The $77.66 Chinese Clone Chainsaw of Awesomeness Review

I wanted to get my own saw and I was tired of buying used equipment so I decided to watch how much I spent. I bought this clone of a Husqvarna 450 rancher. It is also basically the same as a blue max chainsaw and the old Husqvarna 55. Paid $77.66 shipped to my door. I put it together. Mixed the gas. Put gas and oil in it. She started right up. It took a while the first time because it had to pull all the gas thru lines and into the carb. Once warm it started on the first pull. Cold it took about 7 pulls. I tried it out on a big maple tree. Sorry I didn’t have anything that was fresh to cut. This tree was one job that I didn’t finish cleaning up years ago so I wanted to finish this before I cut down another tree, which means making another big mess. Lol. I can not say how long the saw will last because I haven’t had it for that long. I’m not a professional but do know a thing or two about chainsaws and chainsaw maintenance. It takes 25 to 1 fuel/oil mixture. I am pleased with the saw at the time of the video. That may change if something goes wrong with it. I will have more videos of this saw to come.

Milling Lumber With the $77.66 Chinese Clone Chainsaw of Awesomness

Mostly rude comments posted about me, my video, and my chainsaw

UPDATE: Chinese Chainsaw Cuts Down 63 Year Old Pine Tree

Update on the Chinese Chainsaw

Chinese Chainsaw Tackles 63 Year Old Pine Tree

Chinese Chainsaw Earning it’s Keep

Chinese Chainsaw Earning it’s Keep Part 2

New Fuel Mixture For Chinese Chainsaw

Next BIG Project For The Chinese Chainsaw

Aftermath of the Chinese Chainsaw

(Regular Speed) Chinese Chainsaw Tackles 4 EAB Infested Hardwood Ash Trees (Action Camera)

(Regular Speed) Bucking 1 EAB Infested Ash Tree With the Chinese Chainsaw (Action Camera)

Fishing for ……… Logs????

TK4500 Chinese Chainsaw of Awesomeness Limbs Dead Pine Tree (Action Camera SJ4000)

FAIL Filming Chinese Chainsaw

(Regular Speed) Cutting Firewood With Chinese Chainsaw

(Regular Speed) Chinese Chainsaw Cutting Firewood Part 2

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brbroberts1 says:

How long will it last?

Stephen Spreckley says:

I’ve been using saws for close to 40 years here in Australia. Cut slabs with a 42″ cutter bar and all good Aussie hard wood. Basically, you get what you pay for, you pay shit, shit is what you get. My big saw is now over 2.5 grand new, yet I’ve had it for ten years or more and sthill goes like new, lol! The chineese stuff is good for a minute, then it’s crap.

Anthony Parsons says:

that saw is built way cheaper than the blue max the quality of metal and plastics of that saw is no where near the quality of a blue max

chapmaker46 says:

if thats all you can afford,nothing wrong with the people that buy hi point guns.better then nothing

David Leeson says:

My two cents: Fine to use as a disposable tool. But keep in mind all metals, plastics, rubbers, etc. are of lessor quality than the original. Undoubtedly, things will break on it sooner than later. Also, you are going to burn more gas and oil and chainsaw oil. GL with the chainsaw of awesomeness.

Andy Ballard says:

There are some lecturous people here leaving a lot of advise about everything! Wow

sonictech1000 says:

That thing looks a lot like my Echo cs450. Nothing wrong with buying a cheap saw if it suits your needs. I still keep an older Poulan around as a spare and it works fine.

Robert Knickman says:

look like a place of shit I only buy steel

Coyote The Gamer says:

The language is German

kuva07 says:

yeah you drop start that dirty chinese girl

Ben Eastpond says:

that saw look like a combination of all of the major saw company’s. front grey piece, muffler, and handle look like Husqvarna designs, the bar and side caver resemble a stihl, and the back handle and starting controls look like an echo. very interesting. to bad its from china.

Chris Harding says:

No ear face head or leg protection and crapy position for cross cutting. You’re bad accident waiting to happen Mate. Stay safe.

Theodoric Atkins says:

take a break kid .don’t saw your halls off .

Sparta says:

How soon til this guy loses a leg? lol

SteelCity Prospector says:

I think that’s an Echo clone. I’ve got 2 echoes, they’re good saws.thanks for the vid

Ken Quesenberry says:

I think that’s German. Kettensage means Chain saw.

Nunya Bizness says:

Just because some of you smart asses do not know how to handle power tools safely does not mean we are as stupid as you.

Robert Knickman says:

running to hi on idal

Phoneix Ash says:

wow it actually is a great little chainsaw i counted how long it took to get through the big tree : 13 seconds thats impressive

Dan says:

Folks, a lot of your sought after power equipment by your great Brands is made in China, Name Brand Equipment made in China, look at your stuff 90% of it is made in China… So if your looking to save some money why not buy an unbranded China tool?? I have great tools, I know that Sthil equipment is assembled in the USA, but the components are most likely not made in the USA. I have Sthil, and HItachi, and the Hitachi is made in China and it runs really good.

Nothing wrong with experimenting. Maybe get a deal, maybe get junk. Who cares.

Justin Johnson says:

i have been running saw for 20yrs if it’s not a Stihl or Husqvarna it’s junk

Randy Durbin says:

that’s an echoclone

Ben Dragan says:

Sounds like shit….

Sam Scolamieri says:

give the guy a break he said this was the only saw he can afford at the moment. I’m sure every hater on here probably saves money by shopping at Walmart, which is all Chinese goods, so nobody has the room to throw stones. if I was logging I wouldn’t use one but for home use BFD

Barry island says:

I have had this exact same saw for 2 years I run it alongside my Dolmar and Stihl saws…at the price even it it last a couple of years it decent quality terms it’s what it is cheap and cheerful.

Boregaurd Rippy says:

… gaslines rot-off

oldfartbutwatchit says:

Only takes 5 seconds to run the saw in. Bought one of these about two years ago , mine came with a 20 inch bar and chain , took it straight down to my local husqvarna shop , asked them to change the bar and chain down to 18 inch which they did with Oregon equipment . This chainsaw has become my Rolls Royce model compared to my smaller Husky 42e , bloody expensive too !! I`m in New Zealand where things cost a lot more than anybody else has to pay. Anyway , the Chinese one goes exceptionly well , in 2 years it`s cut down numerous trees and heaps of railway sleepers , like cutting through butter ! You paid $77US , I paid $NZ200 , big diff. The little 42e was $NZ585 about 10 years ago , not cheap. Most home handymen in my country would buy these Chinese saws now , their quality is actually getting much better.

ddsr86 says:

Would you possibly have the link for this chainsaw?

ThomasTheSailor Chubby says:

Nice Video, Here We are almost 2 years since ya made this video, How is the Saw holding out,? How often do you use it,,? The test of time is always the China Buster,, It looked like it had plenty of Power, But, that was New, China DOES put out some good products, But, plenty of junk too.. It’s hard to tell until you shell out the Green Backs first,, If Ya get a Bad one, don’t even try to send it back to China, You’ll never see it again..

RaVee Shankar C says:

can it take on a hedge trimming job?

Muddy Mechanic says:

That looks more like an echo

aldrik kleinlooh says:


save us all says:

the saw looks good all those huskys has bull shit prime ball at least it dont son break it in like you are going to use it run it good luck and learn

Steven Blake says:

did u really let that saw sit there and idle through a whole tank of gas??it’s a two stroke they don’t need to “break in” u just start it and run it!it’s worse for the saw to sit and idle like that then if u just used it right’s better to keep em reved up!

lonewarrior1999 says:

dude either drop start or lock it in your legs properly, dont do both it looks more dangerous than just normal drop starting. not being a safety sally or anything im just saying. I personally, usually drop start my saw (definitely not a safety tip haha). be safe man.

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