Makita XSH03 6-1/2″ Brushless 18V LXT Circular Saw – XSH03M / XSH03Z

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J Dani Saavedra says:

Thanks nice video.

Charles Cho says:

Love the left hand blade position. Can’t go back to right hand blade saws again.

Łukasz Kucharewicz says:

Am i the only one who’s got the new makita saw with slightly wobbly base plate? . I got mine today and i didn’t have time to test it , so i don’t know if it affects the quality of cut, or if it can be tightened away (tightening the bevel lever isn’t helping but i hope that i will be able to tighten the nut on the thin bolt which holds the plate ).

Jorge Serna says:

I bought the xsh01z model but this one is impressive too. I may have to buy it to see what works best in my application. Well let me finish watching video.

Victor Serpa says:

I’ve been waiting for this makita review and almost 400 cuts is truly amazing……..what is your opinion on this makita vs. the milwaukee 6 1/2 . as far as cuts per battery how do they compare……….  your response will be greatly appreciated………….victor.

Jacob Brennan says:

Can u review some dewalt tools on your channel

Russ Webster says:

Wow impressive run time.  That would wear you out making all those cut one after another.

Wild Goose says:

Great performance from Makita! There are a bunch of tools in their lineup which impress me, but so far I’m sticking with team red (and some legacy team yellow 18v).

Mike L. says:

Amazing runtime and charge time.  I like the left side blade orientation as well as the placement of the sawdust discharge chute.  Does it have an LED?  Great review.

Tim Whelan says:

Great review. this saw has a secret that you might want to do a review on. you can buy an accessory part number196957-0 that allows it to attach to the makita rails used by the makita rail saw.suddenly the possibilities are huge. the part is available on amazon. Tim W.

dominic van lievenoogen says:

Great Video yet again !   Can’t get that tool yet here in Belgium unfortunatly !

I’ll have to wait for it 🙂 

It’s impressive to see how cordless circular saws have evolved in the last 3 – 4 years 🙂

J Dani Saavedra says:

Thanks nice video.

Eric DuPlantier says:

,Impressive. Great review

drayne3750 says:

If your dad had to choose from the lot of cordless saws you have reviewed recently which one would he pick to use daily?

YoSoyGus1 says:

Gotta love the intro music

theBEACHB0Y says:

I just bought the Milwaukee M18 Fuel 6.5″ saw and I wonder how it compares.

victor feliciano says:

happy new year… question how do compair this makita circular saw to the milwaukee 2730 circular saw 6.5 ?, also which has a better run time?. thanks

heston chartier says:

Makita’s rockin it

Craig Winsett says:

I just got this saw a few days ago and was noticed that it didn’t have a depth gauge on the blade guard like my previous cordless brushed Makita saw did.  In fact I couldn’t find a depth gauge anywhere, so you can imagine my disappointment.  Thanks to this video, I found it tucked underneath the saw on the base!  I’m still a bit skeptical of the little plastic guide on the front of the base (I think I’m going to break a few of those), but otherwise this saw is a sweet little beast.  Great video, thanks!

831sabino says:

Thanks for your time, great video.
When possible, I would love to see a review on the Milwaukee Fuel SDS 1-1/8″ rotary hammer. I can’t find any video about this tool here in YouTube yet:(
Keep up the enormous efforts you put on these videos.

Henrique Martelli says:

Really amazing run time!
Thanks for the video.

J Dani Saavedra says:

Thanks nice video.

Brendan Hollingsworth says:

I would of lost count when counting the 2x4s!

Victor Serpa says:

Hi — would like to know your pro opinion of this makita brushless XSH03 versus the milwaukee 2730. Like both very much but have had the milwaukee bind a few times, also depending on material {3 lights flashing} saw shuts down – battery too hot. both are around $200 {tool only} but have not decited yet, have been waiting good review on the makita . also how does the makita “turbo” work . would this cut down on binding……………..THX……………’re response will be greatly appreciated…………victor.

Сергей Карапузов says:

Makita nice , Beta best

De Walter says:

Great review like allways! Your Workshop got a renovation?

Jerry Beck says:

1st I want to say I love your videos, they are the best of any tool reviews I have watched. ( although workshop addict does a super jog on tool reviews as well. That said – I have the milwaukee 6 1/2 saw and it seems that the makita may have more rpm’s. Am I right on this? Thank you.

Tim Whelan says:

sorry. that part number to convert this into a rail saw is 196953-0 not 196957-0

Allen Jackson says:

Really enjoy your reviews they are the least biased of many many I have watched. Thanks for honest reviews

Martin Weißhaupt says:

Do you know if this saw also works with the BL1815N Battery? I know that it will not last as long as the 4.0 Ah batteries but I happen to have two of them here 😀

loudy mc says:

i just bought 1 before 2 weeks ago, and now it’s not working!!! I called Makita to report the problem, they said that i need to take it to one of makita agents repairer to get it Fixed, how funny?!

Carlos Dasilva says:

I counted along with you and it was only 372 cuts. 11:22
Because every cut is for the piece before it so the last piece should not be counted if you ran to the end of the 2×4.

MP Dope says:

Nice video I am very surprised by the runtime and I also like the power only thing I do not like that the blade is on the other side because I’m very accustomed to that blade is in  right side rest I really like it and  from 10 stars I give them 7 stars 3 stars remove off because the blade is on the other side

Mike Z says:

Great review Daniel!! Wow that Makits saw is very impressive! Man I really Dewalt comes out with a brushless version soon!!

victor feliciano says:

very nice video, like it. BUT i have a question i seen your video with 374 cut on a 2×4 right! but i also seen other video making 58 cut befor the battery die on 4×4 wood can you explane that?

Juan Arevalo says:

thanks for the video and all of the reviews, I’m new in carpentry and of course I’m looking for the one good brand tools.. one thing I noticed I’d that many of my friends own this brand.. I ask how good this are and they let me tested and they feel superior to others brands that I have used.. I’m going with makitas…

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