Stihl’s New MS 462 Chainsaw – Review

The Stihl MS 462 is Stihl’s lates high tech chainsaw that is supposed to replace the Stihl 441 & 461. It is also the competitor of the Husqvarna 572 XP. It only weighs 6kg, comes with 72,2cm3 and has 6hp. We put it to the test to see if it lives up to its reputation.

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Jurica Ćosić says:

Copy husqvarna series 500

Lucas Williams says:

It may be a good saw, BUT after buying Stihl KM130 and FS130 and struggling with it for 1,5 year now, I would rather poke my eyes with a rusty nail than buy another Stihl product!

But my Jonsered chainsaw however, after 12 years of faithful service, it still runs like a dream

Iskender YILDIRIM says:


Frank Drebin says:

I like your reviews… Nice guys! Greetings from germany

Andrew Klein says:

Nice review guys. I like how you threw in the comparison video of the 361.

One thing that perplexes me about Stihl’s newest redesign on these saws is how they went away from a tool-less air filter cover. I imagine they just want to seal the air box up tight. But it makes no sense to me since they have their tool-less fuel and oil caps. I hope they redesign that. I cut a lot in dirty conditions (wildland fire) and I’m knocking out my air filter with every new tank of fuel. I like a tool-less air box cover!

Ivan Kinsman says:

You guys really know how to cut big trees. I have always used a Stihl 180 but it has its limits on bigger trees so I am looking at upgrading to a bigger saw. Think this is too professional for my abilities but I will bear it in mind. says:

Looks like a great chainsaw. Greetings from Andreas on Off Grid Sweden

André R. Meyer says:

0:15 competitors ?

Woods And Chainsaws says:

very powerfull chainsaw

Joe W says:

As I do all my own chainsaw repairs I believe I’ll pass on this one, too many “new” innovations..

Dave Wyatt says:

I like still a lot but it’s funny how there becoming more and more like a husqvarna

Simo K. says:

Stihl is best!

Pat Pikulski says:

The Stihl MS 362 is still a really good saw, it’s a good compromise between weight power and cost

Huztl France says:

She’s uncomparable with 572xp autotune .
The husqvarna 572xp autotune are so so much better .

African Twin says:

I got the 441 and my only complaint is there shitty chain oiler, bad carburator, leaking fuel caps. The old 066, 046 ,090 were the best. No emission laws, good chain lubrication, and no electronic management. Just running castrol a747 35:1 fuel ratio . Aspen cost 20 euro for 5 liters, so mixing your own gas saves u 10 euro’s. Also Aspen 2T fuel has too little oil in it.

Bars and Chains we get from the German retail suplier KOX EU. I hope that one day Stihl is coming back with normal prices and durable saws.

Larry Kluck says:

Sthil needs to come out with a winter hard hat liner to wear under the hard hat.

Mart says:

I use a 24” bar on my MS661c and that combo has perfect balance. So the 20” bar on this saw is probably also perfect.

no privacy says:

You showed the MS361. That saw was short lived. It was quickly and quietly replaced by the MS362 which is available with a carburetor or the M-tronic fuel control.

About fuel consumption. I have an MS360. It sucks up fuel in a hurry. But I doubt the MS462 is much worse of a fuel hog than the much less powerful MS360. They keep improving fuel efficiency and power to weight ratio.

Powerstroke Puller says:

Thanks for the good review! Just out of curiosity, why do you guys run such small bars on big saws? 70cc saws come standard with a 28″ bar in the US. But Everytime I see a European saw review, they use 20″ bars on large saws. Thanks again!

Daniel Heldmann says:

Everey time so clean?

Jonathan Strange says:

I hope there is a bigger reason for cutting that tree down beyond demonstrating the cutting ability of a chainsaw.

John Marquardt says:

Only improvement … a new Oregon(r) bar and chain.

Brian JOnker says:

Most important feature of any chainsaw? A sharp chain

august says:

I don’t want complicated electronics on my chainsaw. I like old school, to a certain extent. The more complicated, the better chance of something failing. It’s probably better but I don’t care, lol. Just my opinion !

Mikkel Kroeyer says:

I would like you to do a video on adjusting the chainsaws – engine wise that is.

JPO Orr says:

Stihl is crap . over priced crap. The 200t was probably the best saw ever made as far as top-handle saws go and what did they do stop making them when it comes to Big saws Husqvarna is the best top handle saws I’d rather buy an echo and save myself 300 bucks

bunnyrabbit farmer says:

Stihl suck ass i prefere husqvarna..

James Frost says:

Damn, I want one!

George MacDonald says:

Would cut way better with a 16 inch bar.I have 2 361 they are way faster than that one

Learn live and love step in confidence says:

Is a chainsaw like this strong enough for use with a chainsaw mill?

successfulIdiot says:

I was a die hard sithl user or so i thought for some years. the stihl air filter and a collection of dead 660’s eventually ruined it. If it aint red it stays in the shed. jonsered/ husqvarna and never going back. oh and electronics are anything but alluring LOL

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