Stihl Pro Saw vs. Farm/Ranch

I go over the differences between the Stihl pro saws and the regular “homeowner/farm/ranch” saws.


jeremy xf1100turbo says:

Great video thank you

Marty Mcfapp says:

TCM garbage I’d rather have the farm saw

PMN - Prezentacje Maszyn oraz Narzędzi says:

Hey, I invite you to my Polish channel Stihl 🙂 🙂

Indian Giver says:

Comparing a 261c and a 270 Farm boss is like comparing a Chevy cruise to a Chevy corvette…

tom collins says:

I’m not to sure about that buying a professional chain saw. i own two homelite chainsaws i have owned for over 8 years have only replaced the chains due to wear. i owned a five acre ranch and had to cut cottonwood trees and branches after a windstorm which happen quite often also volunteered to clear branches in neighborhoods after such wind and snowstorms. i bought the homelite saws from home depot and have had no problems with the saws all these years they are eighteen in bars at 42 cc’s have no trouble cutting trees or firewood for the last 8 years that i have owned them. maybe i just got lucky with them dont know but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. very trustworthy saws

Sthil a Hunter Always a hunter. says:

I got the 261 love it. Replaced my 290.

Jason Jeffers says:

Great review…thanks

Karl The Fragr says:

Just saying, we have an old Husky 42 Special which is a 2.9hp saw from the late 80’s and it has pretty much all the things that pro model has… Magnesium body and bar cover, compression release valve and an adjustable bar oiler… It also has holes drilled through the cooling fins so you can access the screws at the bottom of the cylinder… The only things it doesn’t have are the self-retaining bar nuts, the quick-release screws for the top cover and the automatic carburetor.

As far as i’m aware, our 42 Special is not a pro saw. Probably more of a mid-range home owner’s saw for de-branching and light felling. So how come the modern Stihl Farm/Ranch saw, which is a much bigger model than our old 42, doesn’t have any of these things? Kinda makes you wonder… 🙂

Dan Kruger says:

I understand pro vs ranch   What gets me is the quality of the ranch version is so well made for the average guy.  I own a 455 rancher and it just keeps on running.  It could be used as a pro saw the way we abuse this saw.  they say it will cut 300 cord before needing help.  Well thats 30 years of wood cutting for me at 10 cords a year and I only use 5 cord.  For the price you can’t go wrong.

Mike Fu says:

Yeah, unless your saw is from the 60’s or 70’s, when Farm Boss WAS professional grade, lol.

Mark Kanzler says:

Is the MS261 shown the CM version? Do the current non-CM model numbers still use mechanical (adjustable) carbs without an Electronic ECM?

Chuckin Norris says:

I didn’t need any of this information, but I was still entertained through the entire video, and now I need to buy a chainsaw…

Milton K says:

This is the video I was looking for! Very informative thanks!

Matt Obermiller says:

I’ve been using 100:1 synthetic Amsoil 2 cycle mix in my firewood business and absolutely love it! Less smoke, still great protection. I recommend it to everyone.

Chris Mansel says:

Most likely the pro saw will have a lightweight piston with 2 piston rings vs the farm boss with heavier piston and a single piston ring.

Ray pugh says:

I have
9 a 034 av original stihl west German chainsaw still runs like New over 30 years old

African Twin says:

Buy a old non EPA aluminum saw from the 60 to 90’s , and your’e fine. All of the plastic toy saws these days like stihl and husqie run like shit. A plastic factory stihl or echo 620 ..? . 066 and 090 are the best.

Ola Normann says:

My Stihl 261 broke down after only 3 years of cutting firewood. Stihl said it was my fault because I didnt use the Stihl oil and alcylat gasoline! 026 was a much more robust saw and I had one for allmost 20 years and used shell oil and 95 gas mixed 2%. Not happy with the Stihl 261 and Stihl support.

Trivit30 says:

I just like my 460 magnum…..

Steve Miller says:

These are baby saws. I think my wife lost one of these in the bottom of her purse once.

Jason Dailey says:

One of the biggest sellers at our local dealerships is also the MS170. Great little saw for basic cleanup. You can get a thicker bar and chain, and metal felling spikes, and it improves the saw a lot. I am considering buying one to carry in the trunk during the winter months in case I come upon a fallen tree across the road. I know guys who do this, carry them in their gear for camping and also strap them down on the back of a 4 wheeler when riding through trails and clearing out hunting land.

Derrick Moyer says:

will never run another stihl with tooless caps again i friggin hate those things

Play Station says:

My current saw is a stihl ms310, anything would be an upgrade right now lol.

chandler los says:

Do u ever have any trouble with the starter paws on your stihl

jew0182 says:

I’m trying to decide between the stihl ms391 or the ms261cm to add with my ms250. Currently have an 18” bar on the 250. Would like to put a 14” on the 250 and get an 18” in the 391 or 261. Tough call both 391 and 261 about the same price

ivanhamlyn says:

How do you identify a professional stihl from a home owner stihl???

Silas magee says:

If you want that still bulletproof quality you got to buy Pro I blew up my old 29 and three years completely ridiculous just cutting about 10 15 cords of wood and doing Farm and Ranch stuff, 14 acre lot completely ridiculous constantly cleaned it kept the air filter the fuel mixture right I guess at the end of the day small particles got in the carburetor and it ran lean that way wonderful

JohnMac says:

Just picked up a MS362 CM w/ 20″ bar about a 1/2 hour ago! I can’t wait to shred some wood! Thank you for your videos!

Rocky Warren says:

I’ve never heard it explained better. Great job! +++

phi376 says:

Excellent overview. Very helpful.

John Ameil says:

I have 3 stihl saws , and my favorite is an 031 Super. I was at my saw shop and was looking at a ms362 would that be about closest model to replace my 031 super??

RedThunderheart says:

Most awesome Stihl video I have ever seen; and I’ve seem many! Great job! Thank-you

bosshoss69lee says:

I threw up a lil when this guy was talking about carburetors, microprocessor YUCK

Cris Pereira says:

This dude is so annoying can’t even believe he can sell anything

bcamk says:

I have not read all of the comments, but both saws have plastic oil worm gears.

feez357 says:

Crankshaft is part of the frame??@ 1:36 you said that, so I’m out of here..not coming back.

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