7-1/4″ Circular Saw Blade Review & Comparison

Here we are comparing, reviewing, And discussing common 7 & 1/4 inch circular saw blades including DeWalt, Freud Diablo, Irwin Marathon. As well as discussing some specialty blades.


Foot Pusher says:

Catus, I’m going to ramble here.
0. I’m a loyal viewer and i learn a lot and really enjoy your programming
1. The hammer content was really timely – I restored a bunch of hammers yesterday, by coincidence. Then I went on a bicycle ride this morning, and, wow, i found a home-made single, handled steel sledge hammer, with a solid steel handle! One of my best side-of-road finds ever.
2. I have my fingers crossed that someday you will do cover bench grinder wheels, wire wheels, buffing wheels, and ScotchBrite type wheels. Same for die grinders. That’s one area where I’m weak and could really use the information
3. Just curious – what’s with the Catus Maximus name?

Walter McKay says:

Im always amazed at your knowledge on the tools that you talk about. Keep up the good work.

Dallas Reed says:

Irwin have very good trim blades

Ron Richard says:

Great detail, Love this stuff. Thanks for all the vids.

The Loobis says:

1:50 Okay, okay, let’s get on with it.

Roof Repair Techs says:

Ive seen that the new Makita Ultra Coated Max Efficient blades cut twice as easy as a Diablo Track Point blades. Good video though, keep up the good work.

djvitornunes says:

In 2017 Stanley Black & Decker Inc buy Newell Brands Inc.’s tools business (Irwin included), prior to that, Irwin has already made his exclusive high quality blades and I hope will certainly continue to manufacture. They have good products.

ClintL63 says:

Diablo sux if you have to rip; Marathon blades rip SO much better in a circular saw as they are a little more rigid; Diablo is too flexible for the rips; you can hold the saw on the mark and rip and the diablo walks away from the line; Marathon for rips and the diablo is great for sheathing and crosscuts; I wont kick either one to the curb

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