Harbor Freight Chicago Electric 18 Volt Circular Saw Review

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Review of the Chicago Electric 18v circular saw performance and features. Check out my unbiased review to make an informed buying decision
Saw comes as a baretool or in a 4 tool combo kit. Runs on the 18 volt battery platform that is cross compatible with the rest of the 18 volt Chicago Electric cordless tools.


Chris K says:

Great review Javier! How many cuts do you think you’ll get on those batteries?

Love2boat92 says:

To get more battery life I’d have someone rebuild the batteries and make them lithium. It would make such a difference in the performance. Harbor freight is a great store. They have their place. Love their free stuff. I’ve probably spent about $2000 there by now. No joke. I have a boat trailer from them, compressors, impacts, sockets, hand tools, drills etc. I have lots of their stuff. Knock on wood, nothing’s broken yet. I’m not a harbor freight spokes person either. Lol. Prices usually can’t be beat anywhere else.

Jesus Ramirez says:

Encontré tu canal viendo a Walter. Yo aun desconfio de Chicago Electric.
I found your channel watching Walter´s. I still distrust Chicago Electric.

RD Richard Fox says:

Great review Javier. I can tell you’re getting more comfortable in front of the camera. Keep it up.


se ven bien, las baterías son de litio amigo?

coon88 says:

So when did you rob the Tia studio?

DarkRaptor99 says:

Javier is pulling a Dan and shopping at Harbor Freight now 🙂

alejandro suarez says:

thumbs up when you said ” enough Guevos ” ahahha

Gordon Robertson says:

I use a lot of HF tools semi professional, I’m a former auto mechanic gone truck driver, I have a fine collection of tools never the top of the line but the best of the midrange brands. I have seen an increase in quality from HF and I also do a review occasionally on my channel. I have owned I think 3 HF battery powered tools and was sorely disappointed in the batteries on all 3, the tools themselves were fine for the price (except the sawsall) has no power, the 3/8 drill was good (junk battery) impact driver same thing. I won’t be buying anymore battery tools there before I start hearing some good reports on those batteries I quickly replaced the impact driver with a Rigid, those are real good tools it came with a 3/8 drill and 2 batteries that can sit on the shelf for months and not loose charge, all for $100.00 so in that case Rigid beat HF pretty bad but the bolt cutters are awesome, and the long, long 1/2″ breaker bar, excellent, and the list goes on.

JPVegh says:

Thanks man, nice review, very informative. Good job man!

uxwbill says:

I just bought one of these saws (as well as the $50 cordless drill and two extra batteries) at HFT. So far I’m pretty happy with all of it. I had a Skil 3″ battery operated circular saw years ago and outside of battery life it was great. The greater utility of its being fully portable far outweighed its short battery life and I used it so much that I wore it out.

If you still have this saw today, I’m curious to know how well it has held up and what you think of it today.

Mario Cuevas says:

The metal housing is made out of diecast aluminum

ernesto nunez says:

got one, works good so far.

Cody Robertson says:

Dan and Eric’s favorite tool company

Tee Giang says:

thanks for the review! i heard hf has this 10in titanium coated table/miter saw blade that kicks ass for 15 bucks. the kerf is lil wider than i like but i still havent put it to any use yet. im currently using a 10in diablo 84 teeth on my dewalt dw713. was wondering if you can give a review on this blade in the near future.

Ed McCoy says:

What is shown is not the current combo. As of today: The set of tools includes a 1/2″ drill/driver, 5-1/2″ circular saw, reciprocating saw, LED work light, 18 volt NiCd battery and one-hour rapid battery charger.” SKU 68857
In any event, I appreciate this information!

Denise Danise says:

do you have to put extra batterys in for the laser?

Cody Robertson says:

Not a bad set for a home owner.

regopit44 says:

Nice review Javier. You must have spent $100 @ HF to get all of that stuff

Real Tool Reviews says:

How’s the battery life on these?  I would guess for a homeowner that does small projects these would be ideal.  Nice job!

Gullah Negus says:

That saw is a piece of shyt… Brought 2 and both were bad. Battery didn’t even last 20 min

Lucas Correia says:

if you had a good battery you would get better results

Jorge Cordero Abarca says:

Javier, como catalogas esta marca de herramientas?

Tools In Action says:

HELL YEA,  Javier showing some HF love!

Patricia Windom says:

Need help trying to get my blade on.

Cody Robertson says:

Lithium or nicad batteries?

Wendell Roy says:

Thanks Javier. I love your humor. I don’t get to laugh very often during tool reviews so thumbs up for that!


First coment

Jair Dominguez says:

nice review javier… responde algo, quisiste decir que le falaron huevos? o que tiene suficientes?.. saludos

Ed Quintero says:

Great review man. I work at a HFT store and I personally own all the tools except the hammer drill, I opted for the regular drill. These are a great set for any homeowner. Very very under estimated in the tool market. People snubb their noses at HFT but the quality is getting better.

Mike Z says:

My first drill was a harbor freight drill like 4 1/2 yrs ago and my father inlaw still has it so it has paid for itself a long time ago but once I put a dewalt 20v in my hand I haven’t let go lol!! Thanks Javier for the review

mr magoo says:

Good no nonsense review young man…thanks…

Brien says:

This is a great tool set to have if you do work in rough neighborhoods because when these get stolen you wont really care! Good review J Dog.

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