Makita VS Milwaukee 7-1/4″ Cordless Circular Saw Tool Battle

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Cordless 7-1/4″ circular saw comparison between the Makita LXT X2 18 Volt ( 36V saw ) XSH01X and the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Brushless 2731-22

2 test comparison – 1st endurance challenge and 2nd performance challenge

model #’s XSH01X XSH01Z XSH01 2731-20 2731-21 2731-22


Mr. Webguy says:

Great video thanks but please lose the music, annoying and not needed.

Daniel Sanchez says:

u forgot to run through the material of the saw handle base etc

john thomas says:

Nice tv lol

GreaseMonkey X says:

Great review.

ben ten says:

The makita won this battle, but the mikwaukee will be more convenient to run, as only 2 batteries are needed, 1 working, and 1 for backup. For the makita 4 total !!

Dan Carroll says:

good test’ …i like both saws

Reuel Monte says:

Great Video. I will stick to team red, Because I get to use more Brushless tools with the same battery. Sawzall Hammerdrill impact drivers etc…..I also have a “continuos” feel using  2 bats on the Milwaukee. One bat will be on the saw and one on the charger. With the teal I will have 2 dead batteries and and extra lunch break. Thanks for the video….

Daniel Sanchez says:

good video thoooooooioi

Iginio BLUEVEST says:

using Milwaukee M18 9.0AH, not a 4.0ah

Robert B. says:

Good video but you never say where you get your funding, which bothers me. However, I wanted to hear what your personal thoughts were on the cut through, like was the Makita a beast compared to the Milwaukee or did they cut almost the same.

J0hnBee says:

Making the Makit Brushless and adding a light and laser guide, would make it a killer saw. I run mine with 5a packs and it never cease to amaze me.

Dean T says:

I have to say this guy os a really great host. He should have his own show.

I purchased Mikita power tools for years and Milwaukee as well. I still am amazed how on a regular basis the Milwaukee FUEL performs. Now to be fair I don’t have apples to apples tools to compare. I do find that on or the other has with a better price or a stronger tool. I look at it this way. When I need a huge amount of power I” get that branded tool. When not so much, just more the real portability of cordless, Ill get the lesser one and save. This is the beauty of both M’s battery and charger systems.
By the way if your wondering the Red M is the boom for grinding, concrete drilling, and 3/4 impact gun. Again I just went red not blue but Im loving them.

redstihl says:

What a waste of wood! Lol

mateollios 67 says:

I have the makita 36v and it is one bad ass saw!!

Nicholas Miller says:

Great review. I’d love to see the td148 vs some other 1/4 hex drivers later on. Thanks for sharing.

Alex Arevalo says:

It’s really kind of hard to do an apples to apples comparison. The amount of power that the Makita’s battery is twice that of the Milwaukee’s power supply. However,  brushless motors are supposed to be more efficient than brushed motors. So, all things being equal (they’re not) the Makita would outperform the Milwaukee just based on power alone. Makita’s higher voltage would require a smaller gauge wire and it should run cooler than the Milwaukee. Running at a lower temp would contribute to a longer life. So, it sounds like if Makita used a brushless motor it would be a much better saw in terms of power and longevity. Unless I am missing some information, Makita should go to a brushless motor. That’s just my $0.02 worth.

Robert B says:

Xavier, or Javier, I gave you a thumbs up. However, I have some reservations. You mention that your review is unbiased, that you are not getting money, compensation, from either Milwaukee or Makita. So who is funding this Tool Craze video and why? Certainly not YouTube. And what does Tool Craze gain by this other than people watching videos that somebody goes to great lengths to make??? Something isn’t right here. There has to be some sort of incentive for Tool Craze. There are no YouTube cops to limit this sort of video because they can’t prove if its fraudulent. So you could fudge any truths you like. The way I see it? Since both saws had great specs and were a fair trade off, that either company would approve of the video and might want to compensate. I know that if I were a either tool manufacturers, I would approve of your video and pay you. So what is it please? There should be a good reason why you are doing this for free???

Nalu Rash says:

Thanks for the vid. I just found your channel and after watching this I decided to hot that like and subscribe. Both saws look great, however I wonder which one is lighter. Did having two batteries add a noticeable amount of weight? Just a thought.

Nathan P says:

their both great tools/brands. I use makita just because when i first started doing electrical work the first couple tools i was given were LXT so it makes since for battery compatibility. However the guy I work with uses all M18 stuff and it is fantastic. (I do have an M12 heated hoodie and M12 hackzall :), dont tell him though lol)


I would think if your using them steady, like every day framing , that the Milwaukee would have an advantage due to the fact that you only need to charge 1 battery while using the other battery. While using the makita, you need to have 2 charging, 2 in the saw. So you would need 4 batteries dedicated only for the saw. Meanwhile your 4th Milwaukee battery can be in you drill.

brokenarrowez says:

great videos kid.

victor feliciano says:

i think it could had been better if the milwaukee 2731circular saw was using a 18v 9amp battery / and the makita 36v circular saw i think that fair? anyway good video

MrCbrr250 says:

Good video

Kel GS says:

For a cord 7 1/4 I prefer Makita but for the cordless the Milwaukee is overall better.

avk khats says:

Excellent comparison video, I was looking for 7 1/4 cordless saw review for a long time and this video helped me make my choice, I would buy either saw, but considering the video test as far as higher torque goes – Makita might cut smoother in damp, wet or knotted wood because of the extra power. I would like to find out the actual torque performance along with the 3 second performance difference between the 2 saws.

Stanley Pakulla says:

really a well made video. great job!

can ozkal says:

Today I just got my Milwaukee 18watt 7 1/4″ from home depot online I got extra bonus battery I like makita tools but in this case Milwaukee is one forme, one battery plus extra in my hand is better than the two in tha saw for backup u need more makita battery and extra weight Milwaukee brushless is winners and I am going to get 3/4″ impact gun best in the market for real good job I think u like Milwaukee to

N2UPROD says:

makita all the way .. if u bought at least one kit before this saw (tool plus 2 batterys and charger) just slap them original 2 batterys on this saw besides the saw seems it can handle most all day jobs anyway then treat urself to the upgraded 5.0 Integrated LED battery charge level indicator batterys (bl 1850b) for ur other tools then call it a wrap

Chevy513 says:

Nice video dude, I like how u recognize they r both great tools, u can’t go wrong with either! I have the Ridgid brushless 7-1/4″ Circular Saw and it’s a great tool, I have not used my corded Circular Saw once since I got my Ridgid cordless over 10 months ago. As I’m sure u know Ridgid, Milwaukee and Ryobi r all owned by the same company so I’m sure my Ridgid has a lot in common with the Milwaukee. I also enjoyed ur review on the Ridgid modular 22″ toolbox setup, I recently purchased that setup and I love it, the only drawback to it is it holds so much freaking stuff it gets so heavy I can’t pull it up stairs lol, I have to separate the boxes and carry them up separate. I plan on getting 2 extra modular boxes so I can load one with my electrical tools and one with my plumbing tools and then they r just ready to grab and go, they were in their own toolboxes before I got my modular setup, with them in their own boxes there will be no need to pack them up and then I’ll still have the full 3 box set for other tools. Also just thought I’d mention that I have a bungee cord running thru the center handle and I strap my Gen5x Ridgid Bluetooth job site stereo to the top of my Ridgid Modular toolboxes, the only thing I don’t have room for on there is my Ridgid Covert Air Hybrid Fan that’ll run on 110 outlet or 18 volt battery and oh man has that been nice to have this summer lol! Great video u just got another subscriber!

Konstantin Mishenkov says:

12 batteries will be better,
Could please somebody send my idea to Makita?

WhyBother says:

A tool that requires is just bad design for more reason than one.

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