RIDGID Gen5X Brushless 7-1/4″ Circular Saw R8653 / R9206

Get the RIDGID Brushless Circular Saw at Home Depot here — http://goo.gl/iqkpJg


venomousdebater says:

Nice video!

DC Rickerson says:

Pretty darn impressive ! Very nice review and great to see your dad assisting.

Cody Robertson says:

another great review!

drayne3750 says:

Cool review as always. Still not a fan of the weight and balance of this saw but do enjoy when you call in the old man to make some saw dust.

Chris Cape says:

damn rigid is getting awful close to competing with Milwaukee and dewalt

Kevin Newman says:

Any idea when it can be bought outside a kit? I don’t need another drill.

MP Dope says:

Dope video

Liepājas A.Puškina 2.vidusskola says:


NSX Properties says:

One thing I don’t like about Ridgid circular saws is there put the grip on the motor housing instead of in front of the main grip like Mikita. The advantages is you can hold the blade guard open without having to stretch your hand when doing a plunge cut.

Wild Goose says:

That is amazing run time!

BADD400 CB700 drums says:

Nice saw.

Anonymous says:

How many 2×4 can you rip on a charge?

PeteBillings says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to review these products. I have a questions for everyone… Which cordless circular saw is the all around best 7 1/4 circular saw? I’m trying to decide which to get. I have the Ridgid impact driver and drill, but I’m considering changing over to Makita or Milwaukee, so that I can have all my tools using the same batteries. Which would you guys purchase or stay away from? Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to the responses.

NSX Properties says:

does it seem like the saw takes a while for it to wind up? is that normal? and why did Ridgid decrease the rpms from the gen 4 X? does this give it more torque?

naiusany says:

Excellent Review.
Your review is better than the Manual the Saw comes with.
I learned a lot from this post
Better video than Ridgid own

Zack Alabudi!!! says:

Good job , keep up the good work

CrazyBee says:

Thanks a lot man. Can you confirm that this beat in runtime the M18 Fuel, but not the makita brushless 6 1/2 ? I appreciate the time you take to make those nice reviews.

Lorna G says:

Can you attach a dust collector to this circular saw?

Allen Jackson says:

What kind of guide were you using on your circular saw ?

repairdrive says:

How do you know when a saws battery is done cutting?

glocknutmike says:

huh…does that saw have the room to take the larger battery for longer runtimes or just the slimline standard batteries that come with it?   I have Milwaukee battery powered drills and drivers, the difference between the slim and the extended size batteries is a major difference!


I love how the dog does not even care you are there. Good review.

David Marquez says:

Nice review whats the comparition vs, the gen5 brushed?

Deacon Lucas says:

thanks for your video.

Mike L. says:

All these Ridgid Gen5X tools are very impressive.  Great review.

uberDoward says:

Ok, 312 2×4 cuts and 99 7/16″ OSB cuts, but how many cuts does the non-brushless do? Would be a better comparison if you include what other saws have done.

Johnny Bautista says:

were can i get one of those blaze guides like the one your using? (minutes8:29) on the video and would it work on any cordless saw?? thanks

Thomas tom says:

I just ordered the ridgid 5 combo kit and my circ saw is a lefty… and so are all yours. Why is that? Only 10 percent of pop is left handed. And lefty saws are usually special ordered.

Ervin Bernardo says:

hi I want to buy this circular saw and its possible I use transformer to charge the battery because here in Kuwait we use 220 volt

Doug Halpern says:

Maybe I missed it but how is the torque compared to the brushed model? Does the new motor add torque or just runtime? My complaint with the old brushed model is that it bogs down too easily in tough wood.

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