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This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to make clean, straight cuts.

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roy hoco says:

it would more interesting if the rpm’s of the blades were covered and the amps the motor pull

Adam Wellman says:

Good advice, my dad use to watch this show apparently he never followed their advice I saw two things he never does! Use clamps and a straight edge and wear safety goggles lol

rneustel says:


wickedxe says:

Always use both hands on the saw at all times, and don’t forget ear protection

Amir orange says:

in user manual in Makita circular is written that user most hold saw with both hands !

crazy wheel says:

Most of the time the guide is a waste of time, as soon as you learn how to use the saw you won’t need it, if you can keep both hands on the saw firmly. I have used lots of tools and I’ll recommend the craftsman circular saw; about 120 dollars, light and has electric break ( blade stop in about 3 seconds)

Michael Chitwood says:

Good video. Thank you.

El_Ectric says:

The motor and blade spin in opposite directions on a sidewinder. ALL portable handheld circular saws use gear drives. Sidewinders use helical gears.

Brian O' Shea says:

Dude really looks like Pete from Twin Peaks

Dwight Bennett says:

A great follow-up video topic would be how to use that speed square.

pk13910 says:

You forgot the hypoid drive.

James Ball says:

No “R” in the word Saw

Doug Celeste says:

Hey Tommy, safety glasses are great for the eyes but you also need EAR MUFFS for hearing protection!

Rc Buddy says:

Easy if it says skill saw on it pick that one

xflynskywlkr27 says:

lol this guy is a fairy

MRrwmac says:

When you used the clamped guide you didn’t mention the saw motor clearing it and the clamps. A very common problem.

Adam Oliphant says:

*New england*

John Trim says:

Sawr? Huh?

Charles Damery says:

Always have watch for kickback, I’ve seen carpenters with over 20 years experience loe parts of their fingers from momentary lapses.

BigVic says:


Gadget Addict says:

It’s an okay video but it doesn’t really tell you how to choose one.

RealFifty says:

the Sars can be dangerous

Happy Hands says:

I bought a Ridgid , because it had a lifetime warranty,, now the company has been traded and changed, who knows if they would honor the warranty or not. Wish i had bought a Makita.

Gene Murphy says:

I’ve checked many sources and could find no “r” in saw

Thanx from the left coast near the Crapitol of California

Sterlin Lamb says:

I cut with a wedge no guard punk

Pirate Outlaw says:

On both saws you have the direction of the blades spin wrong . On the worm drive and side winder the blade will spin from the bottom up and to the front of the saw cutting into the wood with the teeth of the blade pointing forward . If you want a saw to cut fast with less weight the smaller side winder would be the saw to use . If you want more torque and have better sight of the blade and need to make more plunge cuts . Then a saw like a worm drive might be better . But both are capable of doing the job . its all a matter of preference and skill of the user . I have both and there are times in high places i use the smaller side winder style saw . When on the ground i use the worm drive style . Both of my saws have blades on the left side of the saw . I do not claim to be an expert . I am just a good ” diyer ” I always use safety gear and unplug when not in use or making adjustments . Thanks for the video .

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Jon Cole says:

make sure your blade is charpp

Vi McShannon says:

It looks so easy to change the depth of the blade. I can’t get mine to move. it seems stuck. how do I move it?

B Souza says:

I cannot find a circular saw that allows me to choose the hand. Worm drives have the blade on the left (which I want )but direct drives have the blade on the right. I really like the blade on the left so I can see my cut. Is there a manufacture that offers the blade on either side?

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