DWE575 7 1/4″ Lightweight Circular saw – Review

http://www.toolsinaction.com checks out the DeWALT DWE575 7 1/4″ Lightweight Circular saw.

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Powerslayer says:

Had a skilsaw circular saw from 20 years ago. The motor finally burnt out and had to pickup a new circular saw. Bought this guy and is unbelievable how amazing this saw is. It’s wonderful. I was cutting through a piece of hardwood floor and thought, “when am I gonna get to the wood?” I looked down and I was 3 inches into it already. Great saw

steven reno says:

Does anybody know if this has the fine adjustment screw on the bottom of the base for aligning it at 90 ?

Antonio Mallari says:

the blade position is on the right side, is it for left handed or right handed , are all brand of circular saw choose that position ?

Kirk Heideman says:

Ok so I bought the saw (DWE575SB) and yes it’s a badass.

Anon Person says:

white sox or red sox?

kravenofspider says:

Maybe there will be a Friday night saw fight.

buickwildcat1 says:

Does any one know the dimensions of the shoe?

Justin Dunn says:

Came here to see angled cut. wasnt here.

Luis Felipe Matamala Aravena says:

hello! friends TOOLS IN ACTION!!, my question is whether DWE575SB of DeWALT circular saw if it is safe in durability of the tool and the engine of this model in particular?

Maxx Gregg says:

Blades being on the right side are annoying you try ripping a 2×4 with that.as a framer we cut down holding the wood with are feet.and the blade being on the left as a right handed person.makes for better blade site

EscapedGoat says:

lol at the “hey John Deere”

Tools In Action says:

I like the right and Eric prefers the left. He is Left handed.

T zar says:

You dont know what you like because you dont ever use it

Wayne Burgess says:

Being right handed I would prefer the blade on the other side of the saw.

sparky0288 says:

looks like a great saw

Kirk Heideman says:

I tell you two dorks one thing I always check your vids before I buy something…lol you guys are great. I would like to see a boxing match between you too!!!

Maxx Gregg says:

Im not a fan of sidewinders I love warmdrive I think you guys should do a tool fight between Milwaukee ,dewalt, and skil mag 77, warm drives and see witch one is the best

Jason Chastain says:

I wired a 50′ 300v Southwire Viper cord into my DW 364 that I use everyday. To hell with dragging around an extension cord with big ole plugs that hang on everything and keep coming undone. Somebody needs the saw, take them the saw. Depending on where you set up, it will reach every part of a normal size house without having to run additional cords. Greatest thing ever!

Bat-Amgalan Demberelgaldan says:

how many volt?

Cody Robertson says:

Love that it has a 57 degree bevel

Charles Jackson III says:

I learn carpentry work on a sidewinder, that’s what we use in the south.

Kirk Heideman says:

I think they upgraded the handle since you posted this video, the one I got has a rubber wrapped handle like their drills.

Ricardo Cardoso says:

5:14 – How to destroy a GoPro… Mdrrrrr…

Cody Robertson says:

Wanye if the blade is on the otherside it would be a left handed saw, wouldn’t be very safe to use

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