STIHL MS461 Chainsaw Review

Stihl MS461 chainsaw review!

Chainsaw in video is without M-TRONIC

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Muniri Ypapakongo says:

Hi Dony, Love all your videos and it helped me a lot with some problem I had with my old Ariens snowblower. Ok my problem is that I have a brand new Poulan 14” chainsaw right out of the box, it starts normally but as soon as I hit the gas it bogs down and stop immediately. what am I doing wrong?

Eliot Yang says:

Nice chainsaw.

Daniel Martin says:

I want it!!!!!

Damir Paić says:

Thanks from Croatia
Great video
Keep up doing good work!

highdesignfool says:

I think there is an open recall on the 461 for pinched fuel lines that can cause a fire. Check with your dealer for a free repair

AdirondackNY says:

I bought a fuel and oil cap on ebay for my 038av magnum and they leaked so I got them from the Stihl dealer and even though they looked the same as the china ones the factory ones worked perfect

Johnnybob Kadiddlehopper says:

Something tells me he really likes this saw.

Mathias Lehmer says:

I like your Videos, thanks a lot. Hallo from Germany

Erik Ortiz says:

Awesome. I would like to see a rewew on the MS 291. Thanks.

hammerhead110 says:

nice saw though

Kevin Noll says:

Did not do that one but it justice. Need to really see what this saw can do. I can say I love mine. Has a 28″ bar. Pulls through hardwoods like cuttin butter. Great power to weight, and fairly easy to start once you learn it. I’ve ran nothing but husqvarna for 10 years and switched to Stihl last year. Won’t go back. Doesn’t mean I won’t start my huskys up and run em. But my Stihls are now my go to saws.

Aldo Blackley says:

Looks like he’s got a moustache under his hat the start hahaha

maninaboysbody says:

there a recall on the fuel line?

hammerhead110 says:

wood a lil rotten

Crocellian says:

I know, everyone hates m-Tronic. Well I love it. I spring the extra bucks for the MotoMix (haters go piss off.). The combo allows me to work the 3×1 series saws hard and put them away for a month then come back and fire them right up.

I don’t work for Stihl. I run my own bandsaw mill and dry kiln. When I have a three week kiln run going, it gets quiet around here.

Dony, you are the best channel on the interbeast. Stick with it.

Darren Agnew says:

I’m glad to hear about the recall. I just replaced my ms 360 with the 362. Awesome saw. Was told they were having trouble with the 461 and and I need to replace my 460 soon. I hope they get the problem fixed.

Padraig Mc carthy says:

Have we got anymore updates on if this saw is now available in M-tronic.or perhaps someone has seen or maybe owns one..??

Chris Dowing says:

Wow, that is a heavy saw! Looks strong and with the 24″ chain, nice. I run my 390 with a 25″ so not much weight difference overall but less power.

Alex Armga says:

Please everyone DO NOT EVER add extra oil to your fuel for break in. That will damage the engine bearings. More oil causes the engine and crankcase to run hot. Fuel (gasoline) is what cools the engine and crankcase down. Oil is made to lube the bearings and 50:1 is PLENTY of oil for that. Secondly on break in don’t start your saw and hammer down on it for 3 seconds like that. That’s gonna scratch the cylinder walls real quick. Spin the engine up for a fraction of a second numerous times until it has been warmed up properly. That takes about 30-50 seconds depending on outside temperature. Luckily for people like him Stihl does one break in run at the factory to help people that do this from completely damaging the engine forever.

r3dpuma says:

Hey Dony! Nice video. One question : what oil did you put in? Looks blue

Bulldog453 says:

might be getting one soon. great review don!

Gogle Plus Sucks says:

Just what is M-tronic? Thanks.


Kevin Woodcock says:

Bad ass spankin bad ass Don

Remember The Slap Films says:

The benchmark in modern chainsaws. Be sure to buy the high output oil pump for it though.

Patrick Wagz says:

didn’t seem like you were too eager to give this beauty back to the customer ??


smileyousonofa1 says:

Do a video about which tools you recommend or don’t recommend from Harbor Freight and I will subscribe

flyboy 2610 says:

I have an MS290 Farm Boss (they aren’t made anymore). Love the saw. Love Stihl quality.

German Tool Reviews says:

Thanks for the review! I need to get one of these.

roman soldier says:

great saw . ive got a 10 year old MS310 thats the best peice of power equipment ive ever owned , and thats vs the redmax-kawasaki-john deere – honda – husqvarna stuff in my garage which are all commercial quality tools

leonard burns says:

another good video  thanx ehhh

spawnofdawnacle says:

thanks. is it safe cutting on the top of the bar?


thank you bill

asdfjkdjsalkfj says:

Wow. Nice saw

gared johnson says:

14.6 Ibl

Zul Hilmi says:


pei broker says:

thanks for this …

Sidney Mathious says:

I have a Stihl chain saw and never got the service out of it that I got from my old Poulan saw. With the Poulan, I have done the bulk of my work with it and after seeing what it did, I was not interested in anything else, but bought the Stihl since it was said to be a great saw. I have been very disappointed with the newer Stihl and won’t buy another one.

JPilot2 says:

Don, awesome STIHL MS461 Chainsaw!! Thank you! 🙂

Eliot Yang says:

You should have get the saw with the dual port muffler cover.

Londy Stewart says:

Where do you buy parts for this saw and the 291thank you

Dave Sears says:

This was posted on 2/23/17

Today the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a
recall of 100,000 STIHL chainsaws that are at risk of fire and burn
hazards. The saws being recalled are:
MS 461MS 461 RMS 461 R RescueGS 461 Rock Boss.
The first three are used by firefighters. The last two were not
included in STIHL’s official recall notice but a company representative
we talked to at the STIHL recall office confirmed they are also on the
STIHL Inc. has received 117 reports of pinched or leaking fuel lines
but the company reports they are unaware of any damage or injuries
caused by the possible defect.
Recalled chainsaws have a serial number between 173092800 and
181993952 under the front hand guard on the engine housing’s sprocket
side. The models affected were sold for approximately $1,000 from July
2012 through December 2016.
The recommendation is that owners of the saws immediately stop using
them and take them to an authorized STIHL dealer for a free inspection
and repair.

Gary Swinson says:

Great videos! I’ve got a question I was going to purchase the MS 461 but now in the USA the MS 441 is released so now I’m in a dilemma which one do I get. I’m leaning towards the MS 441. What’s your recommendation

Allan Wells says:

Great pro saw but try carrying it around for a few hours and see how your arms feel. For the average weekend warrior (firewood gatherer) a 50cc to 60cc saw with a 18 inch to 20 inch bar is adequate.

evanchapmanfanman says:

Very solid looking saw, I must say stihl is stepping up their game. The cartridge air filter and the low plastic amount definently say something

Gary Swinson says:

Don great videos! I’m going to purchase a bigger saw but I need your thoughts. MS 461 $1000.00 or the MS 661 $1200.00. The MS 880 $2200.00 that’s not going to happen. So my question is the MS 661 worth the extra $200? Thank you

Walking Journey says:

What kind of oil did you add to the fuel tank?

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