Left-Blade vs Right-Blade Circular Saws

Whether you’re a lefty or righty, there’s a lot of back and forth over whether left-blade or right-blade saws are better. Whether you prefer left-blade circular saws or the more traditional right-blade circular saws depends on several factors. Ergonomics, safety, and which side of the cut you want the motor resting on all play a part.

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Colton Salzsieder says:

Skilsaw worm drive only way to go.

Vlad Alexander says:

Blade left with dust to the right or to vac is Best. But sometimes you need blade right to make the cut.

Big Daddy says:

When cutting plywood i like blade on right for cutting studs 2 by whatever blade on left

donayre21 says:

I use feet and lotion also at times a dead chiken

KnarlyCarl - says:

I’m compatible either way myself. grew up blade right, but like using blade left too just fine

Chevy513 says:

I slightly prefer a right side blade but I have used both sidewinder saws and worm drive saws a lot so I have used both left and right handed blade saws enough that I can cut equally as well with both but again I will say I do slightly prefer a right side blade.

Hamid A says:

Moreover, it is much easier to hold a short piece with one hand and cut it with the left side saw. The position was mentioned to look to the blade of the right saw, will cause more dust in your eyes while you can have safer position with left side saw. for rough carpentry, there is no need to look to the blade most of the times though I am still giving preference to the left .

The thin blue line says:

Nice video guys!

Lead On Steel Plate says:

Definitely left side for me!! Way easier to see blade and cut placement.

De Walter says:

iḿ lefty i like right side better but can use left side without big troubles also

Josiah Huestis says:

as a lefty, I prefer right side for visibility of the cut line. However, I do find situations where a left side is handy. it really depends on the situation for me, but my Milwaukee m18 7 1/4″ has been a great saw for me.

Joe Blow says:

Pro Tool Reviews It’s interesting that you view blade left a danger because of placing your arm over the blade, you however don’t say anything about placing your head over a blade right saw in order to see. I learned on blade right and never understood why the cut side was where I could not see. I’ve been blade left since I discovered it. Blade left IMO is better for right handers, you can keep the weight of the saw on the keep piece and see the blade, when I’m doing rip cuts I keep the flat of the blade facing my stomach and my left arm in front of rather than over the blade.

great kingkay says:

Im right handed and i prefer right blade coz i always cut with a jig.

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