DEWALT FlexVolt 7-1/4 Circular Saw Review DCS575T2

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It wasn’t that long ago when the thought of a full size 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw didn’t seem all that likely or feasible. Today there are several options ranging from 18V up to 60V and they all boast corded performance in a cordless platform. In this review we’re looking at the DEWALT DCS575T2 FlexVolt 60V MAX 7-1/4″ Circular Saw. This is a full size circular saw designed to be a cordless framing saw with all the capacity and performance of a corded saw.


Mike Giddings says:

I do not see any one on here ripping down a 8′ pc of 2x length. sOME ONE DO IT OR I WILL

robalan57 says:

How does it compare to the DeWalt 36v?

Tools In Action says:

Good Job Rob!

Ben Shank says:

Considering this line of tools to replace my worn out DeWalt 18v XRP tools. When will the 9ah batteries you talked about be available?

RGarcia says:

Please do a comparison against a Ridgid

thisn00b again says:

Saw that milwaukee m18 fuel saw in the background when you were cutting stringers…

Harley D 007 says:

Killer circular saw!!!!!!!

Steven Smith says:

I can tell you have reservations about this line (I somewhat agree), but I think this is definitely the future. With the rate that Lithium Ion miniaturization has been progressing it won’t be long before a battery that size has three times the runtime. I also noticed there is a LED light which is a nice feature. Bummer about lack of rafter hook. I think my first foray into the flexvolt line will be the tablesaw. I have their corded version and it is a great tool. I will likely sell it to get the flexvolt version. I do wish they had the option to run off AC like they do on the miter saw though. Great review Rob.

TheVryfst says:

Today on Amazon prime day, you could get this saw, 2 flex batteries, charger, bag, PLUS a 996 hammer drill for 300 dollars, give or take a few dollars.

WhyBother says:

They should come out with another saw that has a rafter hook and I wish they have a 6-1/2″ model and blade on the LEFT side. Then I’d buy one. For now I have the Fuel, and Bosch 6-1/2″ model and a Bosch metal saw as well as 12v Bosch circular saw. All with blades on the left side.

animal79thecat says:

I love this saw,and i already have the 54v batteries…should i buy it? I already have the 18v version.

Craig H says:

Great review as always Rob , I noticed the Freud blade on the saw in parts of this video but no mention why you was using it instead of the flexvolt blade ? Did it cut any cleaner and faster on the Freud blade ?

Michael Denney says:

Are you reviewing individual saws that are supposed to be in your anticipated h2h test ?

Twentyone twos says:

Always informative. Thank you.

MrEbby17 says:

Can you do a review on dthe flexvolt small chop saw didn’t like the pull out when I used in the shop but your reviews are good other on the net aren’t that good at moment it feel very hard to go in and out with the handle

victor feliciano says:

nice video… question very nice dewalt circular saw 60v now i am lock between dewalt 60v 2amp saw and milwaukee 2731 circular saw 18v 9amp battery???? can you help me? thanks!!

Juan Ramirez says:

they have 9 amp flex volt battery

empyrean987 says:

Great review. I really like this saw because of the power. I went the Milwaukee fuel route because it’s been out and been using the 2731 for two years now. I would have bought this saw if it came out two years ago. You have to wonder what Milwaukee is going to build in the next generation and how the 9ah battery stands up to this saw. From the reviews I’ve seen the dewalt is probably the most powerful, don’t think runtime.

Aaron Beachy says:

Excellent video, if they can get to the equivalent run time that Milwaukee has with the 9ah battery I will buy the saw. Run time is a big thing for me on the job site. Thanks for doing these reviews, they are very helpful in informing my tool purchases. I love the fact that these companies are competing the way they are, it makes for good quality tools and makes the job that much easier.

Dust in the wind says:

Makita is way way better

dropn loads says:

hey man, enjoy your review on these tools

Jerry Daugherty says:

Does this tool come in a left handed model ?

JimiMacRoss says:

thank you for being as truthful as you possibly be about these tools and not just trying to sell me a DeWalt skil saw, I’m subscribing to your Channel just because you told me the truth “THANK YOU! for not trying to sell me a tool but let the tool sell itself

Kühn says:

would love to see a brand competition… because I like what I see from dewalt now but still don’t like the brand 😉

other mothers also have beautiful daughters 😉

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