Hitachi C18DBALP4 18-Volt Brushless 6-1/2″ Deep Cut Circular Saw Review

Price the Hitachi C18DBALP4 18-Volt Brushless 6-1/2″ Deep Cut Circular Saw on Amazon:
Deep Cut! – Hitachi’s C18DBALP4 18-Volt BrushleLithium-IonIon 6-1/2″ Deep Cut Circular Saw will cut deeper than the current Dewalt FlexVolt 7-1/4″ blade left circular saw.  YES, this small and lightweight 6-1/2″ circular saw is capable of a 2-19/32″ cutting depth making it one of the deepest cutting cordless circular saws on the market with a similar cut capacity as a 7-1/4″ saw.  When we completed out cut depth test, putting the Hitachi up next to the newer Dewalt Flexvolt 7-1/4″ circular saw, we found the Hitachi to cut deeper by a decent amount.  We immediately checked the Dewalt Felxvolt to see if it was really at full depth and cut again with the same results.

It is very clear that Hitachi designed this saw for comfort and convenience.  This is a super lightweight brushless circular saw that fits right in on the framing site.  We love power, and there is no doubt that this Hitachi saw is not at the top of the list for power and performance, but it will top the list at features to increase accuracy and some innovative bevel capabilities.  With a stop at 0, this saw will bevel from -5 degrees to 45 degrees with ease and accuracy.  Hitachi also included a built-in spotlight, an electric brake, and a silent mode (auto mode) setting that reduces the max motor RPM  to 2,500 to try to reduce noise in a crowded area.  The normal no-load RPM of the saw is 4,100 and when placed in silent mode, if the saw feels that you want to cut faster, it will increase the RPM allowing for a fast cut.  That is a very interesting option that would come in handy while cutting small items in an enclosed space.

Hitachi C18DBALP4 Features
Deep Cut Design allows for cutting at a 7-1/4″ saw capacity
Brushless Motor 
-5 Degree to 45 Degree Bevel capacity
Right mounted 6-1/2″ blade 
Soft Start & Electric Brake 
Soft grip handle for improved comfort 
Built-in spotlight aimed at the cut line
6.8 lbs with 3.0 Ah battery
Small & Compact
This saw was tested next to other larger and similar sized saws while framing our new garage.  Our goal was to see how everyone would react to the choices of a large saw with tons of power or a nice saw with a better cut capacity, not as much power, but also half the weight.  To our surprise, the smaller, lighter weight saw was the main and only saw being used after lunch.  The larger saw just saw on the saw horses getting covered in sawdust.  This is a residential setting and if there were larger items to cut, the larger saw would have been pulled out, but the small Hitachi had no issue with cutting the OSB sheeting or ripping 2 by lumber.

One other item that sticks out with all Hitachi battery operated tools is the lifetime warranty.  While that only covers the tool, not the battery or charger as those have timed warranties, it makes for an interesting play for a contractor.  Let’s face it, employees on the job site do not treat tools nicely and in many cases, we wonder if they work hard to break them as fast as possible.  That warranty might come in handy for a contractor with a fair sized crew.


James Talley says:

It’s a great idea but wow no battery? I love the idea of them but I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on just one system. Each manufacturer has its own battery system and it seems they change every few years. (Dewalt 20v-flex volt).

apersig says:

Hitachi has definitely stepped up their game. #workshopaddict

Danny H. says:

Nice, I like ! looks well built too !

Scott Johnson says:

I want one!

Felix From Nebraska says:

I definitely need this saw in my shop.

Tin Man says:

Rafter hanger?

alan j Hornung says:

Great Deep Cut Hitachi Saw ! #WorkshopAddict Head to Head of 61/2 Saws .

thisWAYup says:

great review , fyi the depth marks are in millimeters (mm)

Joe Montague says:

Awesome been debating on getting this saw made up my mind great job guys

the Eiger Advocate says:

Wow I can’t believe it will cut deeper than that huge flexvolt. Incredible!!

Dylan Elder says:

great review!! silent mode is kinda gimmicky to me but hey I bet someone will use it. I will probably stick to my brushed hitachi 6 1/2” blade left 18v saw, not really a huge fan of the blade being on the right but that’s just my personal preference.

Doug Nilles says:

Perhaps the smaller motor is able to sit closer to the top of the base, allowing a deeper cut than the Flexvolt.

Jeff Calander says:

Too bad it is a right side blade, neat little saw otherwise.

Ady Unixmoment says:

i want makes me broke

David Januszewski says:

Nice saw, question, did you check the blade run-out/ lose bearing wobble.

Andrii Pasichnyk says:

This is a great saw!

Working Hands Automotive says:

Hey what’s up guys Working Hands Automotive here cool vid I don’t use any saws unless I have a rusted bolt ill use my m12 fuel hacksaw keep it rolling fellas

John Salazar says:

I bought a 9pc Hitachi kit about 7 years ago. The drills are so so at best but the circular saw has been pretty darn good since day one. I have since replaced the batts and the drills but that saw still has a lot of life left in it.

Ray Parkhill says:

Great video as always guys!! You guys have the best tool review channel.

David Januszewski says:

Hitachi has a winner!

JronmanBuilds says:

will be interesting to see what happens when a multivolt battery is used.

Stone cold coffee says:

That’s something I need for up the roofs for cutting in ridge vent,and filling in vent holes

scott d says:

That saw looks awesome, my old craftsmen would get stuck 34s thru a 2×4.

Jeremy Neill says:

Great video as usual guys and I have to say regarding deep cuts- I had a girlfriend who did the same thing to me emotionally.

Pro1er says:

Very good, honest review Brian.

Buckhorn Cortez says:

The blade is on the wrong side – no thanks. That’s why you were walking around the board leaning over it awkwardly. There are other saws available without that problem.

XChaoticComposerX says:

this is the best saw that i have ever used!!!

MrFullfatt says:

Here , in the UK , I had this saw for two years and never look back to my old Makita cordless saw. Light , compact , long battery life , the only thing is missing is a rafter hook. I highly recommend this saw (use thin blades that suitable for the cordless saws). Silent mode is very good for cutting meta , with appropriate blade.

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