Dewalt DWE 575 Lightweight Circular Saw

Carpenter Rob Robillard from reviews the DEWALT DWE575 lightweight circular saw.

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A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

I always appreciate your comments and feedback – thx

Dan Maxey says:

Love it!

Luis Felipe Matamala Aravena says:

hi Rob!. buy the saw. It is spectacular, very good material handling, excellent power, very light, and as you say, everything that I put cortato against. I liked the section for the key to change the disk … Although this saw came with their own suitcase. Obviously a good plastic, as always stands DeWALT. Well, thanks for the information and commentary. Take Care. sorry for the traduction …

oldedrum says:

I see that my local hardware has it now on sale. Your review has me sold. Lightweight saw? …I’m in!

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

lightweight, tough and powerful

Ross Henderson says:

Nice succinct review. So I bought one yesterday, and I love it. Great, great saw.

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

Luis, to ensure safe operation make sure you wear the appropriate personal protection and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on proper operation. 100% is tough to achieve, but features like an electric break will get your saw to a state that REDUCES opportunities for injury. As for the durability, like most DeWalt products, this tool is designed to last.

jeff kirk says:

thats great, it was the only tidbit that seemed left out. more often than ever were cutting crazy angles for cheek cuts on rafters.. some of which requre two passes with the saw to complete the cut

Jmichael Isbell says:

Thanks for the review Rob, it really does help out.

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

Good Question Jeff. As the saw bevels, the angle of the blade reduces the depth of cut. DeWalt specs the depth of cut at 1.9″ at a 45 degree angle. At the max bevel of 57 degrees you’ll get about 1 3/4″ depth, just enough for 2-by material. Thanks for the comment!

Charles Jackson III says:

Its worth getting the Dewalt DWE 575SB with the brake?

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:


ebi molten says:

What is the different between Dewalt dwe 565 and Dewalt DWE575?   is dwe565 professional or DIY saw? best regard

heidi cummins says:

Is this saw light enough for a small woman to handle.



Alexlivingloud says:

looking to purchase a circular saw..I’m in between this one and the Ridgid. but watching this video its making me lean more towards this dewalt.

FWI356 says:

WOW lighter then My Porter Cable 6″ saw boss. And I thought that was light.. Thanks for sharing… Keep the Vidz coming.

Take Care, Michael Frey

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

thx Dan

shupadupa says:

@ebi molten It appears the 560 is the European equivalent of the 575, same saw but with 120/240 volt motor and metric size blade.

E Ivy says:

Make a video on how to change the blade

Pagansdad says:

If my old 369 ever dies Ill probably be replacing it with one of these. Just replaced the first brush set though so hopefully itll rip another 100 miles before it commits sidewize. Nice review, again!

jeff kirk says:

robert, with the 57 degree bevel capability whats the max cut capacity at the angle

ebi molten says:

excuse me. i mean dwe 560 in both  my comment


Got a chance to use this saw,without a doubt the best saw on the market right now sweet

Francisco Garcia says:

I have a question
What is the different between Dewalt 575R and Dewalt DWE575?
I mean there are many, I am asking because I would like to buy one but I do really need some help in getting the best one, as I investigate I do see most of your video and I like them, I could see that you are also an expert on this tools, so please help me to get the best advice, to buy the best one, from you the best!
Thank you for your valuable time.

ebi molten says:

hi.i have a question
can i cut wood by dwe565? or this saw made for cut plywood?

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

DeWalt = Durability! Thanks for the comment!

Wayne Burgess says:

It’s cool when a guy who reviews hundreds of tools finds one that impresses so much he wants to use it in his own kit.:)

Luis Felipe Matamala Aravena says:

Hi Rob!. Well and as a product. It also has the 3 cons: 1: a support of the protective sheath is part plastic disc and I get very nervous. 2: also lacks a light or a laser. and 3: the spring of the protective sheath cutting blade, it is a little loose. outside of that, and as such as you comment is an excellent tool …
Take Care. sorry for the traduccion…

Luis Felipe Matamala Aravena says:

hello! Rob. Ask a question about electric brake DWE575SB circular saw is 100% safe?. Regarding the durability of the tool and the motor of this model?

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