How to choose a circular saw

Sidewinder circular saws are relatively simple. Aside from the need for lots of cutting power, it’s the features that separate one saw from the next. Fine Homebuilding expert Justin Fink shows you what to look for when choosing a circular saw.


Chevy513 says:

Good informative video, I appreciate your unbiased opinion.

Tommy Harris says:

Waste of time for not recommending brands

joel detera says:

Very good video!!! you help me to choose a good circular saw!!

coreafan says:

Thanks to share your knowledge, excellent video !

Ishtiaq Ahmed says:

thanks, cleverly made video.

WV591 says:

most informative pointers.  but did miss the most important check.

Piotr Kulinski says:


Mac McKeirnan says:

Why are you using a left handed saw if you right handed?

J. T. says:

You brought up some good points that a novice DIY guy like me would never have thought of! Great camera angles and clear instructions. Thanks!

Shohedul Islam says:

please tell me your email i want this product

No Rocket Science Build says:

Nice job mate!


i would have love it if you told me which one to get,

Jason Robinson says:

I would have loved if you showed a few brands pros and cons. I get WHY you didn’t give a recommendation, but still.. oh. also I could use a list of the 7 features to look for.

et bilu says:

forgot eletric brake and kerf !!!!!

Big Daddy says:

Love my porter cable blade on the left

Grey Jay says:

Features to look for: An aluminum foot plate, a spindle lock, a quiet, low vibration motor, externally accessible motor brushes, no output shaft end play, good cut markings, and a good manufacturer’s warranty and service plan. And remember not to skimp on blade quality.
Pick a name brand saw, and a name brand, thin kerf blade. My personal favorite saw, is a Makita, but Bosch, Porter-Cable, and Milwaukee also make precision saws of top quality.
A good saw is much safer to use, more accurate, and saves much grief to the operator.

jack handy says:

Mag plate, Skil or Dewalt. If you are proficient and right handed, get a worm drive. Johnny homeowner that should be using a kid baking oven, should buy the cheapest circ saw menards has and nope for the best, or hire someone to help or just do it for you. There are a few guys that would probably help you learn a bit and cost you a few bucks instead of fingers.

dmsmhic says:

We recently reviewed fourteen of these saws, but won’t tell you which ones had the good features. If you want to know, go buy your own fourteen saws and check them out bwaaaahahahahahahaaaaa!

Ferdinand Kittlaus says:

so which is the best one??!?!?!

tube4waldek says:

Very pleased with your advice! Thanks!

stewartfrye says:

what an ignorant review, using a left hand saw and asking for a “peep” area to see the line, is ignorant of using the wrong handed saw. Get a damp right handed saw, stupid

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