New GEN 2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review 12.0Ah Battery 2732-21HD Vs Dewalt Flexvolt

Price the New GEN 2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ Circular Saw on Amazon:
All Day Jobsite Saw – Milwaukee Tool introduced the new GEN 2 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ Circular Saw with 12.0Ah Battery, model 2732-21HD this past July and priced it at $399.  The Gen 2 M18 7-1/4″ Circ Saw clearly has a larger brushless motor that provides 5,800RPM and per Milwaukee Tool, will make 750 cuts on a 2×4 per charge.  In our testing, we fully believe the large 12.0Ah battery will cover a full day at work.  Milwaukee boasts that this circular saw cuts up to 25% faster than 15A corded and high-voltage circular saws and we decided to test this saw against the Dewalt rear handle Flexvolt saw.  Check out our YouTube video to see that!

Right out of the box we pushed the Milwaukee Circular saw and 12.0Ah battery by cutting 1-3/4″ OSB over and over.  Our goal was to see how the tool faired under load and for us to see if we get any heat buildup.  We ditched the stock 24 tooth carbide tipped saw blade and replaced it with Milwaukee’s new coated blade.  That new saw blade made a big difference in the cut quality and also the load on the saw during the deep cuts.  On most saws, upgrading the blade is something we do right off the bat because we want longer battery life and a better cut.

The feel of this saw is very similar to the Gen 1 Milwaukee circular saw but the power if very noticeable.  Both saws look very similar other than the new saw having a much larger brushless motor.

Gen 2 Tools
New tools, like new cars, can be a speculative purchase when they first come out.  Over time there can be changes to the design or corrections to flaws, but the nice part about a Gen 2 tool is that there has been a lot of testing on the Gen 1 tool.  The issues that might have come up have been corrected and for the most part, there should be little risk in any flaws in most Gen 2 parts.

Our tests might indicate how some tools live their life, but in the most part, we are extreme testing the tools.  Very few people would use a battery operated circular saw to cut almost 2″ of OSB over and over for 45 minutes at a time.  The practical application is just not there.  While our test might be a bit more extreme, the results are great.  We found the saw to be very reliable under stress.  The Saw is very comfortable while using it for long periods.  The grip is amazing, even while buried under what looked like a mound of saw dust.  But the most impressive factor to us was that the motor or battery never once gave into the torture allowing the tool to cut out.  The saw just kept cutting until the battery was discharged.  

The new Milwaukee Tool lines have been very impressive.  This circular saw is right up there in the top three 7-1/4″ battery operated circular saws we have ever tested.  The runtime when used normally is impressive and the power, when needed under immense load, is right on par with other battery operated saws that live on the jobsite day in and day out.  There is no doubt that we would recommend this saw anyone looking for a good, well priced saw that will hold up to abuse.


Lou Cifer says:

Who runs these companies, can’t they just make a blade left sidewinder in 71/4 inch the Dewalt and makita worm style saws are nice but they’re a little on the heavy side, the Milwaukee and Dewalt flexvolt blade right are about the same in power and are plenty powerful enough for most jobs just put the blade on the left, the makita and Dewalt blade left saws are technically sidewinders they are direct drive not wormdrive, and as for Milwaukee I don’t think can make a saw as powerful as the dewalt rear handle saw using a single 18v battery I think they reached their max otherwise they would have come out with one

John Landis says:

I thought the the dewalt was going to be hard to beat!

Lord Ba'al says:

You cannot compare this to the Dewalt the way you did. Because Brian was moving faster then Jeff.

C.J. M says:

I purchase the saw love the power but I agree it should be a right side saw

Adam Kreutzer says:

Waiting for blade left. They really should offer both since this is the most widely used construction tool

Colin Hamilton says:

I’m a blade right guy!
Most Aussies are, I did have a blade left Makita cordless and I find it a little odd to use. I will persist.
12 amp hour battery, that’s huge!

John Landis says:

I just bought the Milwaukee gen 1 with a 9amp hr battery I figure it’ll do everything I need but I’d love to have the flexvolt saw though. I got it from toolbarn for $250. Great buy!

J J says:

I’m with you guys 100% I can’t wait for them to come out with an upgraded left handed saw. I never bought the gen. 1 7 1/4 saw because it’s a right handed saw. Thanks for all the great reviews !!!

Ryan Brown says:


Craig Diller says:

I just switched to the Skilsaw Sidwinder Southpaw and dont know how I used a blade right for so long blade left is so much better

marvin benjamin says:

Very well put together review. I think you guys needs to work with a power tool company. And as for the Milwaukee I can bet they have some surprises for us in the rear handle

Alex P says:

I love this saw. I love RIGHT handed.

Mike Carpenter says:

Dewalt is 2400W (MWO) and the Milwaukee is 1800W (they say power of 15A corded so 15A x 120v = 1800W )… I’m glad the new Milwaukee is much improved though. The original fuel saw stalled too easily

A Ross says:

Man I love this saw!!!!

Fusion2016 says:

Can’t beat the flexvolt, it’s a beast… Big upgrade though if you like Red tools

FTLAUD 911 says:

Been a blade right guy my whole life. Got into the m12 line so I picked up the Mini saw. Since then I prefer blade left all day. Went looking for a bigger cordless and got great deal on older model. Ended up returning it and getting the 6 1/2 model. I was going to get the flexvolt worm model, but didnt want to switch battery platforms. Will just wait till Milwaukee comes out with a blade left. In meantime the 6 1/2 works for my needs. That flexvolt is a beast!!

Ady Unixmoment says:

nope for me

Guillaume Léonard says:

I bought the Gen1 saw when I bought my house 2 years ago. This is my first circular saw and bought Milwaukee because I already had the Gen2 Fuel Drill/Impact kit. It just made sense to buy the battery operated Gen1 circular saw. I am right handed and I have to be honest, I hate not seeing the blade. I always have to lean over to see my cut. When I was shopping for the saw, a customer at the store recommended me to buy the 6 1/2 saw instead of the 7 1/4 because the blade was on the other side. I didn’t listen to him and thought I would get used to it. I don’t 🙁

Skinny Moose says:

If you cant cut equally well with a blade right and left hand saw, you’re not much of a carpenter in my book.

Trouser Snake says:

Why not just buy 2 Ryobi cordless 7 1/4 inch cordless circulars with battery & charger for $179 each?

Kevin N says:

Please compare this to the regular Flexvolt saw ( non worm drive) to this, I am curious to see how it will fare. Also did you test with an actual 5.0 battery? I am reading that you do not get the power out of the table saw or chain saw if you use anything less than the 12.0 battery.

Brye Cooper says:

When are they coming out with a left hand blade, its the only thing that stops me purchasing as I am all M18 platform.

MrBeefy says:

Nice video man

Sergio Castro says:

Why didn’t you compare the right hand blade 60v dewalt? I think that would have been a more level field as this competes directly with that one

manny vega says:

Finally some one compared it to dewalt flex worm drive. Great vid.

MrBeefy says:

Y’all got a great show crazy how far YouTube gone these day here a like

Hugo Garcia says:

Your bashing Milwaukee you slowed the fuck down fuck u bitch Milwaukee all the way i will spam u bitch fuck your Channel

John Lane says:

Its funny that rear handle wasnt debuted at nps18. Seems to me that would have been a bigger release than update to an existing saw. My question was answered as to comparison with flexvolt rear handle, but how does it compare to makita rear handle? Thanks for the review guys.

Jeff Powell says:

I just got the 12 amp hour battery with the new table saw and I love both. I used the battery in my old blade right saw and similar to the difference I noticed when I first used the 9 amp hour battery in it, the battery ups the performance to another level. It’s incredible!

Jerry Beck says:

Nice video. I have the 6 1/2 blade left, which took some time getting used to being that I mostly ran blade right saws. And I have the 7 1/4 2731 and like it. My question is does the 2732 have any advantages other than the battery. I don’t do this for a living and I run the 5.0 battery’s. You had mentioned it was a big upgrade, is that due to the battery?

Danny H. says:

Nice to see Red continually coming up with new tools ! One thing I noticed in this video was that the Milwaukee threw the dust behind the operator and the Dewalt thru the dust right into the operator !

wyatt earp says:

Will work for me. I’m a blade right guy.

** ** says:

Dewalt 60v cuts faster?

Alex P says:

I love this saw. I love RIGHT handed.

Jeff Powell says:

I just got the 12 amp

Aaron M says:

I’m just waiting for the M18 lawn mower. Dewalt dropped the ball with theirs and now Milwaukee can jump in steal the show.

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