Stihl MS193T Chainsaw Review

In this video you will see a review on the Stihl MS193T chainsaw, the successor to the MS192T.

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Allan Wells says:

Great little saw, similiar to the 35cc 200t, albeit a little less power.

Kai Burch says:

his would a new 193t be good at $487

pbrstreetgng79 says:

Wish I had known you were looking for a 192T. I rebuilt one right around April. I got it from a pawn shop for $50. Ran erratic. Did a leakdown test and found a leak around the pan gasket. I put in new crank seals, sealed up the pan with Yamabond, rebuilt the carb, put in a new air filter, new throttle cable, a new chain, and new Caber piston rings. The crank bearings were good so I left them alone. When I was done the saw had 165 lbs of compression. Had I known you wanted one I would have sold it to you cheap. I kind of owe you for the knowledge and expertise you have passed along in small engine repair. At any rate, as a small engine mechanic myself, you have my gratitude for all of your videos. It’s always nice learning new things from people like you that, no doubt have forgotten more about small engine repair than I will ever learn myself.

The Christian Frontiersman says:

Thank you DonnyBoy73 for making this video. I purchased one after watching it around the end of February. I have this old Pecan tree that was in desperate need of pruning. Thankfully, because of its light weight, it made it easy to carry up the tree using the loop, and was very manageable with one hand operations( I know two hands). When I purchased it, the rep. at ACE told me that if I bought the oil/fuel mix (large can) it would extend the warranty one more year, so now I have plenty of fuel and an added year of warranty. I think I will buy the 200 model as I want to mill some large oak trees that were felled by some pros. a couple of years ago. Thanks again.

TheShoelaceBandit says:

I just bought the same saw. what are your thoughts on doing a muffler mod.

Ian Stropus says:

I’m thinking of getting this saw for mountain bike trail building (building jumps made with wood and clearing tiny trees and shrubs). Is it worth it?

Robert Waid says:

nice little saw don. i hope to have one myself someday. you make nice videos. i look forward to fridays. keep them coming.

bart degryse says:

do have thesame saw, sadly, i’ve fucked up about while cutting firewood, the chain fucked up and broke off the extend thing for loose or to tighten it, so every 15min i’ve need to move reposition the saw blade ;c but still is useable,

Wyatt Fisher says:

I absolutely HATE this saw! No power, won’t stay running this saw is total garbage!

Alice and Andie says:

A nice light saw

ice25781 says:

Hi Dony. It seems to be a nice – light saw. I want to buy one for my father who ‘s almost 70age. does it worth buying it ???

evanchapmanfanman says:

Nice saw, btw have u ever heard of the brand maruyama before? it’s a top of the line brand

Candát103 says:

STIHL is the best of chainsaw! 🙂 Like

Jesse Ryan says:

This saw is also a professional grade saw along with the 201t. The 201 is just the upper end model. I think they are both great saws. One advantage to this over the 201t-cm is you can adjust the carb.

duje amizic says:

i will buy this saw soon

ZippoVarga says:

I finally came across a good deal on a MS200T which was on my wish list for a few years. I was fortunate in that it was owned by a casual home owner who took exceptional care if it. Enjoy your new saw in good health Don! Cheers! Zip~

Greg K says:

I love to see what the pros buy. It gives a good indication of what to buy.


What would you look for in a used generator? What would you avoid?

Owen Coulton says:

Are you from Quebec in Canada?

MOAArtstore says:

I just picked up 2 non running 192t’s. Thanks for putting your videos out.

Mumu says:

Sorry, meant to give thumbs up and hit the down.

Kai Burch says:

dony would you recomend the husqvarna t540xp top handle chainsaw

Kai Burch says:

hi dony can you put a 10 inch bar on it if you want

Philippe Pitois says:

thanks 🙂

Michael Shin says:

Just got one today. they stopped the extended warranty. Gee its not like it costs them that much.

steve jones says:

thanks very helpful, well done.

jdl Lawn Care says:

I have the oil really good oil guarantees all the warranties on all my machines set

MegaMario2002 says:

you make bad start for this chainsaw

chris autino says:

ms193t is garbage. its a great saw till you have to work on it. i just had to break one down due to low compression. about 2 years of pro use. on opening i was baffled. cylinder was not scored and overall the saw looked to have normal wear not enough to have 50% compression and no start. it looks like a toy inside not the normal stihl quality. piston only uses 1 ring ms192t was 2 rings.and overall mass of internal parts is smaller.

Jim Flynn says:

Just got one yesterday and used it today. Great little saw for pruning and cutting up branches. Saves me from pulling out the big saw for small jobs.

d hamby says:

You mentioned in the beginning of the video that you wanted to make the chain last longer. I totally agree. The amount of time it takes to maintain a chain is the biggest problem with owning and using a chainsaw. That’s why I mostly use carbide chains, especially on the bars I use most often. Carbide chains last more than ten times as long between sharpening for me. The time I waste touching up the chains was costing way too much compared to the cost of the chain.

mroboiz says:

this look like a toy it is funny looking but i am scared to use this violent tool

PainAndMurphyJo says:

This one has a fundemental update over the 192T. The 193T is a Stratified engine now, or so as STIHL call it “2-Mix” technology where the engine from the intake through it’s cylinder&piston’s transfer ports are different, more complex and designed to have an extra air flow in a unique pattern & timing to add power while reduce emissions.

bug Den says:

question ,,,how much compression do we need to have on a small engine for it to run? is it atleast 90 ? or less will do ?

Mike Spain says:

I have a 192T, good little saw. Not the easiest to work on because it is so compact.

DFS TechAuto says:

my hedge trimmer is very smokey, any ideas? the vid of it running is on my channel, please help

theoldwizard998 says:

I have found that the newer Stihl saws don’t like a lot of choke, especially if it is warm out. 2 or 3 pulls max and then turn off the choke.

Robert McNamara says:

Great informative videos. Can you recommend a homeowner saw for basic around the house use. One that would be easy to maintain and repair if need be

Aaron Hickerson says:

Would love to have a chainsaw like that. Small but powerful.

Zaine Ridling says:

This chainsaw is the best of Stihl. Lightweight, powerful for one-handed use, with easy-start reliability. The added weight of the 201 isn’t worth the trade up for its extra 7cc’s of power. Unless you need the 201 in-tree, this is the small saw to have IMO.

Marty Heffernan says:

Donny boy quick question is this your side job or full time job.

Flatzout says:

nice saw but they need modded to give them more pep.

Dan Henderson says:

Runs better with .043 gauge and a 14 inch bar.
.050 has just enough extra mass to noticeably hurt acceleration

Brandon Walker says:

I’m just starting my company. I bought this saw for in tree use only. first time owning a stihl and man am I so dang Happy I did. it’s a stihl u can’t go wrong if the pro chainsaw competitors use it for ever competition. Love this saw.

Matthew Somers says:

Hello Dony           Having watched your review a few times, I bought myself an ms193t this week. I was undecided at first, I’d heard that they didn?t perform as well as the 192t which is still available here in Spain where I live. I looked around for some more information and spoke to a guy on an arborist site forum who’d worked on and with both saws and he reckoned that they were both very good , he’d found the 193 to be both very tough and powerful for it’s size. He also mentioned that it`s posible to make a simple muffler mod which improves overall performance without damaging the saw, I’ll add a link below just in case you’d like to check it out.          I used mine today for the first time and was very impressed with how well it cut, I got it mainly to do light work, pruning, clearing and working from a ladder, it handled everything with ease sailing through thicker branches too 8-10 inches. I was working on and off for about 4 hours in all and didn’t feel tired, this saw’s so light.  I noticed the throttle response is a little slower than on my other Stihl saws, especially when started from cold, but once the revs are up, it cuts really well. I’m very pleased with it overall.            I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your channel, it’s excellent, you’re a gifted teacher and your videos are so well made, they  have been a huge help to me on many occasions when I’ve had mechanical problems and had almost given up.           Thank you and please keep up the good work,                                                                 Matthewlink:          Introducing ths Stihl MS193T/

Roger Roop says:

I swear by my little MS 192T. Great for dealing with limbs and small trees. Used it today to take down a limb which had smashed two smaller trees. Took down the two smaller trees and the limb predominantly with the MS 192T, although it did get pinched and my Husqvarna 455 Rancher had to help it out a bit. Between these two saws I feel pretty confident I can handle virtually all of our trees on our 100 acre farm.

Love this channel, keep up the great work.

Michael Dougfir says:

I have this exact same saw. I have been an arborist since the 1980s. Rather than coach you on a few deficiencies, I just recommend keeping the manual!! Do as it says. Very little outside of that is good, unless you have massive professional experience. Watch out, too, for going outside of the instructions. You can very easily void your warranty!!

I will say though, this top handle isn’t just good for cutting branches, it is FOR pruning trees! That’s why it is so compact.
Please, use your ear plugs or muffs!

Chris Hardway says:

i love mine!

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