Best Cordless Circular Saw – Head to Head


As the market exists today we see companies focusing on different technologies to achieve power, endurance, and ultimately freedom from the corded tool for the end user. With that said, we feel that trying to match tools in the apples to apples format limits our ability to give you, our readers, a good sense of what is available and how they stack up. But don’t worry, this isn’t our first rodeo, so we understand the critical discriminators between the tools and will caveat those differences throughout this Best Cordless Circular Saw – Head to Head article.

Ultimately this article will give you a solid understanding of the performance of “high capacity” batteries paired with top of the line cordless circular saws available on the market today!

Our testing included both 6-1/2″ and 7-1/4″ blade diameters, 18V to 36V tools, running single packs and double packs, of 3.9Ah to 9.0Ah. We’ll highlight crew favorites, name best in class categories, reveal endurance testing results, and name the crew’s coveted best overall high capacity saw!


alvaro garcia says:

cuando eres un buen carpintero precio no inporte calidad s lo inportante y el megorserucho es makira por que tiene megor agare cuando cortas en los caballos y cuando cortas enel piso y es mas libiano y mas fuerte todas las demas marcas cortan de lado so makita es #1…. y las pistolas mejores de freming son las paslode y los mejores taladros de bateria son los milwokee. y los megores shop saws son los dewalt. china tool.s no good

Ben Marvin says:

Would like to see a Festool included in this. Price be damned, it’s hard to find Festool compared to other brands

Natonio Ray says:

hands down milwaukee wins in my tool chest

Yerko Guerra O. says:

Hola! una pregunta. Por qué en sierra 6-1/2 lleva motor del lado derecho, y la sierra 7-1/4 lleva motor en el lado izquierdo?

Qua Phan says:

very detailed comparison!!! well done concorde carpenter!!!

Bob Builder says:

The new flexvolt tools are incredible! They definitely have more power than 18v tools , I recently ripped a green oak 5×5 post 3m long in half with 2 passes , Fully charged battery and still had 1 bar left for ripping 8 sheets of ply in half , now with the 9ah /3ah battery’s this thing is unstoppable!

Tim Engle says:

Best tool comparison videos on the net. Great job guys. Love comparisons. I choose my tools based on these videos. Never been let down yet.


So which one is the best?

Doug Ryrie says:

Great review

Alan Kauth says:

When I saw the Milwaukee 7 1/4 with the 9.0 amp hour battery and charger for $245, I didn’t even think twice about buying it. I had to walk out with a box that day, that trip to Home Depot. It works as well as my 7 1/2 right hand mag skilsaw sidewinder. And it cuts so clean I cut an 80 inch 1/16 inch thick piece of scrap off a hardwood door I was trimming down. It was one eight inch minus the saw blade width for the full 80 inches. If I ever need to cut 1/16 inch stock I know how to do it. There was no waver in the blade or the saw like Dewalt tends to do. My Milwaukee works great. Due to the voltage, the Dewalt can probably cut the toughest stuff the best with no bogging. The higher the voltage, the better a motor runs, period. That’s why they have 24, 48, 60, and 70 volt batteries for heavy duty cordless tools. Voltage wins in a motor. Milwaukee will eventually have a high voltage saw to compete for pure raw power. They will have to. But in the meantime Milwaukee has long battery life and great power. The unknown here is what happens as batteries age and only have half the life. The Dewalt batteries may become intolerable due to short battery life while the Milwaukee will still have a decent, usable life. Those big batteries are not cheap! There may be some flaws that show up in the flex volt system that will be learned the hard way in this first evolution of tools.

tubestick00 says:

so go for the ridgid?

PBS #007 says:

great demo, very informative, thanks have you done one on metal saws?

dacoelec says:

Great video!

AbuGrabIt says:

Awesome comparison!!! The best!!!

Bobby Stanley says:

Excellent review!!!!!!!

Joseph K says:

I’ve used the Milwaukee, amazing. my only thing to add about the Dewalt is though you can’t use the 20v batteries from other Dewalt tools, you don’t need to change chargers I believe and you can use your 60v batteries to run your 20v tools. So the tool can only use the 60v battery but the batteries can use the 20v chargers and the 20v tools can use the 60v battery.

Joe Leighton says:

You cart use a 18v batt on a 54volt tool… WELL DERP DERP.

alvaro garcia says:

im at framer and i say makita #1

andrewford80 says:

That was a very thorough comparison

Tool Tester says:

Great video! Personally I like the M18 fuel and the Dewalt flexvolt!

Doug Brown says:

Great review Rob. I don’t know if you have queue cards but I am always amazed at how much data you seem to have in your mind. Your videos are superb!
I am considering changing cordless platforms so I would appreciate any advice you or your subscribers would like to share. Keep up the excellent reviews!

Andrew Eldridge says:

so glad to see a channel that isn’t clearly bought by dewalt or ran by dewalt fanboys. being a carpenter and using every type of tool from every brand and class, I like the way you guys came up with your unbiased opinions. my company used to get supplied by dewalt, and not too long ago switched to hilti I’m assuming strictly based on their fleet program. I can say without a doubt dewalt is absolute junk and none of their tools last over a year. hilti is also junk,severely overpriced as well. I bought my own personal tools (makita) and use them daily because the hilti tools are such garbage. also just invested in the ridgid gen5x line as well for home projects and so far I’m very impressed with them for how cheap they are and the warranty they come with! and I’ve also owned milwaukee tools in the past and have used quite a bit of them in the field and it is not surprising at all that they won. they are a great line. I mostly see other trades using them though like plumbers and electricians. And metabo, honestly anything except their corded angle grinders I wouldn’t waste the money on. lol rant over.

Thomas Hester says:

I really enjoyed this video! I guess it really doesn’t matter which one is best. People are going to go with what feels good to them. I have never seen a video that goes so far into the features.
Thanks for that. I think I’m going with the dewalt only because I don’t have a whole line of other battery packs from their previous line.

Vince Diaz says:

I’m looking for a circular saw to start a very basic home workshop. Just building some work benches and shelves and things like that. Can a cordless saw fill that need or should I go with a corded saw for a home workshop?

Charles Jackson III says:

I still like the DeWalt flexvolt.

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