 says:

@damusmoose Worx isn’t better because they are the same as Rockwell. They are both made by Positec Industrial.

Alex Georgiou says:

Can you use it to cut natural stone veneer?

Tools In Action says:

@luwdmke Not your shoes, but I think they have it to match your tube socks

Tools In Action says:

@MrNightwings74 Good point. Why bring out a heavier saw to do an easier job.

gary smith says:

does the head rotate for an angle cut ??   I guess a woodworker would ask this question a butcher wouldnt ? 

luwdmke says:

Does it come in different colors to match your shoes ?

Dave38K says:

Mike, were you wearing hearing protection ?

Carl Zorro says:

The bag is more expensive than the saw LOL

luwdmke says:

It should have a combination laser guide and video cam that you can watch later to see where you screwed up.


Which is better this VersaCut or SawMax by Dremel? Regards from Mexico

screenlabcorp co says:

yeah adolf is correct this thing did not work for me on cutting 10mm laminate, I returned it to the store, it has multiple design flaws besides not seeing what your cutting and the guard not being accurate or solid. It looks good on youtube only. 

Ken Bee says:

I have one the saws and my main complaint is the plunge action and no way to lock the plunge action out to set the blade in a fixed depth like a circular saw, etc. After saying that I have figured out a way to lock the blade to a set depth and disabling the plunge action.

dakota123422 says:

ok so as we see it has a good lazer, wood/metal blades. and is $119.85 on their web site. but i will like to try the saw myself before anything

Jim Belesky says:

I got one recently and I was trying to cut a 1×1″ support strut for the midpoint of a bookcase, rotating in strokes to achieve the depth. The plunge effort and the limited view of where the blade’s going, it didn’t work well for me yet. I tried turning the screws thinking I could lock out the plunge, no luck, then I was thinking of sticking something (I know, sounds like an accident in the making) in the plunge depth so it doesn’t retract. Is that a huge mistake; we’re assuming I have a firm grip on the wood and the Versacut?

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