How to Choose a Circular Saw

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor discuss how to choose and use a circular saw.

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Mister Hat says:

No real information on how to choose a saw. Useless.

Jason Leach says:

An important consideration is blade size. I went with the Makita 6 1/2 in BL 18v because I typically cut wood less than 1″ for home projets. if I was more of a pro and needed to rip through thicker wood I might have gone with a coarded saw with a larger blade.

The one I have glides through 2×4 and 3/4″ plywood. if you use this saw and cut lots of plywood go with the 3Ah battery or larger.

I do wonder at what point I’d need to upgrade.

pepitogamez says:

What do you think about de hitachi circular saw? regards from mexico city

SkilledEddie says:

I bought my craftsman industrial 2 3/4 hp 13 amp circular saw back in 1996 still got it still is a beast and made in USA. You won’t find a circular saw made in the USA anymore.

scott k says:

As always Tommy is right the blade makes all the difference.


the video seemed very short and not detailed

CBound says:

Good, yet if I were interested in my first circular saw, then more detail on the features of higher priced saws vs. lower cost ones would be much appreciated. The same on right hand vs. left, etc.

Even so, good info in as far as it goes.

Maxid1 says:

Festool will run $1000.

Anda Gail Andreu says:

I watch a clip and I keep watching for the rest of the show!

scott k says:

i own that makita saw and i love it!

DeePsix says:

What brand of Circular Saws do you recommend?

CMOS Crash says:

don’t be fooled, those little 5 3/8″ Milwaukee saws will plow through metal studs, conduit, and strut. and they scream!


The very best Television show with the kind of people who I would want to have as my very best friends.! Norm and Tommy and Kevin and Richard and Al of the others.! The best show ever.!

barrera1726 says:

You guys won’t believe it but just TODAY I was wondering about them and was trying to find information that would help me decide what to buy. The same thing happened with the clip on sewage gas and sink. You guys are great.

Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs says:

One of the few bad videos from toh. No info on The saws power or blade size. Also they should have pointed out why the cheap saws are cheap, features, durability, etc

Buck Buck says:

iv been on job sites as a kid in the 60’s and have been in the business ever since.and have never heard one single person refere to a standard circular saw as a ” sidewinder”

FlowerGrower Smith says:

I’m a bit scared of circular saws! I keep imagining them slicing off my fingers or hand. I’ll have to try to be more confident and braver.

Entertainment on the road says:


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