Stihl and Echo Chainsaw Review- Which is Better?

Stihl or Echo Chainsaw- which is right for you? This chainsaw review has us comparing two popular models in a head to head comparison. and

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Todd Herklotz says:

This is idiotic. The guy doesn’t even use a chainsaw correctly. Chainsaws are designed to be right handed. Right hand on the trigger.

richard evans says:

The chainsaw operator 4:20 , who’s operating the Stihl should get some training. He’s a danger to himself.

Carlos Joel Garcia says:

You guys are great!! Thank you for taking the time to perform these tests. You tried to be as objective as possible, however chainsaw users get used to, and attached to their brand. Whether a Husky, Stihl or Eccho, they are all great saws and it comes down to the user and how you take care of the equipment. Wether the cut takes 10 more seconds or not, it does not warrant the biased comments made here. As long as the equipment is operating in a safe manner and doing what it was designed to do, I really don’t have a problem buying either of these brands. People have to lighten up a little…. LOL

dgsports69 says:

As safe as possible would also include holding the saw correctly along the right side of your body to avoid kickback and get your chest cut in half. Holding it left handed placed the saw in the middle of your body.

Justina Lopez says:

people buy stilh because they thing is the best “Is not” no matter how people in here defend it, stilh is not better than Echo.

Justina Lopez says:

i use to work with echo 400, after many reviews of 590 lord of wolves i just bougth it and WOW, definetely i prefer echo over the shitty stilh. Echo #1. is my everyday tool on my tree removal company.

Jim Tripp says:

watching this guy cut… can tell he hasn’t cut much in his career!!!!

dean fisher says:

never use your lefthand on the throttle would get cut in half from kick back its in the forestry code

Ant Casters says:

Did anyone else notice how the Stihl put out a lot of dust and the echo mostly chips??

Advanced Nutrition Inc says:

I have run stihl, husq, poulan, echo, and mccullough, but you don’t seem to want to run a fair test. You take the stihl to a dealer and tell them to put it up to specs … knowing you are going against a 20 inch bar on the echo you put a 16 inch bar on the stihl. Then say a 16 is better. But then you cut though logs that are just over 16 inches so you have to either jack the stihl around to make it through or you have to go to the other side. This is not a fair test. Put a 20 inch bar on both and do the test again!

stephen gardin says:

The Stihl chain wasn’t sharpened and profiled properly. More sawdust than chips. The Stihl didn’t have the carb set right either.

vonheimlerstrudel says:

Try adding a new chain on that stihl. Game changer !

Aaron S says:

3:41 anyone else think that chain is pretty loose?


O god i love echo tiberwolf . i hope some day i cant buy this chainsaw

ISayMolonLabe says:

This video makes me cringe. Damn chain is about to fall off @ 3:40

David Hoover says:

At 4.25 the Stihl saw could not have a sharp chain.

juicekingz says:

Stop playing around with homeowner equipment and get a pro stihl. Properly file the chain even if it’s new they aren’t sharp and videos like this would be unnecessary.

m cole says:

Bigger chain more weight more inertia

Mike Cowan says:

toggle switches and chokes. lol. Get a Dolmar it autoprimes no need to choke and it’s a plastic toggle so you won’t get zapped.

Morpheen999 says:

56cc saw against a 60cc saw…

Toby Allen says:

Echo is a better saw by far. Not even close. Stihl makes toys until you get to the Ms461, compare that to the monster that is the echo cs 400. By far the best saw I’ve ever owned

CreatorCreepy says:

both are must-haves for the little ones! <3

jason nelson says:

ill keep my husqvarna xp372 over all others

Bob Adkins says:

Both great saws, but I hate to see a homeowner spend that much cheddar for a saw they will use a few times a year. I’ve seen some very nice, low hour saws all rotted and gummed up from non-use. For storm damage and overhanging limbs, just buy a 18″ Poulan, lean it out a tad, and run it 30:1. It will rot just as slowly and cut limbs as well as a $400 saw. For Pros, well, they know from experience what to buy without looking it up on YouTube.

Phillip Kramer says:

Wonder what the compression is on your stihl?

Ian Pryer says:

Echo is not as good mate the guy who owned the chain saw gave you a blunt blade

Robert Armstrong says:

Echo’s are tough units, use them & are amazed after how many years of doing tree work how it is still going..amazing gear.

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