Testing The Cheapest Chainsaw On AMAZON

Testing The Cheapest Chainsaw On AMAZON


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43mackmobile says:

The throttle lock is self explanatory, you pull the trigger and push down on the back bar then release the trigger and after you start the saw just flip the trigger again.

Nathan Van de Velde says:

no throttle lock? how about just a choke

Wranglerstar says:


MrTrisdiastatos says:

1800W.. W … what does that mean…. er… watts?!

Paul G says:

See any problems with the file. nahhh. hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Foxtrot Bravo says:

The tree looks “really” rotten….

Dale Gribble says:

Rofl I love how the dude is talking like he was born with a saw but dsnt know to release the brake

Scott Foster says:

Title is a lcomplete lie as this is not the cheapest gas chain saw, it is a poulan!

Richard Head says:

Just on principle i refuse to buy anything with the “extreme” anywhere on the package, energy drinks, headphones loaders, yada yada if it says xtreme it is 10 times out of 10 cheap garbage designed for idiots that cant grasp this simple concept

Trainspotting Itzehoe says:

About the fuel problem, that is why you have the bubble on the side. Push it and it pumps gas into the carburetor

Weird Bun says:

i am leather face’s grandson im trying to find a cheaper one that can cut trough bones

Paul G says:

Oh, man. I have been in that situation. You do never really know 100% where it’s gonna go. It rolled on you. I know what you mean, you cant run immediately because it may head right at you. You do need to stay for a second or two to figure out where you need to go.

Smooth Chaos says:

Guys why the hate, or aggressive comments?

Ignorance does not me you are worthless. It simply means you have less experience. That’s all 🙂

Catfish Hunter says:

Lol..the tree had so much water in it it got my phone wet.thank god its water resistant. ..and yes with 90% of the comments. Why the hell would u use a 22 in bar on that tree ? Split the tree do 1 at atime..work smarter not harder….save some $ just buy a echo. Or the stihel

43mackmobile says:

Did some more checking, it’s a rebadged husqvarna

Tealk Jaffa says:

I bought some chinese chainsaw for less then 80$. It broke, i put stihl parts(piston, gaskets,etc) it runs great now. I cut wood for entire winter in 2 days.

DaebakMonkey says:

I got my Poulan with a 16 inch bar for $125 on sale at Bi-Mart. I would rather spend $25 more and get a better brand.

William Weifenbach says:

You can’t even take off a cover they been doing that for a long time even still and husky have chain brake. And it 50 to o he you don’t know shi about saws its 50/ 1 you are just shouldn’t be mami g videos you know nothing about.

ahmad abdolsaheb says:

I though it meant chopping a lot of trees in the amazon forest with a cheap chainsaw

Deandar Sadullah says:

That’s not how you start a chainsaw

Joni English says:

TRoy Bilt Roto Start !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got a used Trimmer Flooded with oil
took the plug out and dried it , pulled till my arm got Sore
lucky i had the Roto Start and Fired up the Engine

Michael Sanchez says:

u can use cronola cooking oil for some sthil chainsaws … weird huh?

Bill Will says:

1800 Watts =2.4 hp

مهيوب حمد says:

You Fucking Tree Killer

Lalala Poopoo says:

Lot of armchair professionals in the comments. You faggots sound like my ex co worker. Always trying to prove theyre the best. You all should be executed

aditya rachmadi says:

9:02 perfectly match music

Sean Hershkowitz says:

This guy is a tool haha

kawi kawi says:

could buy 4 or 5 of these cheap saws for the price of a real one almost wonder if it would be better to replace the saw more frequently or have a spare than just get one stihl or something

Fr3sh 4NT1M8 says:

realy?!?! xD power:1800W is simply 1800 watts power

sellsn01 says:

That 451 looks brand spankin new.


stihl FTW!

Always Available Tree says:

Don’t buy junk. Save your money and buy Stihl or Husqvarna. You won’t be so excited when you go to start it next year and it doesn’t run and you realise you threw away over $100. It’s junk just like poulan.

Furdui Monalis says:


SRTlawncare says:

I wonder how many parts on an echo or husq or stihl are made in China and just “assembled” in Germany… And we’re just paying for the name

Chris Perrien says:

The “W” is watts . 1800 watts is about 2.4 HP. So the saw is close to a Stihl 211, “supposily” , did not sound like it had that kind of power. More like about 2. Too much bar for the saw IMO.
I would not recommend a 22 bar with such a small saw.18 would be much better . and you can kill a 3 foot tree with an 18. 22’s are more commercial , where the wider bar saves alot of double cuts and therefore time.

Totally dropped that first “half ” of tree the wrong way. Lucky it did not come back more at you. wedges? LOL. Wedges cause more problems than they fix as this vid demonstrated. personally i would rather ly use them except on downed trees. I can drop a tree anywhere someone can place stake. As to that tree I would have split the thing down the middle ,,checking the rot, possibly using wedges on the split, then decide the drop. Or cut them high.. Yea, double trees are tricky. Got to separate them first though, to get their ‘weight ‘ working in different/separate directions, or cut them high, above the double stem, to avoid exactly what happened.

As to the saw , looks like an older Poulan( I recall those exterior flywheel stops) mated with a Stilh , would not surprise me if that is exactly what it is and “Made in China.

Most important , always mention using Alcohol free gas. Ethanol kills saws and cheap saws even faster. That $100 saw might not run again if left with Ethanol in it.

The 35;1 mix I got to wonder about. Sounds like the rings might be “really’ cheap and/or engine part tolerances loose. Perhaps they are basing that on the usage of Ethanol as well, more oil might help in that IDK. i think it is just for loose/bad .tolerances. ethanol and alot of oil might gunk it up more.

Shayees Cheyyoos says:


walter kersting says:

50:1 should suffice.

SupaSwope says:

You really seem like you have no idea what your doing for being a professional at this…

Honor Lozerol says:

Looks like cheaper than renting one from home depot

43mackmobile says:

It’s an echo or stihl knock off, I would buy one.

Ruby & Sapphire says:

Am I the only child here life if ur in my team

Gary Hardman says:

Stop making video’s

osuopus says:

well, I believe you said it was about $110. 3 weeks later it’s up to $129….17% incr in about a month’s time…

callum simmons says:

next time you cut a multi leader you should cut the leaders one at a time. be careful with scarf size one third of the tree diametre is recommended

mjmcomputers says:

Not bad for $100. I’ve found the best place for cheap saws are garage sales. As long as you don’t mind doing a little work on them.

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