Rockwell Versacut Mini-Circular Saw Review

This is a review of the Rockwell Versacut Mini-Circular Saw.

Update November 2015, I have been using this saw some more and I have to say it actually is a good tool for cutting thin materials. At first I was less than impressed but it works very on plywood or materials up to 1″. The plunge feature is ok once you get use to it.


Terry Masri says:


Sergio Corrêa says:

Fazem uma porcaria de ferramenta que não chega a serrar a profundidade de 3 cm. Podiam chegar a pelo menos 4cm e já serviria pra marceneiros como eu por exemplo usar em portas e marcos e pra uma infinidade de outros propósitos.

Thomas Williams8484 says:

awsome video…i got mys dec 27 of last year

Steve Austin says:

This user need to go to the gym and start lifting weights to get his arms stronger so he can use the machine properly.

Mohamed Bhimji says:

Hi – great video. At my local hardware store they have a 4A and 5A saw on sale (Rockwell Versacut) but am not sure which I should buy. The 4A has additional items with it like carry bag, couple of extra blades, laser align and no-mar base. In all honesty I probably won’t use the additional stuff, but it’s only a $10.00 difference between the 5A and 4A.

Is it better to get the slightly more powerful 5A version instead?

I would only be using it to cut laminate – good tool for that?

chibane rachid says:


fulcrum062505 says:

What is the max thickness this can cut on metal?

BrenticusMaximus1 says:

Who makes that cord management clip? Great video btw, thanks

freetoberight says:

I have another brand which has excellent dust collection-virtually no dust when cutting out drywall (ceiling cut outs) when set to correct depth. Great for cutting into an existing tile floor when you need to take a precise piece out of the floor — replace a piece of flooring.
When you must make a cut inside a home and you want to minimize dust this is a must have in your tool box.

love2laughwa says:

Great review and tutorial. I don’t hear the bias others mention. I just hear responses based on your practical usage. I am a hobbyist and today, thanks to your review, I feel okay giving it a go on a lightweight project where my full-size circular seems overkill. Not sure I like the plunge idea either…but, I’ll know more soon… 🙂

Rose Vincent says:

I know people that are comfortable with big circular saw would agree with you. Someone like me that has an aversion to huge saws …not only the danger, heavy size…and the sound..I cannot take the sound of huge circular saws i wear hearing aids..with and without them that sound cuts right through me pun intended…My dad always used a circular saw ..he was a mom and I share the same hearing problem would freak atvthe sound…so we used every saw but…that circulr saw lol we were almost phobic about it..meanwhile we use a chain saw like a boss LOL go figure..Enter versacut ..a smaller saw…has the safety feature of the push down plate…and suddenly this girl is cutting wood and building things..and the plunge cut YES i needed that…I also love that It sounds fine to me….from this Great experience …I also got a blade runner..most excellent and I have the sonicrafter..jaw horse sheet master and the portable jaw horse…I always wanted a little woodshop but the circular saw always put me off…this little saw got me started ….Like I said I can see why someone like you that has no qulams using a full sized circular saw…more power to ya…for me this littlw saw has gotten me on my way to making things…and getting over a phobia i had of circular saws…maybe one day a full sized is gonna make its way into my little wood shop..for now this is great..

Kevin Russom says:

it looks to me like you have to struggle with it or manhandle it too good to do just about anything I build all houses and this really doesn’t look like it would work for me

Paul Demetropoulos says:

Andrew.. I would consider this saw if the dust collection was really excellent. Does this saw contain the dust?

toneseeker2 says:

Good drywall repair saw especially when used with the vacuum attachment reduces all the drywall dust

Brian Tutterrow says:

obviously biased opinion.

Neftali B Escobar says:

This is actually a great tool for the right applications, defenetlly not for doing this types of cuts, I bought one to remove 5/8 ” drywall from a water damage we had in one of my jobs, it was a lot of drywall we needed to cut a couple feets ups and this tool made it so easy

Rockwell Tools says:

Thanks for the review and demonstration of the Rockwell Versacut! Here’s the link to the Versacut product page for more information on what this tool can do:

todd horst says:

this is a great toy, I’m not sure why the reviewer trys to compare it to…well, dewalt, they don’t make one….makatita? they kinda make something that looks like this but not quite. Rockwell is the only real player in this game so far.

I was turned onto this saw by some home builders that beat the piss out of one of these putting in a sub floor, a roof, cement board and trim. they cut fast and threw it down, and slapped the piece in. they could do this because the blade pops back in so no chance of messing up the next sheet of wood. it is truly a great one hand saw made for fast confident cuts. best part of review? oh it jumps when I start it.

I borrowed one from a friend and put in over 1000sqft of red oak using a Rockwell, in place of my miter, jig and table saw, all right in place with out getting up a million times. I can’t wait to see how it works with a good dcu, hopefully I can cut in place on remodeling jobs.

Kevin Russom says:

first off great job on your review I’m not a big fan of those lasers neither they tend to be pretty cheap and brake. how long does the wood blade last as small as they are ? it looks like they would get dull pretty fast.

marty fowler says:

I just got this tool today and it works great for my needs. He Emphasizes that it takes too much strength to depress/plunge cut with, and it only took me 2lbs to 3lbs of pressure (if that). He is bias of the product and is comparing it to a full size circular saw. You can tell from the get go that his attitude towards the tool is completely negative. Theirs a place for every tool and the right tool is the tool’s intended use to complete the job properly. You can use this tool with one hand (or both), but your wrist can get tired if your cutting long sheets of plywood etc with one hand for a couple of hours. imo he’s got a weak wrist if he describes that it’s too difficult plunge cut.

Elijah Alaniz says:

if you complain about it then don’t use it mr dewalt guy

JIP says:

It’s a hell of a lot safer then a skillsaw.

Jam Jenkins says:

The reviews on Amazon. Com were scary, I went with the worx, no regrets.
I cut 3/4 cdx plywoo clean and straight.

B Am says:

This saw is for quick rough cut. It is not a precise cutting tool. Many times, you sounded like you are reviewing DeWalt. Actually, Makita beats both !!

Cameron2874 says:

That’s not a review. It’s just like a small kid complaining about something they don’t know about. If u are going to review a power tool then know how use power tools and understand what they are designed for

DirectX3 says:

Using a sub compact four cylinders Toyota truck to compare with the Ford F series full size diesel truck. I now understand why china and Mexico could beat us at the economy. Craps!

WV591 says:

i like the reviews that point out the annoying things about the tool. TU. no spindle lock either.

freetoberight says:

I have another brand plunge saw that does contain the dust near 100% ! EXCELLENT DUST EXTRACTION. I used it to cut out a section- perimeter of an existing ceramic tile floor, and to take out a section of a plaster ceiling. It was a little tough to plunge but doable and the job got done. One does need to go slow when plunge cutting and must maintain downward pressure during the cut. If the dust extraction is as good on this one then would be a buy IF you have the need for plunge cutting (medium to large ‘cut outs’). Set the depth you want – and take out drywall sections etc.

Salvador Estremera says:

I have one,in two month is not working,the saw wont turn,I NEED COMP.FOR GARANTIED,OR REPARE

Castelar Joel says:

He’s bias.

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