Stihl MS170 Review after 2 years of ownership

Thought i would do a honest review of my Stihl MS170 after using it for a while

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Mike Fu says:

I’m a big Stihl guy, but honestly, the ECHO 310 is a Better saw…no doubt….. I did 12″ trees ALL day for storm cleanup…..Funny thing is, I bought the saw to Trim, but it cut SO well, I just kept fucking going, did the Entire project! Lol…..The hilarious part, is I barely burned ANY fuel…blade still sharp from factory….the saw still looks brand new, I thought about taking it back to the store and say I never used it, lol, but I really like it! Might add some Echo’s to my collection….

bushrat says:

great saw to have on an ATV or snowmachine if you want a pro saw find an older (pre emision ) MS200 there a powerhouse

Micah Drey says:

Sounds like he really enjoys the choke, lol

Ola Normann says:

My Stihl 261 broke down after only 3 years of cutting firewood. Stihl said it was my fault because I didnt use the Stihl oil and alcylat gasoline! 026 was a much more robust saw and I had one for allmost 20 years and used shell oil and 95 gas mixed 2%. Not happy with the Stihl 261 and Stihl support.If you go for Stihl you must use Stihl alkylat or Stihl oil or your saw will have no warranty.

John Cook says:

I love this chainsaw! I put a thicker gauge chain on it and it fuckin cuts anything! People say it’s not powerful. I beg to differ that. Mine cuts anything. 16 inch bar with a skip tooth chain. Others may have different opinions but this saw is very good.

660einzylinder says:

I’ve had a 170 for nearly 10 years. It is my only saw and has cut down 20″ diameter trees. I have cut all day, every day, for a fortnight. It has logged, snedded and felled. The small chain is great, especially with full chisel cutters, agressive and fast. The chains last until there is nothing left to sharpen. All in all a great little saw that shows no sign of giving up yet, and so much easier to use all day than a 260 sized machine. As for the criticism of the on/off/choke lever……cobblers man. It is the same as all the Stihl saws I’ve ever used. Try using the saw to it’s full potential and you will see what it really can do. I use cheapo oils and fuel with mine, never a problem.

Poor review tbh.

Nathan Van de Velde says:

you can take down any tree with that. just keep the chain sharp. i use my 32cc dolmar/makita with 35cm bar for anything i can throw at it even if that means cutting from 2 sides.

Flyboy Phil says:

Great review. Thanks

Justin Wadkins says:

I bought one of these used and 5yrs old. Had a razor shop chain on it, used it for 6hrs and chain is still sharp. Love this saw more than my brand new Stihl ms250.

Justin Graham says:

Your stupid!!! Welcome to man hood !!! you should not own a chainsaw !!!! Especially if you’re trying to brag about a peace of shit home Depot brand of junk…you got a sthil because the other pile of shit last for about 2or 3 tanks of gas …

Nova Scotia Great Outdoors says:

I use my saw on any tree I need to cut never lets me down

rafael m says:

Best saw review

Kevin Andrews says:

I love my MS170. I have a wood lot in back of my house and I cut everything from about 10 inches and below. The chain cuts well and doesn’t dull that fast. I am very happy with the way this saw runs and totally surprised at the power it has compared to the 18 inch Champion and 14 inch Poulan saws I own. I thought I would need a bigger saw to cut the large stuff but so far so good. Being so light it is really a back saver allowing me to work for hours at a time.

Nick Petrov says:

God job man

Steve Skinner says:

I disagree with a few things on this review this saw is made for more than just a limbing saw that I can vouch for

Justin Graham says:

A chainsaw is a saw !!! It will cut anything you want… it’s the operator that pinches the chain and bar … Also it’s a picco chain for the people who probably shouldn’t own a chainsaw to begin with!!! It’s designed not to kick back and split your forehead to your asshole !!!

Jake Schisler says:

I totally agree with the person’s statement below mine. I’ve cut down big pines and today cut off 8 to 10 inch branches off of an oak tree. Sharpen and tighten down that chain! I cut up a 36 inch trunk of oak it took some time and gas but it did it!

Chase says:

Stihl just never makes me dissapointed. Always starts.

gmctech says:

limbing saw my hairy white ass…… 10 years of 5 to 6 cord of fire wood a year plus hundreds of hours of everything from broken telephone pole cutting to rough lumber/timber cutting and it’s just had the usual bar and chain replacements. As far as the sharp chain is concerned that’s chainsaw 101 for any chainsaw. I also have the MS440 and the MS170 is what I grab 90% of the time for it’s compactness, weight and ability for it’s size.

John Gabriel says:

this saw can cut large diameter logs quite easily..

Big Bud says:

Ive worm out two ms 170’s and a 180 doing 14-20 inch or more tree widths and it does good but you are right it’s not meant for cutting big wood consistent

Jeff Bang says:

Stihl Never Ran, Biggest Disappointment Ever! All the hype about how great Stihl is, What garbage! Battled the manager and finally was able to return it.
so fed up with chain saw garbage, I purchased an electric chainsaw. when I pull the trigger, it runs!!! how great is that!!!

2sheets to the wind says:

I`ve had one 3yrs. Plugged the screen after first years use. Was using stihl oils and premium fuel. Fuck stihl`s overpriced fluids. The caps like to fall off, have to pull at least 6 times to start, broke off chain brake handle. Not too impressed with it. My old Poulan has given me much better service.

Cameron Graham says:

Great review well thought out with actual time on this saw. As of the choke system on this saw it is a lot of steps to start because it doesn’t have a primer bulb BUT if you understand small engines it is a great setup. With the engine being as small as it is the throttle butterfly is in front of the choke so by holding the throttle to set the choke allows for more vacuum to get the fuel up from the tank through the carb to the engine. Now when the engine pops the engine is over loaded with fuel so having to push the choke to 2nd position holds the throttle open so when it starts it will burn off unnecessary fuel by revving up and leaning out and by popping the throttle it will release the choke system and it will let it idle down and run properly.

Ryan Spencer says:

Now i see why there are so many accidents with saws. If you dont know how to tighten a chain dont run a saw.

Roger Autry says:

It’s a good limbing saw and that’s about it. Low power.

Harry Savage III says:

your right about the choke. You have to pull it down. I used it the other day and I had to step on the saw to hold it in place . Then I had to pull it down. I dont remember it still being on the circle with the sec notch. but I did get it to go to the running position. I always forget how to to start it because there is so much stuff (symbols)on the choke switch. do u go up or down. well from last time I did I kinda remember going down so in the end the other day I did do that. I worked so hard to keep it in place tho. anyway I used it to cut some limbs that were on the ground. I used to cut a big tree root the other day that I couldnt chop out. I yanked and pulled the others out. The people who did the stump grinding left the pine tree roots and they were monster size thick. but about the extent of my usage so far. good saw. I wonder if I upgrade the blade but the chain is thin. it wants to come off or be loose. Ive had it for 2 years.

LegaCy says:

“this saw won’t cut 6-8″ logs all day” WAT lol

jimsiggy says:

Not going to like any saw with a dull chain.

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