Rockwell 4-1/2″ Compact Circular Saw RK3441K Review

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Review of the Rockwell Compact Circular Saw RK3441K Features and performance.

Using a 5 amp motor and a thin kerf 4-1/2 inch carbide blade, it can cut up to 2x materials with ease


MB 33 says:

nice review friend

MrZombieIsHungry says:

Great review!  I’m buying one as I need a nice compact, quality saw.

Michael McCarthy says:

Javier – do you find your kerf is centered on the cut-line stamped on the shoe? I am using mine and confused as to where to align the saw relative to the pencil mark on my material. Thanks.

aleon1018 says:

Menard’s had a similar saw on sale for $39.00 ( just the one blade and these area t least $15.00 each) and I was going to buy one the last day of the sale. But they didn’t even have a display and were sold out. Another one they had, was only 3 3/8 blade was bulky but had 3 blades. I wanted one that could cut through a 2×4 and the 3 3/8 didn’t likely do that.

tammy bartelme says:

Thanks for showing me how this little saw works. I made a 55″ tank stand with plywood and 2x4s. I wish I had this little saw because I agree that 7 1/4 Circular Saw is bulky and heavy.

Mike L. says:

Great review.  It looks as if it would be good for a quick project, but I have to admit that I am spoiled with the cordless saws that are available.  Not being tethered to a cord is a great advantage.

Visibleman 247 says:

Great review! Answered all my questions…

Bob kachmarzinski says:

you can use one hand with any full size circular saw

Djthunder PSN says:

great tool!! great video!

Dimi K says:

“It’s also nice to be able to use the tool one-handed”. But he shows us how to use it using two hands.
It’s a good compact saw, but I couldn’t get used to the red idiot safety button, so I did some surgery and got rid of the little annoying bastard. Much better now and don’t go cutting too many 2 X 4’s unless you have to. Much better for cutting panels.

docsavagexl says:

Thx bro cool tool! very impressive

rhshel says:

spec with a 10′ cord, don’t believe it, I have had two delivered to me both saws had a 8′ cord.
also the impossible to find bolt with left hand thread is only available through the mfg. using this saw one handed NOT, without some guide board! be sure to measure the difference from front to back from the shoe to the blade, its a few thousands off!

Andrew says:

I bought this RK3441K last Christmas time, because of my arthritis, but I have not been able to cut anything with it because the protective shield in the back does not get out of the way as the saw go forward. So I gave it to my friend who is more familiar with tools and he could not do it either. What is the problem? – Sincerely, Andrew Mathews. email:

OFFROAD2019 says:

I was wondering about the m12 fuel circular saw never herd of it till now maybe you could review it cause I want one

Mike Z says:

That’s a nice little saw bro, how do u think it will last longevity wise? Thanks for the review Javier!!

gron0523 says:

how do you replace the blade?

epanis elvin says:

how to buy in the philipine

Richard Cowtails says:

for 90 bucks i’d prefer a fullsize

Abdur Razz says:

how much

Daniel O'Brien says:

Why am I not able to cut one piece of 2×2 without kickback with this saw. It’s new and tried all kinds of material it kicksback viollently at 3/4 of the cut no matter what i cut.

Yer Man says:

I have the European version of this (Worx) for over 2 years, love it. One of my most used tools, my full size saw virtually never gets used now. Combined with a self made rip fence jig it is real handy for fast cuts instead of setting up a table saw.

If mine broke tomorrow I would buy another if the warranty was up.

Mohamed Bhimji says:

Hi – great video. At my local hardware store they have a 4A and 5A saw on sale (Rockwell Versacut) but am not sure which I should buy. The 4A has additional items with it like carry bag, couple of extra blades, laser align and no-mar base. In all honesty I probably won’t use the additional stuff, but it’s only a $10.00 difference between the 5A and 4A.

Is it better to get the slightly more powerful 5A version instead?

vatoloco905 says:

that looks like something I could use on my woodworking projects, thanks Rockwell, ill have to give it a try

Brett West says:

Nice saw. The smaller size is a great idea . 5 amps doesn’t sound like a lot but it seemed to cut quite well. Any idea how it does on tile backer board or cement board? Thanks !!

jerry calderon says:

so this does any job and batter then other electric saws

David Januszewski says:

Well now, let me tell you my experiences with this saw, I have used this saw off & on for two-years…  It really sucks at most tasks..  First, the blade is so thin that it won’t follow a line/guide when ripping(follows the grain), I use the Diablo-blade, it works better, But, not to my liking.. Second, the shoe is loose as a goose, not aligned with the blade, I used washers to somewhat align the shoe-edge to the blade with some bracket bending.  Third, the grip is very bulky, small hands need not apply.   Now, would I buy it again, Never!   It misses the mark by a long-shot, But, if you need a small cut-off-saw( like maybe for picture-frames), get rid of the base and hinge it to make those 45-degree-cuts, that is the best I can say for this tool-wannabe..  I wanted to like this saw, but I just can’t!!  It just doesn’t do anything well…

Over the edge says:

You did a great job, but slow down, how much it cost, how good it worked, depth of 45 cuts.

Ali Haidar says:

Now if there’s a cordless version of this, it will be the perfect compact circular saw for DIY work. I hate cords lol. Thanks for the video bro!

World wide137 says:

I wanted to like this saw, I really like the dust collection port and size. I ordered online at Home Depot. The first time I used it, I noticed that it would not cut a 2×4 square. Even after making some adjustments, it still would not cut square. I also noticed that the base plate/shoe would flex slightly when applying pressure to the saw. I returned it.

Brien says:

Looks like a handy saw. I really like the dust collection capability.

Harleydude says:

cool little saw!

TheBearuk1 says:

great review Javier, i picked this up last year for a home improvement i was working on but ended up taking it back and getting a corded DeWalt 7″ saw instead as the depth of cut was ever so slightly too small to make the cuts i needed, which was entirely my fault as i measured the timber incorrectly but it felt like a great quality tool, I have a couple of cordless Rockwell tools so i know they are well made and reliable. I may end up picking this up again just to have it in my tool kit!

Reality Davinic says:

I think it would nice to have a little saw like this around instead of having to lug out the big circular saw.

I know I just got the Rockwell Blade Runner X2 last week and I absolutely love the thing!

Paul Bialozor says:

Most full sized saws have a trigger guard for safety while this trigger is exposed, so I get the need to hold the button to release the trigger. As you demonstrated the saw I noticed just how exposed the trigger was, so again I totally get the need to push a button to activate the trigger. Small price to pay because fingers don’t GROW BACK…  Just saying… 

Rockwell Tools says:

@Tool Craze. Thank you for the review. If you need any information 4-1/2 compact saw, just follow this link:

graceoverall says:

Fantastic review! Gave me all the info I was looking for in a nice quick video with examples of it in action. Thanks Javier!

rhshel says:

This tool is the shits. The first thing I didn’t like about it was the cord length. Its not 10′ as advertised its 8′ The second thing is the blade bolt. Good luck when you brake one of these as you better have a spare, you won’t find it available at the local ACE. Then the cut! You have to push this stupid release button before you can engage the trigger! I hate that. I put the sole plate against a straight edge and it cut anything but straight! The edge of the sole plate is made so cheap that its not parallel with the blade. It took several hours until I could get a good cut. My advise go buy a Milwaukee!

WV591 says:

i wonder how it compares to worx saw. 4 amp vs 5 amp

Rodger Wentland says:

wanted to like mine, looks nice feels nice then I cut some underliment board and I just couldn’t cut straight it would just run off fighting to keep it straight. nice looking but it went back to the store.

Christopher Scafidi says:

Another great review Javier. I bought this about a month ago. The first thing I grabbed it for was to trim the ends of three 2×6’s that I had ripped and glued together to make a 2×15 plank (white wood).Boy did it struggle. I was sorely disappointed. I ended up using my Ryobi 18v P506. It runs circles around the Rockwell, with power to spare. I’ll just use the Rockwell it to cut sheet goods. It seems better suited for that task. Keep up the awesome reviews Bro!

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