Stihl MS 500i – First Review Chainsaw w/o Carburetor

Read more in Swedish here: and in English here:
Check out the first review of the 2019 hot-saw, Stihl MS 500i. First ever serial produced chainsaw with fuel injection instead of a carburetor! New record in power-to-weight ratio and awesome acceleration.

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deksper ** says:

Those are impressive stats!

dan powell says:

Hi, great review !! I really want one of these saws. At 14 mins 50sec it looks like the casing behind the pull start is breaking up? Greetings from Cornwall ,south west England

Thechainsawcollector 360 says:

Do u still have to put oil in the gas

longlowdog says:

Thank you for English, you speak much better English than I can Swedish. Tack. Awesome saw by the looks of it. Regards from Scotland.

Saw Greater says:

That bar is cute

Nigel Clats says:

I watch your vids for an opinion,so please give it and be honest.
That saw looks a mess for only a couple of days work

Chris S says:

Also this is huge news for gas powered 1/5 scale radio control cars. Fuel injection for rc will be incredibly satisfying.

African Twin says:

I stopped buying Stihl in NLD. No good stihl service here. Big prices. A lousy chain 20 inch cost 40 euro from stihl. There fuel cost 22 euro 5 liter. Only buying old Husqvarna saws without electronic junk on the. No emission laws on old saws.

Man Academy says:

Hard pass. c series was and is trash. I’ll go back to an 090 before running any more attempts at saws with “technology”. adjustable carbs WORK period

Net Wright says:

Here in Southeast Alaska on the Tongas National Forest, I have been running my Stihl 440 and 460 for years, for logging, chainsaw milling, and with my Lewis winch. As I have grown older and my family has grown I run my saws less frequently. Over time the only problems I have had with my Stihls were carburetor related (2 rebuilds each), so I am EXCITED about fuel injection. My 460 is 15 years old so I think I can justify the 500i when it comes out. Thanks for a good video!

Hans Gans says:

Ohh Nooo. Again the old crap Design the old Stihls had. How much did you work with that saw? The airfilter and the hole saw is already completly filled with sawdust. Means the saw is at a standstill every hour for cleaning out the airfilter. Thats what all the old stihls as 036 for example had. I have an Husqvarna 357 and 372 there is no need to clean them out. So again as it was in the last 20 years professionel lumberjacks will use husqvarna and stihl is going to be for hobby and garden use only. Thats were it belongs!! There is even no need for that fuel injection. Chainsaws are working well with carburetors since over 50 years.

welshwizard822 says:

I think it’s the way to go as long as the price is right, and Dont have to take it to a dealer for service

skeets says:

You can make any saw look good with a good sharp chain

Joe Paden says:

Thanks for the English.

Keith Jandrew says:

Too much tech

charles gross says:

Couple things, that air filter isn’t worth crap, and a primer bulb! Better carry a couple in your tool box for when it decides its gonna crack or shrink and leak. Plus sides, it seems to run really smooth and consistant at high rpm not boggy while cutting (of course its pine) be nice to see how it holds up after cutting hard wood here in the states. Change the filter and do something with the primer bulb!

Wiley Seifert says:

How’s the balance of the saw with a bigger bar 28 will handle a 32 inch bar

Chris S says:

Thanks for the info. Also the English version is very nice.

matt30705 says:

the air filtration looks looks defective. thats a big let down. I know andreas stihl would be screaming profanities in german at the ‘engineers’ who designed this.

Young buck says:

I WOOD love to have one of those

Keith Jandrew says:

But nice power

Jamie Trotter says:

Everyone is complaining about the air filter system but it seems to look pretty good to me with 20 tanks ran threw it and to have that little bit of sawdust. If you blow your saw out after you use it and clean the filter I dont think there would be a problem.

Mining Master L870c says:

defiantly a game changer, do you know if that will be available in the USA?
greetings from Texas usa

Ivana Notyers says:

The only negative I can see about the saw is the music.

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