Milwaukee 10-1/4″ Circular Saw Review 6470-21

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Framing crews and other construction contractors will enjoy the extreme cutting ability of the Milwaukee 6470-21, 10-1/4″ Circular Saw. This is a 15 Amp saw that is built with the power and capacity to handle the most extreme cutting applications. Spinning at 5,200 RPM, the saw easily cuts at max capacity without bogging down under load. Beyond the power, what makes this saw stand out to us over some of the other 10-1/4″ saws we have tested is the electric brake. The blade stops in seconds after the trigger is released. This made for a safe environment to move the saw around after the cut, not worrying about cutting anything that was not meant to be cut.

This beast of a saw is packed with power and features. We were very pleasantly surprised that the direct drive saw would power through extreme cuts without bogging and there was no need to a thin kerf blade. The full sized blade begged for more as it sliced through everything we threw at it like it was a single 2×4. With this power comes some weight. The saw weighs in at 17.8 pounds and it looks every bit of that. The saw is large, but that make sit easy to handle and control. It might make for a tiring day completing overhead cuts, but the large shoe was a blessing for controlling the large unit through 3″ of stacked OSB.


resqrt says:

You guys should review the 16 inch Makita circular saw

Russ Webster says:

Nice Beast of a saw. My brother-in law picked up a 16 inch Makita at a pawn shop. That thing is huge. Thanks for the review guys.

Michael Miller says:

That things is a beast! I like the e-brake feature. What model would you use for a finishing saw? #WorkshopAddict

SuperCheese088 says:

I like the box it comes with. Love boxes. #WorkshopAddict

kstrand says:

I need to put shelf’s up in the garage , maybe I should get one of these to help lol

Wild Goose says:

What a beast! Those 10 1/4″ saws are huge, but for guys cutting big dimension lumber, I immagine they are a must.

Cheng Liu says:

10 1/4″? Can this use the same blades as a 10″ miter saw? I would hope so, otherwise blades would be limited and difficult to find.

Ryan Schneeweiss says:

Damm that thing looks like a beast!

Sal Ban says:

I don’t like the heavy metal box but the saw looks really good thanks for sharing guys

Albert Petronzio Jr says:

What’s the difference on the weight of the 16 Makita? Nice review btw!

El_Ectric says:

Great video! The motor does NOT run 5200 RPM, though. 5200-ish RPM is the BLADE speed. The motor goes through a 4.8-to-1 or so helical gear reduction which THEN drives the blade.

Marc Harris says:

I bet a case of beer would fit perfectly in that shiny red box. Thanks for the review guys!

Taylor Alldredge says:

How does this saw compare to Skils 10 1/4 Wormdrive Saw?

Joshua Gabaldón says:

That saw was going through those 4x4s like a hot knife through butter. Want. #WorkshopAddict

Anuar Cárdenas says:

Hi, do you think this circular saw could be used in a home made table saw? I’m worried about its weight and also because it can’t be screwed without drilling the aluminum shoe…

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