Diablo Demo Demon Tracking Point Amped Circular Saw Blades Review

How do you test circular saw blades? We decided to line up some comparative tests of the new Diablo Demo Demon Tracking Point Amped circular saw blades alongside the Irwin WeldTech and new DeWalt 2X Long Life 7-1/4″ blades. We used several cordless circular saws as well as rigs that included stacked OSB and a custom “sandwich” of 2×12 lumber, MDF, plywood, lag bolts, and asphalt shingles.

The results were telling in both speed of cut and the ability to keep going once our tests were completed. While the Irwin WeldTec wins on price, it was pretty worn out after completing our cuts. The ~$15 Diablo Demo Demon was slightly faster and could keep going for many more cuts.

If you’re cutting in ridge vents or performing other difficult demo cutting work, picking up some of these new Diablo Demo Demon blades with Tracking Point Amped tooth geometry should make a huge difference in productivity.

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The Regular Guy says:

Today I’m researching a 10″ table saw blade purchase, hence watching this, to replace the original dewalt blade that came in my saw.It’s lasted 5 years.Been using Diablo in the sawzall for about 2 years and can’t fault them.Have been using Irwin blades on the hand held circular saw & mitre saw for the last 20 years with no complaints could be time to outfit everything with diablo.

Cousin Justin says:

The guy in the red shirt sounds like a real pro

Israel Ocampo says:

Where can i buy diablo circular saw here in the Philppines?

Rob L. says:

Can the carbide tips be sharpened?

kevin zavala says:

I noticed the Diablo blades when I was ripping a lot of plywood, the blade will flop and move side to side off the chalk line mark around on my Makita saw like it’s not strong enough. I hope the newer blade doesn’t do that.


100 cuts ? really ? that’s supposed to test a blade ? LMAO …….

daniel feese says:

a bit off topic but what wall cabinets are in background?

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