What Chainsaw Is Right For You?

With so many choices it’s hard to know what chainsaw is the best fit. For most of us the Stihl MS260 is close to perfect.
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MyVash12349 says:

I wanted a saw, that Id barely do any work with. So I just got a very cheap Husqvarna 357XP.

Ziga Klinat says:

the right chainsaw for me is Huuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssqqqqqqqqqqqqqqaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Frazier says:

Cody, I think you’ve somewhat muddied the conversation about round tooth chain as opposed to round file sharpening. For example, I mostly used a square tooth chain that was round filed for general woodlot / firefighting use over the last 40 years. I believe a lot of other wild-land firefighters did this too. It’s a proven faster cutter than round tooth chain and of course much easier to field file than chisel bit. I always felt I had the best of both worlds, fast cut and easy to file. Stihl 360 pro/ 30″ bar/ Oregon chain, and yes, you have to “make them” sell you that configuration, but it is great for us taller guys to have that extra reach. Same thing went with an 044 and the longer than recommended 48″ bar for old school timber bucking, but I guess those days are about gone.

Dave Mustaine says:

4:25 did he just fart??

Jimmy's Tractors says:

the Ms260/261 are EXCELLENT saws. The Ms261 saws are now considered a pro grade saw. I’m a Stihl Mechanic and there’s a reason they’re popular. They’re simple, easy to work on, and of good quality.

lumpskie says:

Looking to buy a chainsaw and, what do you know, Wranglerstar has a video on that too!

Raindance Bushcraft says:

Cody, what are those aggressive ‘teeth’ at the base of the bar (where it meets the motor) for?

jbbolts says:

I can’t find that tool roll on the recycledfirefighter site. Is it available?

Simon Bailey says:

if you turn your chainsaw upside down it’s a lot easier the bar and automatically drops down and you can get it adjusted just right and one time

Darrin Sibert says:

I’m in the process of purchasing a stihl ms391 with a 25 inch bar. What type of bar and chain should I purchase?

Graham - Bag says:

I’ll take my Husqy 455 over a MS260 any day of the week.

ontarioknivesNS7 says:

I have run Stihls, Husqvarnas, Jonsereds, Craftsman and even a Poulan at one point. I ran Jonsered 2166, 2145 Turbo, old 670, Stihl 036 Pro, 024 Super, MS271 Farm Boss, Husqvarna 340 and 455 Rancher, Craftsman/Roper XL, And a Poulan Wildthing. Probably forgetting a few saws but one thing I can say is that I’m a Stihl and Jonsered guy. I’d recommend a 50cc saw for the general user and a pro version for a more serious general user. For a firewood cutter and farm owner, I’d recommend a 60cc saw with maybe a 40cc backup. If you have a lot of property, may not hurt to step up to a 65-70cc saw with a 50cc backup. Two is one and One is none. I’d also recommend a pro version because they are tougher and last longer. Had my 024 and 036 Pro for many years now and they’ve cut a TON of wood. Don’t cheap out on a saw. Also, I respect wrangler star but disagree on the 25″ bar on a 50cc saw. You’ll get better performance with a 60cc saw if you have to have a 25″ bar.

jake williams says:

well i screwed the pooch again i traded my stihl ms290 farm boss for a poulan farm hand chainsaw im pissed they are the same identical chainsaw ,, i heard sears and poulan bought out stihl ,,, im sick of this i want to find a good homelite chainsaw problem solved

jake williams says:

i was out in the middle of nowhere and my poulan saw ran out of gas so i siphoned gas out of my truck and drained a little oil out of the crankcase to mix up some 2 cycle oil for the saw ,, worked great just dont forget to tighten the oil pan drain on your truck ,, i forgot mine and now my truck smokes like a freight train but at least my saw is ok

Cody Welter says:

271 farm better than 290 or 291 sthil

Todd Naples says:

ok,Icant but help laugh my behind off about the dart comment at 4:26 .To recognize that,You are a seasoned fartologist

Franco Proctor says:

This is totally out of my experience, but I am fascinated by it! I just love this gentleman and his lovely family, I can only just wish them all the good will in the world and I hope everything goes well for them!!

Chris Bruinsma says:

I couldn’t agree with you more about the semi chisel vs the chisel tooth. With just a little dirt in the bark of a tree, and the chisel tooth dulls down FAST. The semi chisel seems to cut for much longer. I also have the pleasure of having 100 acres of black locust, but if it is a standing dead tree, it is almost like cutting concrete…..well the sparks make it seem that way. Chisel tooth, not a good option on dried locust.

MizzouChE2006 says:

Cool video. I’m currently in the market for a Stihl chainsaw. I have identified the 261 C-M and the 362 C-M as potential options. I’m only interested in the professional grade saws. I’m not sure if I should go with the smaller package or plan for future and buy bigger saw. I’ll probably just need to run 16″ or 18″ bar for now.

Chris Black says:

My dad has a craftsman chainsaw. He’s had it since 1985. He hasn’t had to replace anything yet. It’s the best chainsaw I’ve ever used

850twalker says:

066 Magnum!

Chip Friday says:

Bow s the way to go!!!

Buelligan88 says:

I wish I could install more aggressive dogs like that on my Husqvarna 450.

jake williams says:

i heard sears bought out stihl so i called sears to see if they could fix my farm boss they told me poulan bought a part of the deal so i called them they said to call sears repair service ,, well i did ,, sears sent a repair truck to the house and fixed my farm boss , they said all of these saws including homelite are made in the same factory ,, needless to say i got the run around circle jerk out of the deal i was mad they made me feel like the pivot man ,, well i traded the farm boss for the new poulan i just think its a better saw and easier to work on

Billy Losekamp says:

First I want to say I love your channel. I’m looking to start milling some lumber with a chainsaw and was wondering what is the best saw for that? I currently have a MS250c, so its pretty small and I’m wondering what I should upgrade to.

Petarda says:

can y use longer bar for smaller chainsaw?

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