Stihl MS251 Chainsaw Review


A chainsaw is one of the most useful… and DANGEROUS tools that you can use. Don’t try some of the stuff that I do in this video… they are bad habits picked up in a misspent youth!!! Watch my chainsaw safety videos here and here

Having said that, the Stihl MS251 is a GREAT little saw at a fair price!

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northman logging says:

OMG! the panic, a logger running a saw one handed… geeslus folks never mind the guy doesn’t have a george jetson space helmet, billy the kid chaps eye protection, gloves, athletic support device or his mother on speed dial… But I bet good money he can still count to 10

TowME trailers says:

I’m a stihl snob myself. I have a MS 362 I am not a fan of the floppy anti vibration set up either. But it’s a good running saw. Not as good as. MY old 034 wood master. I also had a 046. Now that was quite the saw. I have stihl weed trimmers and blowers. Really I just won’t even consider anything else. They always start, they always run, they always do the job, they always make me money. Always. Sure there are other brands that are great but till stihl equipment disappoints me I’m a stihl owner.
This is a video of My stihl ms 362 cutting firewood.

ossilong says:

Made in Germany and Made in the USA. Cant get much better.

omaxman1 says:

I currently have stihl- will never buy anything else probably

Timothy Schuhrke says:

Ah, have you ever encountered a concrete chainsaw?
Out of my mind amazed by one. And yes, it was a Sthil . Saved my bacon.
Husky,s are great for GP, but not as durable. I miss Homlite, and to a bit the old McCullahs.
Does anyone know of carburetor re-build kits for the little McCullahs?

Joe says:

I have a Husqvarna I love for the same reasons. Good for use home gamers. Many miles on it.

Timothy Waterman says:

Stihl makes a great chainsaw. I have a ms 250 that has been run hard for 8 years doing everything from cutting firewood to chainsaw carving with a dime tip bar. We ran 044’s at a sawmill and they were great work horse saws. The power to weight ratio is great on the 250, my only knock is the cheap air filter is tiny and something in the oil lines makes my saw leak bar and chain oil.

v3ndril says:

Again have to say I love your videos. Don’t like hearing the music start though as I know the video is about to end and it makes me sad.

Dylan Warner says:

If your getting paid for stumps- husky
Everything else – climbing,carving, utility purposes, firewood, etc- stihl

William Marcum says:

When you do use a chainsaw all day everyday, there’s no such thing as too much dampening.

Pat Pikulski says:

MS 362 is a great saw if your looking for a good firewood and tree cutting saw, has the right balance of weight, power, cutting length and price.

victor castle says:

Great video Scott,
Back in the ’80’s I broke down and bought a 034 and it is a bear to start for the first time after sitting for the first time when you have to pull gas all the way up from the tank. Any suggestions ??

JS Meyers says:

LOVE my Stihl 044 and my Farm Boss. Both saws are purpose built and have NEVER failed me. I have used Husqys and Oregons, have always come back to Stihls!

pet cern says:

This video is full of (disturbing) safety violations: drop starting, starting with the brake off, cutting with one hand, keeping other hand right next to the running chain, etc. I really enjoy most of your videos, but the ones on chain saws are dangerous in that somebody just starting out will view them and will get really hurt using the saw that way. I don’t care how experienced you are accidents do happen especially if one violates common sense tool safety. If this is how you are using your chainsaw, please do not make a video on table saw. For those safety conscious, you start your saw with the brake on, and release it only once you have both hands on the saw. To start the saw you hold the saw with one hand by the tubular handle and the trigger handle between the legs. And always, put the brake back on as soon as you done cutting with the saw still running. Be safe!

xmodriver says:

I looked over some of the comments NOT ALL , but I saw none on the easy start system that STIHL has came out with ,, I love it as I have a bad shoulder and it allowed me to cut wood again . Great invention as far as I AM concerned.

rep says:

Love my Stihl chainsaws. I think the oil/gas caps are great, but sometimes give me a fit getting back on with gloves and tight quarters.

William Snyder says:

On vacation, just caught your review. I have a Stihl and it has never failed me. Great product! And as always you have done a super job of reviewing it. Thanks

Matthew Weber says:

Hopefully some of you will find this interesting. Thanks to Diresta whom most of you probably watch, I was turned on to my newest YouTube channel (Sorry EC, but you are still one of my favs, just not the newest anymore). The channel is call “Tips from a Shipwright” ( There is a little cross-over with this channel in that he picks out and has all of his boards custom milled and he visits the mills and talks a little about milling in general. I recommend starting with Season 2, but you can’t go wrong. Welcome!

Ric Denali says:

Great review.

Robert Orr says:

Any thoughts on electric chainsaws?

Cory Ross says:

Wondering when we will get more spec house videos?

Robert Bridge says:

Have you ever thought about doing a collaboration with wrangler star?

Big Papi says:

I have both MS 251 and MS 271 and I like both a lot. It’s probably just me but I have trouble aligning the gas and oil caps but I do like that I don’t need a tool to get it loose. I use the MS-271 probably twice a year and it starts up right away every time. Great products!

M Jones says:

My first saw. My dad got it for me

Nate Stockton says:

I like echo

Austin Kark says:

I absolutely love my MS441 ported and with the exhaust opened up. I have probably run about 300 cords of wood with it and don’t see any signs of stopping. A bit big for most my fire wood cutting but the slab pieces I from the port of Tacoma I get stack up very nicely and I can run through how ever many I stack all day long. Stand behind stihl 100%. That and all their manuals are online for free.

Herman Boing says:

I have a smaller Stihl and the oil delivery system to the chain leaks when sitting over about two weeks. Sometimes hard to start, but overall a good saw. Thanks for your review.


Simple, to the point and realistic. Anyone remember when men acted like men? Here’s a good example of how to act like one. It’s not just doing manly things, it’s acting like one. Good review, need more people like you!

American Axe & Tool Co says:

I’ve used em all at one time or another! I have 8 Jonesered saws over 30 years old and each one will start on the second or third pull! Same as a Husky these days!

JimmY says:

I dont think its as good quality as the ms250. Stihl seems to be making cheaper quality saws (the white handle ones), much the same as Toyota is starting to skimp on quality with their new versions of the popular car models. These reliable quality brands that we all love, seem to be being built crappier and crappier, now that they have a good name for themselves, they think they can con the consumer by using their reputation to their advantage while they increase the prices and lower the quality, but hope we dont notice. Its a shame, but its the rich “businessmen” that are to blame, just the worst kind of people. Nevertheless, another informative and valuable video from you Scotty, always worth a watch.

mike_HVAC says:

Bought my first new Chainsaw last year after Hurricane Harvey, went with a STIHL _Farm Boss_ 15min after purchase I proceeded to spend the next 12-14hrs cutting fallen trees – at the end of that day I knew I’d made a good purchase.

Pine Carpenter says:

I have the same saw. It’s 5 years old and is very unreliable. Stihl isn’t what it used to be. It’s finicky and needs constant maintenance.

Scott Lundy says:

I think the gas caps suck and they are hard starting after sitting a while

Dominique Gibeau says:

In my opinion those gas/oil cap are a pain in the ass in the long run. They will wear and will no longer seal properly and most of the time they will get really hard to install/remove. I’ve converted a Kombi motor for the guy that cuts my hedges this summer back to a proper threaded cap (requires replacing the gas tank) for this exact reason. In fact my Stihl dealer even avoids selling machines with those caps..

Andreas Dries says:

German Power!

ted kaczynski says:

pronounced “steel” and “husqvarna” has three syllables,

BeanBot says:

4:10 thats good is your are….(a bitch wait thats to rude) SENsitive

Gary Z says:

I don’t like the “flexy dampening” either. When you get to hogging into a big tree and it feels like the saw is bending in two, you’ll learn to hate it. Also, Stihl needs to improve their labeling on the chain oil and gas fillers. I have poured bar oil into the gas tank more times than I’d like to admit. Once that bar oil has been pulled into the carburetor, you’ve got a real problem.

doinjusfine1 says:

025 and 291 owner… I have an old McCulloch saw that was my papaw’s. Love my saws..

Pat Pikulski says:

4:40 SCARY!!!

Steven Rogge says:

For the vibration damping, most folks can not use a chainsaw the way you were using it in the video, don’t have the hand coordination or eye.
Some of us have the damage in our hands that is a relief to have the damping.

Alex Josten says:

Please sent it to AvE


That vibration isolator system seems great! I’ve never tried it but using some of the older Stihl Saws my hands hurt for two days after running them

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