Evolution circular saw review

Here I review the Evolution rage 1B circular saw and test it out on an 8 inch by two inch joist, then cut some 3mm thick steel plate with the same blade. These machines are awesome and very inexpensive to purchase. A machine like this is a DIY’ers dream as it does the work of a circular saw and a metal cutting saw. Brought to you by http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/


Paul J Kimberlee says:

These look good, I need a new circular saw. Though I’m going need to cut a laminate worktop, not sure those evolution blades are going to have enough teeth to do a clean job without splitting the top? also it’s a non standard bore size for the blades, so I can’t get a blade with more teeth, if I read right.

Roma Maastricht says:


I have the same one and love it. I cut a 1.5 mild steel plate of 3mm and it cut the plate with ease. A great machine!

john whitehead says:

nice review,as of todays date they are £20 quid off at screwfix.atb john.

greggers says:

Just bought one and hopefully will cut a straight line better than a jigsaw and yes I use fences

Evolution Power Tools says:

Hiya, thanks for your comments! Evolution Power Tools can be found in a number of super stores across the globe & online. Within 3 clicks you can shop & buy online or view in a local store (please check store stock before making your trip). Here’s the link: http://www.evolutionpowertools.com/exploretherange/ : )

Digistrom X says:

Thanks UH, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Steve Wigham says:

I bought this a couple of weeks ago from Screwfix to cut thru some new kitchen worktops. Its my first circular saw Ive owned and I have to say Im impressed. Highly recommended for a novice like me!

Haider A says:

Another great insight, thank you! 🙂

Digistrom X says:

My circular saw came with blades with 36 teeth. I’ve been told i need a higher teeth count on the blades (60+) to make smooth cuts in plywood but i’m having a hard time locating the right blade for the saw’s unusual arbor size (20mm). Should I just try and use the 36 teeth blades on ply?

Neil George says:

Hi U.H. Does the blade stay cool? N.

mrtomp says:

When I first got my circular saw the thing that bothered me was the motor sticks out to the left. So when you cut freehand you can’t see the line. You have to look over the saw as you cut. Also my left hand supporting the piece gets in the way of the motor It would be so much better to have the motor over to the right so you can see where the blade is cutting. Anyone else feel the same? And is a reason for the positioning of the motor do you it or know?

Roma Maastricht says:

Will you also do a review of the Evolution 7s ?? I am considering of buying one but am curious about your opinion of that machine.

Ultimate Handyman says:

+ Digistrom X
The important thing when cutting plywood is having a really sharp blade. There was a video on YouTube of someone showing how to score the plywood first before cutting it using a sharp knife (which is nonsense). A blade with more teeth will give a smoother cut but as long as it’s sharp the blade with less teeth should still give a decent cut. 

caskwith says:

I have one of these, got it for £40 and it has served me well, the best saw? no, but plenty good enough for most DIY and a great rough saw as you don’t have to worry about nails etc in the wood.

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