Stihl MS241C Chainsaw Review

Thanks to Ian from Gravenhurst Home Hardware I was able to borrow this new Stihl MS 241C Chainsaw for a video review.

You can thank him here;

See full specs here;


MrGundogtrainer says:

Donny I have a 009l topper starts great runs good. But does not want to restart when its hot. Would this be a module issue? I have opened the gas etc does not seem to be a air lock. Any repopes that you would suggest to replace with?

Jeremy Hewitt says:

One of the best chainsaw reviewers I have seen

MrGundogtrainer says:

2cyclemix we figured out it is the coil when it gets hot. I will have to source a coil out for it

OnTarget100 says:

Hi all, as always Australia will pay a premium price for the same product AUD$1,359.00 as of Dec 2015. But when converted it should be with current exchange rates $763.17 so the additional $595.83 is for the love of it. End of vent.

Gaby Mogagea says:

Vreau pretu

WM Harris says:

Great review. Just curious, is that white pull cord mesh cover on the side plastic or aluminum?
Thanks, Murray

Dan Hargrave says:

Don, how about a review on either the Stihl MS 660 or 661? Thanks. Keep up the interesting videos.

Brian Gardiner says:

Hi dony im just looking at buying a new ground saw . but im afraid of buying problems I don’t like the idea of these new electronic machines they say they can put them on a computer like your car and that’s been expensive to me over the years with cars any thing you recommend good old faithful’s and all THANKS

Scott Foster says:

Stihl has nothing on Husky Auto, Stihls are a joke.

MrGundogtrainer says:

Thanks Donny I am trying to decide on a 241vs a261. Around the camp for fire wood but also on the quad for clearing trails

Esther & Keith says:

Just bought a MS271 18inch Jan 30th 2015 in Aurora Indiana at Zimmer Tractor for $409.00 plus tax .. Nice Saw To …

Roomie says:

No carb adjustment?!

2cyclemix says:

Love those new screws on the cover.  And the nut on the clutch cover is a good idea, too.

Phuck Liberals says:

this or the ms311?

BenjaminGoose says:

Looks like a great saw. Carries a €700 price tag here, so you’d expect it to be pretty good for that price.

Eliot Yang says:

Nice chainsaw donyboy73 but the saw being at 43cc stihl didn’t have to add the decompression valve.

ontarioknivesNS7 says:

Id like to see a review of a MS361 with a 24″/25″ bar, if you haven’t reviewed one already.

Skinny Moose says:

I think I`m going to get one of these.

noel monkey says:

in Ireland 750 euro about 900 us dollars rip off ireland

Patrick Ruth says:

Review on ms 261

Rudolf Zaris says:

The price for this saw in Slovakia is approx…795 Canadian USD 🙁  

yveskc1 says:

Excellent review donyboy73.  It will be the saw on my 2015 list!  MS241 C-M

M C says:

Hi, these are $1295.00 here in New Zealand new, at today’s rates that is $1124 Canadian.

Stepan Darabos says:

$549.95 saginaw Michigan USA

DijonInjection says:

Norwegian price for MS 241C-M is between 6075 -> 7190,- Nkr.
As of 26 june 2015, that is equivalent to 775 -> 918,- US$ or 692 -> 819,- Euros.
Not sure if there is a significant difference between the C and the C-M model though.

Odin Schulte says:

650 in usa

Robert Waid says:

nice saw don.when are you going to get one?? a nice review would on a ms660 or 661 if u can.

Mike Helms says:

Great video !!!
Do you have any trouble shooting hints for this electronic carb?

Håkan Andersson says:

I bougt my self a Stihl MS181 C with a 35 cm (14 inch ) bar and inkluded extra gallon of promix and chainoil and it cost me 409,84$ in total and thats inkl. the Tax. Havent sen a rewue of that caind of machine for home use. Best whishes hakan from Sweden.

Victor Diaz says:

2015 Stihl MS241C with 35cms bar in Spain costs 750€; which is more than there in US or Canada, I think…

mike cole says:

had a few bad experiences with stihl chainsaws that were day old ran on premix from stihl and wouldn’t fix them so I haven’t bought another one I picked up a 576 autotune! been only 1 month by so far so good! but I have a old 017 stihl and it runs mint and I have poulans and macs and a David Bradley and homlite super 12! no brand snob here its all about quality!

0j0nn says:

889€ in Germany
almost $1000 or twice as much as in the States.

a German company selling stuff made in Germany for almost half price overseas, fuck this.

WoodyJim says:

Price in Ireland is crazy €839. Bought one in the Uk €510 good little saw.

CubCadet129 says:

That’s a real nice saw. I noticed that Stihl, like everyone else these days, is releasing a lot of new products and also sometimes old products with new model numbers.

Gary Bocchino says:

$549.95 Florida USA

mojo jojo says:

So which one: This Stihl 241cm or the Dolmar 421?

EmilyElla11 says:

Good review. Your are a nice guy.

Brian Gardiner says:

when your in the UK give me a shout weal go for some beer . I’ve got a couple of jobs for you .my garage is full of broken stihl tools I bet you’d like it :))

IcemanDC21 says:

Hello Dony, is the electronic carb adjustable by yourself? or do you need Stihl or Husqvarna special software? Thank you very much for every single video. Greetings

Rae S says:

Just bought one of these chainsaws
This  brilliant review is just what i wanted thank you

simon roberts says:

HI, JUST BOUGHT ONE TODAY,, 05 01 17… COST £470.00 WITH A 14″ B & CHAIN,

MrGundogtrainer says:

2cyclemix we figured out it is the coil when it gets hot. I will have to source a coil out for it

Samuel Watkins says:

Dolmar ps-421 329.99 🙂

Steven Gillespie says:

hey dony. hope all is well. would love to see a review on the stihl 261. and maybe the Husqvarna 550 xp.  love the 50cc saws, seams their weight and power are almost perfect for most work . least for most people. and have been wondering if you have had to work on any of the m-tronic / auto tune saws yet.

Lee Toner says:

My Nelson, BC Stihl dealer lists that 241 at $649.95! Where in Canada are you? I am shopping for possibly Stihl vs Husky. I need a reliable, easily repaired small saw for approximately 1-2 cords annually. Would something like the MS181C with Easy2Start homeowner grade be gimmicky  breaking plastic garbage? Is it worth the extra $200 to go professional grade? I am tired of yearly fixing junk. Please reply. It is firewood season and I’ve been trying to fix my saw all day 

jones says:

In Finland MS241C costs 739.00 € = $974,22, some website price.

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