Milwaukee M18 Gen 2 FUEL 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Review

Acme Tool:

Milwaukee’s new 2732-21HD Gen 2 FUEL 7-1/4″ blade right circular saw lives up to the claim of “faster than corded,” although it does so at the expense of weight. The saw and 12Ah battery weigh in at 12 pounds together.

The 15A corded saw I tested against is the Ridgid 32021.

Thanks to Milwaukee for providing a review sample.


Patrick Miller says:

The saw is backwards though. Blade saw should be on the left

David Stephenson says:

Another blade right pos

Dahut says:

I just bought a left bladed, rear handled X2 Makita because I am already heavily invested in the Makita platform. The saw, two 5 Ah batteries, and a dual charger for $300, I just couldn’t resist. The Milwaukee looks nice, though, and since I was getting a kit, I considered it as well.

Tool Review Zone says:

Looks beastly bro good review

Oscr M says:

Hi what rule do you use with the circular saw

Mari G says:

hey bud would that dust extraction fit the older model 7 1/4?

JohnIoannou says:

Great review! Can you do a review for the Milwaukee FUEL String Trimmer please? Thanks

Joe Sevy says:

I want them to make this saw in both a left and right version and sell a ‘superkit’ that includes both left and right saws with one battery and charger.

Alex Garcia says:

Great for a lefty when are they going do a 7 1/4 for righty’s

Pietro Moopy says:

I have both the Flexvolt 60v right blade and the worm drive. The regular right blade flexvolt is very powerful, on long rips it doesn’t slow down at all in hardwood, but if you hit a knot you will hear it bog a little but hasn’t stalled once for me. The worm drive style just rips right through anything with no bogging at all, that thing is a beast.

Raj Dann says:

A bit expensive too…

Skinny Moose says:

I’m a professional framer. I have both Gen 1 right and left blade saws. The 6 1/2 has good power with a 9.0 amp battery. The 7 1/4 gen 1 however bogs down often. The motors in both saws are identical and it seems to have trouble turning the bigger 7 1/4 blade. There is a noticeable power drop from the 6 1/2.

The gen 2 7 1/2 is a totally different animal. It has huge power. It feels like you are cutting with a corded saw. The motor is twice as big as the gen 1 saw and you can really feel the difference. I’m loving it so far. It’s heavier than the gen 1 but not so much that it really matters. Battery life seems to be good. All in all it’s a great saw. We run these saws all day every day building houses. We rarely use corded saws anymore. We also run Makitas and DeWalts. You cant go wrong with any of them. Just pick the saw you like the best and go with it. They all get the job done in a professional environment. The all are probably more than a homeowner really needs, but if you can afford it you may as well get pro grade tools.

Reuel Monte says:

Can it cut a 3×6 ???

Ruben says:

milwaukee needs a cordless worm drive circular saw asap!!!

DEVIL2627 says:

I feel like Milwaukee should come out with a combo where they sell you the tool plus battery without a charger you don’t need a charger for every tool you buy as a combo


Wish they would come out with a South paw style………….after all this time you think they would listen, line of sight is essential!!

Nuno Freiras says:

Tava a olhar para o armario do gajo as portas nem tao afinadas
Que raio de carpinteiro és fds

illezt says:

Made in china

Lou Cifer says:

Talking to my battery guy he said you should not use 9,5 or 4 amp batteries because the motor is hungry for power and destroy those batteries much quicker because they will overheat only use the 12amp and 6amp with 21700 batteries he daid you can use them in a pinch but don’t use them as the main battery, I noticed that with my friends Milwaukee chainsaw he had the 9amp battery and when we were clearing some down tree’s the saw would cut off once the batteries got hot even though there was 2 bars left on we had to wait till it cooled off but with the 60v flexvolt saw with a 9amp battery we could keep cutting till it died

mitch yelvington says:

why is the blade on the wrong side

Essential Departure says:

Excellent review. I appreciate how you highlighted the new features especially as I was trying to find out what was new over the 2731. I just bought a 9.0 starter kit that came with the 2731. Now that I know the difference I can return it before opening it because I want the 2732. Thanks!

Jay says:

Nice video. Going to the basement right now to see if my M12 circular saw blade and shoe are parallel.

Patrick Raimondi Taylor says:

why do different ah batteries provide different amounts of power? Makes no sense to me…

Abel Diaz says:

$ 399 it’s a good price

Mark Kilroy says:

Great review as usual. I can’t wait to get one it seems like it has lots of power

Steve Sheldon says:

I listen to you cutting with this… and it just always sounds like it’s struggling. Compared to my makita 5007.

Dahut says:

I never imagined the smaller battery would affect performance, only run time. I really like the dust chute– first one I’ve seen on a circular saw. Subbed, even though you added a tree to ambidextrous and said thee instead of thuh, both of which cause me physical pain. But a little pain never hurt anyone…

Donny Sanner says:

Good review brother. My only problem with this saw is that it gets kinda heavy at the end of the day. Don’t overlook the abilities of the 6 1/2” fuel with the 9.0 battery.

Michael Robert says:

Great review. Is the dust port compatible with the new backpack vacuum?

Taelan Baylor says:

This is an EXCELLENT video. It shows the strengths and inevitable weaknesses of the m18 platform and how different ah batteries function. At least they’re compatible and I say that as a compliment. If Milwaukee could make their 2ah m18 batteries have the same power but at 1/6 the run time as the 12s I’m sure they would.

Again, thanks a bunch. This video helps me at the store and the jobsite.

Lou Cifer says:

Sales have been poor for this saw, because everyone wants blade left

JR Rustic says:

Looks like a beast!

marvin benjamin says:

Very great video. That is one the best videos I’ve seen so far at feast people know it can cut out but still performed better than corded. Am still waiting for the wormdrive. It think the battery design is an issue which they might look into just my opinion.

Tizzy says:

I just picked this thing up in the homeless despot. It weighs as much as a dang toddler. Seems powerful, but mighty heavy.e

**EDIT** I should clarify, I did not purchase, just quite literally lifted it up and played with it for a bit.

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