STIHL MS291 Chainsaw Review

In this video I review the STIHL MS291 chainsaw.
MS 291

MS291 C-BE

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1ljs says:

Maybe you could do a quick video showing what the easy start system is and how it works and give us your impression of it’ reliability.Thanks.

Brian Eastman says:

Looks like the Dolmar PS 5100s chainsaw

cbnx82703 says:

Not impressed. Saw is laboring especially through the first cut…

jer prime says:

Here in Nova Scotia tax rate is 15%

Robert says:

I had a Still chain saw and it over revved and blew up. Oil and fuel mixture was fine. The saw lasted maybe 3 years. Also, I always had trouble starting it. I payed around $400 for the saw. He’s what I’m getting at. I went to Sears and bought a 20″ Craftsman chain saw for $180 and I’ve had it for 12 years now. The saw is beautiful. I’ve cut down approximately 100 trees and completely cut the trees up for firewood. So before you spend $500 on Still why not consider paying half for a no name brand. Trial and error has taught me that brand name products alway’s cost more. note: I am not saying anything bad about Still products, I personally think their a good quality saw. I just believe you don’t have to buy brand name products to get good quality merchandise.

Terry Hennessy says:

Tool-free caps, chain, and air filter, BUT Torx top cover does not make sense to this old man

Batuhan Bilir says:

agac motorunda marka stihl dir. bizim cocuklugumuz bunun icinde gecti.cin mali urunlerden uzak durmalarini tavsiye ederim vatandasimiza ,

gogleplus sucks says:

Great video, thanks! Nice feature those captive screws in the top cover.

LoveStihlQuality says:

DB, These chain specs are odd for Stihl. The .325 pitch always had. 067 gauge and 3/8s are .050. Stihl brand chain series begin with 26 and 33 respectively and are widely available. A 325 / 50 would be a ’23’ series. Curious if Stihl changing over all the .325 pitch to .050 guage?

D Steven Paisley says:

I have a 034 and had it for about 26 years and I use my saws Regularly .I heat my house camp and garage with wood from my wood lot.I have rebuilt it once as it got down on compression. I always use high test gas and castrol oil.and never let mixed gas set more than a couple mths.I love my stihl .Also have 4 other smaller saws i use for the light stuff .I would never buy and outher echo saw .Have two both leak chain oil bad will empty out a tank over a tells me thats normal.Ya right

Bulldog453 says:

I hate easy start saws,trimmers,blowers you name it… I really hate relationship building them

Rigoberto Dimas says:

Donny boy 73 I did not mean to disrespect you on this 291 video we have used 291 compared it to the 290 my290 8291 has no balls whatsoever what I mean by that it has no power compared to the 290 we cut the same diameter tree and the 291 was struggling my 290 is gently used but the 291 is new I cannot believe Stihl actually released to the public I mean what the hell were they thinking I think stihl just need to up their game if you’re going to make a chainsaw like to 291 make sure it has more features and more power than the 290 in my opinion that’s how it should be done!!!!

dgsports69 says:

I continue hearing a chainsaw should be broken in. Can you show how to break in a new saw please.

Henry R says:

13%? That’s insane! I thought 6% was high!

josh33025 says:

homeowner saws are OK but I stick with the professional saws. they always are about a pound lighter than their counterparts and less cc’s with more power. yes they cost more but we’ll with it. also huskys seem to be a little lighter than stihls.

lee9869 says:

Can u do a 361 review?

iwantosavemoney says:

the 290 is a commercial saw right? 291 is not am I correct or not thanks for any information sir.

Robert Munguia says:

Hello don, I have the ms290 and it’s been great. I just wanted to see if there is a replacement choke lever to start it. sometimes it stays stuck.

Batuhan Bilir says:

yerli sandigimiz urunlerde cinde yapiliyor

ice25781 says:

A really great saw. Bought it back in 2013 with a 18″ guide bar and a 3/8 pitch chain. Nice smooth operation not heavy and easy to maintenance. Lots of common parts with the MS261. The clutch, the petrol tank, the air filter are some parts that are the same in both saws. Anyway the saw served me good for a short time, withhout any problems, until the day that it got stolen.

2 takter freund says:

nice saw

Earthlink Landscaping Services says:

13% tax rate??? Holy taxes

johnny22single99 says:

Knock on wood!!!!——> i Really Enjoy my Husqvarna 455 farm tough rancher…. It’s a Beast!. It’s never bogged down while cutting. And always starts and idel’s perfect all the time. But i do run nothing but premium and premium mix oil as well. The spark plug has also never carboned up at all. I have owned it for 3 plus years…. I do enjoy Stihl as well. They are all very fine Product’s. Just half to keep proper maintanance on them and the will last for years!.

Jose Fontanez says:


Alex Matthews says:

Chain looks pretty dull!

mike 13 says:


Kyle Schuh says:

I work at a small engine shop and had one of these Saws come in for a simple tune up. the odd thing is it only turned up with 105 psi of compression. took the muffler off, no scratches. took the carb off, no scratches. the guys and I were confused. we called dealers and shops and couldn’t figure it out. it also ran like a top. does anyone out there know the answer this mystery?

Mason S says:

Can you make a video on all of your equipment that you have

Reaz Mohammed says:

What’s the top brand saw in your part of the world? in Trinidad it’s Stihl.

Wythegoodsense says:

13% sales tax. WoW Is that for all purchases? Oh nice review.

Callum Murphy says:

So we bought one last fall, has about 10 hours of use on it, stopped working, opened it to see what was going on, pieces fell out, over 300.00 to fix and warrenty void because we opened it! I would never recommend this.

jeffy0807 says:

56cc and 20″ bar? Jeez i use an 044 which is 70.7cc on a 20″ bar but weighs a lot more than 7kg.

Eliot Yang says:

The reason I hate the easy to start feature is you can’t tell if you have a scored cylinder unless if you take off the muffler.

Patrick Wagz says:

Tool-less chain adjuster?  Come on, Stihl.

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