You Need This Tool For Chainsaw Bar Maintenance! Tool Review Of Oregon Grease Guns

These Oregon chainsaw bar grease guns can add extra life to your bar if used as part of your regular chainsaw maintenance!
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Dean Mavis says:

I use the plastic one.

Kevin Woodcock says:

Machine maintenance is everything!!!!!! Thanks dony

pei broker says:

always good, thanks …

Mike Jardine says:

I was always told if you grease the tip you have to grease it every use the grease keeps the oil out of the sprocket

Hard Knocks Forge says:

I have the plastic ‘thrust’ greaser. I use it for everything. Just used it to re-grease my ratchets.

Sidney Mathious says:

I have some of the grease around home which I found about a week ago, and have to put in both of my saws. I have had the grease for about three years or more, and forgot it. It is important to have the chainsaw lubed up good, and I may use some of the grease on my weed trimmer also to lube them up.

TheSalsy1 says:

Love the chainsaw videos. Thanks Don.

C. Fishel says:

Hi Don, for those bars that don’t have grease holes, would you recommend carefully drilling a small hole in the bar? Or would that cause more harm than good? Thanks for the great videos!

jonathan bosco says:

Thanks Very Cool

Aldo Agnellini says:

what kind of grease you suggest to use?

Thomas Niner says:

Nice grease guns but I have been using hypodermic needles ( without the needle part ) for 30 years with the same effect. Another advantage of having a nurse in the family.

xoxo2008oxox says:

Ha. I had a kit with weird adaptors in it. Turns out, it was for a grease gun and one small tip can do the bar! Thanks!
PS. I have a Greenworks 40V pole saw. The thing is out of warranty. The support sucks. The saw will clatters when on a load (like 2cm oak branch!). Reviews also said same issue after +6 months. POS. Don’t recommend. Grateful to my Bro-n-law for giving me his $700 –13′ Stihl gas powered polesaw.

the chainsaw collector 360 says:

They save the life of your bar I highly recommend them and u can use them to grease your clutch sprocket

lionel dallaire says:

You only to grease the tip in the summer,in the winter snow keeps lubed,just like no oil for bar in ice

PuchMaxi says:

I was told that you don’t need to grease them, since the bar oil lubes the sprocket. And if you would grease it once you need to keep adding grease. I thought this was silly, because they come pre-greased from the factory. Maybe they just wanted to sell more bars. What do you make of this “myth” Don, just grease them anyway?

Crocellian says:

I think Stihl put this issue to rest a decade ago with actual testing rather than Oregon’s “common sense” approach. Grease increases sprocket wear by trapping abrasive particles.

Yes I only use Stihl bars and respect the decades of actual engineering they have put into their products. I also know where, how and by who Oregon makes their stuff. Do you?

Really bad video for its lack of reasoning or research. Just an advertisement for products provide free of charge. I am disappointed.

Thumbs up to support the channel but I hope the advertisement videos stop and are replaced by some research and questioning.

Blazer02LS says:

WHAT, you don’t grease the bar, you just keep running it ’til the sprocket flops around and the bar turns blue from the heat… (that’s what the half-wits around here do).

brent Jones says:

You can also use them on your sprocket

Captain Conner says:

I never grease my Oregon bar tips, the bar oil does a very good job of maintaining proper lubricity of the sprocket tip. I greased mine a couple of times in the beginning, however after cutting the bar oil as it heats flushes out all the grease. I realized the bar oil does a fine job. Hence is why Stihl does not have a grease hole on their bars. Its pointless. The greasing of bar tips is a waste of grease and money. Of course anyone who uses a saw via profession knows this.

Jonathan Martell says:

How do you deal with priming the grease pump? I’ve found that the cheaper push style tend to get air inside, and won’t actually pump grease.

James Mullins says:

thanks–good review

Steven Raposo says:

why does my snowblower spits out flames out of the muffler after doing the muffler valve

A LeBlanc says:

Thanks, Dony.

FishFind3000 says:

Cart ridge…?? It’s said car-tridge.

JC S says:

Good video, thanks!

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