Stihl Chainsaws…are they the best? MS311 Review and farm demonstration

Well…the jury is out…Stihl Chainsaws…are they the tell me! Today we’ll review and do a farm demonstration of the MS311 Chainsaw. I’ll tell ya what I think and show ya how hard it works…this will be video #1 of multiple chainsaw and wood cutting video series I’ll be doing over the next month or so! It’s Firewood season!!! WOOOO!!!





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successfulIdiot says:

being that there was never an 031. Ive always consider the 311 a bastard saw with the 270. but hey landscapers will buy em…

after the late 2000’s era stihl, its husqvarna now for me.

Fau Q says:

201 great saw, when it works. I’ve got 2, one is in the shop as we speak getting a new short block, on a fucking 3 month old saw!!

Kenneth 03 says:

I have a brand new ms250 and love it been using it for a couple weeks and works great. My opinion Husqvarna sucks worst brand ever

Patrick Barnes says:

They are called DOGS!!
They tree is rotten that’s y

Keeping It Dutch says:

Best shirt in your closet hands down!! Thanks brother, great video. Man you have your hands full from that hurricane…i love my stihl..

John Myers says:

I’m a STIHL guy been one for ever. I have 4 of em. From the MS250 to the 660 MAG. Which is my “go to saw.” May I suggest a Full chisel full skip chain. Cuts much faster and half as many teeth to sharpen. With my 660 my chain will pull a 2.5” chip. Awesome power and cut. Nice video

arborcidal maniac says:

those 311/391 models are constantly in my shop and usually their toast after a year. Junk!!!!!

Duje Amizic says:

woow third pull not bad

hedron shanon says:

Guess this dude was afraid to try the husky so that we see its performance…..Still ain’t jack just like you guys I defended it when I knew no better….

arborcidal maniac says:

it’s gonna need a carburetor within a year.

Tucker Buzzell says:

You need to get rid of that junk and stay with Husqvarna

arborcidal maniac says:

a 460 rancher is a homeowners pos their junk as well.

Mark Jones says:

I don’t like the one I have

Benjamin Turner says:

Stihls are no doubt good machines. I have both Stihl equipment and Husqvarna. I will honestly say though, that for the most part I enjoy running my Husqy stuff more. I’m a Husqvarna fan for sure. I can’t make a truly fair comparison as my two Husqvarna saws are bigger and higher end than my smaller stihl saw. The Stihl runs great and has good power for a small saw but it seems to have major issues starting after sitting a few months. Both my Husqvarnas always start exactly the same, the way they’re supposed to from the factory every time, while the stihl gives me fits of pulling before it goes. All use same non-ethanol fuel, same stihl oil, and sit in the same climate controlled spot. Love all my saws…but I’ll be honest in saying if I needed to take one saw to rely on…it would be an orange one. I would like to try one of Stihls larger pro models though to get a full taste of their equipment. Those MS311 are cool saws! I’d like to try one.

IHav2BlackCats says:

You still cutting up that big oak, I’ve got a stihl 660 big bore i built, maybe i can come up there and help you out. I also have an 070 from china if you want to rattle yourself to death.

Nee Kniggit says:

Lot’s of firewood for this winter.

william savage says:

One thing about the stihl chains. The bar guide teeth have small dimples in them . I think this is a stihl patient item. The small dimples , hold just a little bit of bar oil, help keep the bar and chain cool and lubed . Extends the life of both bar and chain. A little tip a stihl service guy taught me. Always under fill the fuel tank just a little less than the bar tank. So you run out of fuel before you run out of bar oil. Also when your bar oilier is adjusted correctly , you should run out of fuel and oil at the same volume rate per running hour. If you always have to way much bar oil left when refueling the fuel tank. Your saw bar is not getting enough oil , adjust it accordingly. Every now and then test that your chain after refueling to make sure your bar is getting oil. Point the tip toward a log round and make sure you are getting a slight sling of oil coming off the teeth . Easy for the oilier channel to get clogged by thick bark or dull chain teeth causing ( small chip dust) . Also the inner chain guard , held by the two bar nuts . This another great place for a spay coat or two of MODECK not stick spray . Yes same as the mower deck under body. Give it a try , see the difference 🙂 hope these tips help. Safe cutting , going to be a rough winter I think ?

ozarkprepper1 says:

I like Stihl chains. Our black oaks always fall during tornadoes n stuff.

Howie Z says:

Nothing like a new saw. I get one for Christmas almost every year. Better than socks. lol

Schnot says:

Yes stihl is the best. The question that’s hard to answer is “is stihl worth the money?”

The answer is (like most things) it depends.

Patrick Wagz says:

Careful with the bar-tip buried against un-cut wood @ 7:15

prime opportunity for kick-back!!

Todd Mcgough says:

I loat a whole lot of peacan trees on my place we was put of power for 8 days Michaela was a cat 3 when it hit my home here in Bainbridge ga

Nee Kniggit says:

I just got the Pro grade MS 661 with a 36 inch bar and I absolutely love it. Wish I had gotten this a longtime ago.

Mountain Crest Farm says:

Why did you buy way out there…no Stihl dealers around you? I like to keep my money as local as possible. I find when I take care of local businesses they take care of me when needed.

As for the fuel spewing…I’ve not had that problem and I’ve been running Stihls for over a decade. Right now I have an MS311…the predecessor to your new 311…that I bought in 2009 and that is still running great with one minor repair in 9 years that I did myself for $12 in parts in less than 15 minutes and a 193T I just bought 2 months ago. I love Stihls.

G Froese says:

Okay , but I’ll stick with my old Husky

Patrick Barnes says:

This is a powerful machine and I’m impressed???? Thought he has not started or used it yet ?? So how would he know and be impressed already???

leonard wood says:

Would you cut me up with your stihi saw

J Handy says:

Living in Michigan and heat my home with firewood exclusively , so I do use my Stihl saw a lot. We burn between 15-40 face cords a season (depending on species and temps) . Love this saw.

Rusty Shackelford says:

Cool, I’m sure Stihl makes the best chainsaws out there. But I just couldn’t justify the price, a comparable size Stihl is going to be 3x the cost of a Husqvarna. If they actually last three times longer well then it makes sense.. But for a just weekend firewood cutter I can’t put down $1500 on a chainsaw. FWI my husky 455 seems to cut about the same as that Stihl with a new chain. But I’ve also never used a Stihl so what do I know.

Logan Shiffler says:

If you think a 311 rips try running a ported 362cm with a perfectly sharp chain. With the depth gauges on the chain set just right to throw some monster chips, yea buddy!

Denny's Country Life says:

Looks like a great saw man! As a guy with less trees and property I opted for the MS250, and it’s been a heck of a saw for me! The starting process is extremely simple, I have a hard time grasping why people have a rough time with it! Lol

Concrete K-9 says:

I’m not too familiar with saws. What’s the purpose of rotating the bar? Is it purely cosmetic or does it prolong the life of it?

Rigoberto Dimas says:

I own a sthil ms441 Magnum it is a beast that log your cutting it would have went right through it the first time no problemo and I also own the MS 290 and my brother gave me vintage O51 electronic manufactured in 72

Schnot says:

I also have a ms311. Has an 18” bar on it and that sucker is almost unstoppable.

Pine Carpenter says:

Few years or after the first winter storage it will get tougher to start and finicky with ethanol fuel. I have a ms250, and 362 and both need yearly maintenance from dealer to keep running

Aaron Jarvenpa says:

You could all most have needed a bigger saw for the big oak

bob segar says:

Those saws keep their value too I have a 290 farm boss and I gave 300 for it new and I see them on eBay for 300 used and abused. That says a lot about a product

Brent Tenney says:

Huskvarna is better.

bob segar says:

I would go ahead and buy the carb kit for the stihl saw fairly cheap and if you already have it on hand then you won’t be needing a good saw and don’t have it.

tony bone says:

I have the same one & I love it

Rusty Shackelford says:

So is it…still…or…steal

James Frost says:

Between Stihl and Husky, it is hard to make a bad choice.

William Lewis says:

Where are your safety glasses ?????? DON’T say you don’t need them a chainsaw throws a lot of trash around a lot of stuff that will go right thru that face screen and blind you

David Gerber says:

Been running Stihl saws for many years. Tried one Husqvarna; commercial saw; blew up and had it rebuilt; almost as much as the cost of a new saw. Blew up/locked up again. Bought another Stihl to replace it. Excellent saws.

Jason Peaslee says:

I will keep running Husqvarna saws they have served me well over the years.

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