Stihl chainsaw review MS661c

Legendary miner Mike gives us the break down on his beast of a Stihl Chainsaw the MS661c


LongBinh70 says:

The model is an MS661 “R” C-M. The R is for the wrap-around, which effects price and availability. In Stihl’s ultimate wisdom, the R is only stocked in the western US. I guess that means they must think those of us on the East coast must be bigger and stronger and can handle that big a saw with a regular handle! 🙂
I had to special-order my R.

ontarioknivesNS7 says:

13 HP? About 100cc? Wow, you people have no business running that saw. No PPE? Not even so much as chaps? Proves you don’t need to pass an IQ test to buy a big expensive chainsaw

Dee O. Gee says:

Awesome saw, love your safety equipment.

Bumble Bee Junction says:

Yikes ! Great review… That thing is just a beast… LOL

morrison peursum says:

*Very nice saw>>>****    made short work of some big trees I had on the ground. Very nice*

Southern Food Junkie says:

That’s a beast

Rico's Place says:

Awesome review, I love your channel

Jack Of All Master Of None says:

Love your saw…wish I had one…been using my MS460 for many years…secret…use amsoil sabre oil mixed at the usual 50:1 ratio…will last forever mixed with non-eth gasoline…as far as power…well…sorry…but your saw is only 7.2HP not 13..and only recommended for up to 32″ bars but larger is possible…I use a 25″ bar on my MS460 to cut 4 foot maples, locust, poplar, fir and walnut for a friend with a firewood business…and do great with it…Sharpen that chain at each gassing up and it will go for days non-stop…

Mithinga K says:

Ms 661 ….. price? ?

scott grizzle says:

that saw is 7.2 horsepower 91.1cc and weight of the powerhead is 16.67 lbs.

timber wolf says:

what a goof

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