The chainsaw guy shop talk review Husqvarna 550 XP Chainsaw features 12 13


Michael D'Anna says:

14,000 rpm…..hmmmmm sure about that?

Rick Williams says:

Good informative video..thxs

Sue Smith says:

We have dreadful trouble starting all of the Husqvarna products  . we bought the 550  saw hoping it would be better but it is terrible.

Yus says:

Our experience with this saw it is really bad!, we bought this as supposed to be a professional grade that should be running hours daily… Well, After a total time of 10 hrs running time (in a 1.5 year period), then 2 re-built paid by us, Husqvarna sent a 50 dlls rebate cupon and suggested to keep this one for spare parts!! …. like we would like to get another one! awful !!
Stihl got our money!

ahmad nazly says:

Not sale in my country/malaysia… how to order this machine outside malaysia and price for mail to malaysia..

Mycouponman says:

The auto tune is JUNK in warm weather.
Should have went with a Sthil.

Flatheadfletch says:

Stihl has all features you talked about and 2 piston rings. How many rings on this 550. I’m guessing 1 and that’s why they seize so easily !
If it has two rings, I might try one. If not, I’ll stick with Stihl !!

talkychris says:

I have been running the 550XP for three years now and we have a number of 562XP, 372 XP & 390XP saws as well. If used correctly the 550XP is the best 50cc saw available bar none. The weight, balance and ergonomics are better than the equivalent Stihl models IMO. The engines are fast and have plenty of torque and they’re usually a bit cheaper than the equivalent Stihl saw too. I’m not saying the Stihls are bad saws, they’re very good. This is just a bit better.

I don’t know about the US but here in Europe the emission regulations are now very strict and this governs how these saws are designed and made. For this reason I would recommend anyone running this saw is very careful with the 2-stroke oil used in their fuel mix. I had two early model 550XP saws seize in very hot conditions. The pistons were scored and needed engine rebuilds. I had a similar problem with a Stihl MS461 that a colleague was running hard on a hot day and had an engine seize so this is not a problem unique to Husqvarna. Thankfully the repair on the 550XP’s were done under warranty. I was using regular 95 Unleaded fuel and Stihl 2 stroke oil. I now run Aspen fuel and have no problems with it at all. If I don’t have Aspen I use Husqvarna’s own 2-stroke oil in conjunction with 97 or above rated unleaded. Unfortunately here in Europe we have benzene & ethanol in our unleaded fuel and I’ve been told this is bad for the Husqvarna XP range engines, hence the engine problems when the saws got very hot in temperatures over 30 degrees and with high humidity.

If you’re having problems starting the saw try using a higher grade unleaded fuel or Aspen fuel and don’t use anything other than Husqvarna’s own 2-stroke oil. There is also a semi choke setting for starting warm saws. Read the manual, it’s all in there. Finally, learn how to keep your chain razor sharp. No saw, no matter how good it is will not cut well with a dull chain.

btownmxer says:

so its throttle body fuel injection?

mstaradawn says:

my 550xp works great it will outdo bigger saws easy starting even in -15 weather lots of power and a good part of my yearly income comes from this saw . awesome .

Jarrad Stewart says:

I haven’t had any starting issues whatsoever with my 2013 build 550xp. I kinda wonder if people have read the manual re cold and hot starting procedure.

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