2017 Cordless Circular Saw Shootout – Dewalt Flexvolt vs M18 FUEL vs Makita 18Vx2

http://www.coptool.com/cordless-circular-saws-m18-fuel-vs-flexvolt-vs-makita/ – For more details on this Cordless Circular Saw comparison please Read the Full link before posting. We try to keep our videos short and hit the highlights with additional data and considerations in the post if you are interested in learning more. Dewalt Flexvolt is a 54V (60v max) with a 9.0Ah battery using 20700 cells vs M18 FUEL 18V 9.0Ah using 18650 cells vs Makita 18Vx2 with is 36V tool with a brushed motor and 10.0Ah of batteries using 18650 cells. Yes these are tools with 3 different voltages, different cells, different ah, different motor types. That being said we thought there was some useful information to be learned by comparing the 3. After watching the video and reading the full post please let us know what you think below!


mateollios 67 says:

The dewalt has the worst runtime out of all these three saws ,its only has 3 amps of runtime with the 9 amp batt, the Milwaukee has the best, makita 2nd and dewalt last, these guys aren’t being honest about the runtime , tested these saws myself own all three.

victor feliciano says:

BS / not all the same power u r wrong!! / every saw have it wt, milwaukee 18v / makita 36v / dewalt 60v now u said they all have just about the same power ? do u know anything about circular saw? this video is all BS…. the most powerful circular saw in the video is the dewalt 60v but only 2amp better if you have the two battery said up this unit hand down a power house. next makita 36v yea it a very good saw this unit could sit next to dewalt, only thing is a two battery unit and a little heavy but very good at that. last row milwaukee 2731 circular saw for me i will say its OK saw / i had this saw i know milwaukee is a big name but for me SO WHAT / this unit i dont like it feel cheap plastic parts and it NOT made well / has for power it ok just like i said fair, nothing about wow for sure. i have use all of these model my best pick and due to well build and you could feel the force of power / is dewalt 60V CIRCULAR SAW. this saw kick big ass!!!!!

Of opc says:

dewalt the Best

Big Daddy says:

I see a lot of complaints about Dewalt having 60v on their tools they are being truthful they are 60v. and 20v put them on a tester and I don’t care what they read under stress every battery on the planet loses power under stress how come I don’t hear no complaints about 12v under stress they are 10.8 and don’t give me European don’t use marketing hype because Bosch uses 12v marketing hype the reason Europe uses 54v so they know its for Europe not the USA

Big Daddy says:

Power wise the Dewalt is quite a bit more powerful then the other two

Олег Иванов says:

The DeWalt battery has explicit voltage number 60V, not 54V as in sign.
So in Performace test we’ve learn that 60 > 36 > 18, nice job.
And in Battery Lifetime test we’ve found that brushless DeWalt better that brushed Makita.
Well, done guys. 🙁

rivermanpaul says:

Try the brushless models…

Ryan Hammond says:

Comparing 36v and 60v against a 18v circular saw? Seems like a great review…

Sergio Castro says:

thanks for talking and not coming to any conclusion. this video was pretty useless as far as getting me to make a decision

Of opc says:


Big Daddy says:

Dewalt is by far the most powerful it’s actually more powerful then any corded sidewinder only corded wormdrive is more powerful, Makita is second in power

victor feliciano says:

bs talk

victor feliciano says:

sorry / my statemente is clear. to me it feel cheap also there are to many repair on this tool as well (milwaukee 2730) i dont like the feel of this tool, BUT that only me. i use them both for two week of testing dewalt 60v circular saw, not that i like dewalt but this saw is more powerful and BETTER build also the force of this saw it really cut with power you can feel it for sure. it clear my final pick DEWALT 60V CIRCULAR SAW!!!!!! PS you guy out there could buy what ever you please it your money! but i know about tool very well thanks!!!!!!

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