Should you buy a Battery Powered Chainsaw? Dewalt 12 inch DCCS620 XR 20v Review & Test.

If you’ve thought about buying a battery powered chainsaw over a gas one, this is the review you don’t need to see. The Dewalt DCCS620 20V XR chainsaw is a capable yard lithium ion powered tool that completes the ultimate yard tool- you. This review and “extreme” test examines real world battery life, tips and tricks, life hacks, cheat codes but basically is an excuse to play with power tools, listen to clasical music and see some slow motion. This video is not a proper demonstration on chainsaw safety and best practices. SEO might disagree, but please do not confuse this with the larger 16” flex volt 40v or 60v saw or their drills or impact drivers. Ok that got some hits probably. Also lawn maintenance, arborist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
You can buy the Dewalt by itself here (no battery):
Battery and charger:
Extra Battery:


Deathless2288 says:

Is it going into your EDC rotation?

Toadstkr says:

Can we change your channel name to Manglestar?

sun and moon says:

fun way to introduce

Chad Fulton says:

“The non-alcoholic beer of chainsaws” that’s absolutely great.

worldpeace32 says:

How long did you take to finish cutting all of them and did you charged the battery in between runs?

Grant Deisig says:

Great video… Funny commentary, great editing, good choice of music, and an excellent demo of the saw and child labor. Two thumbs up!

Lozza GQ says:

0:30 Haha classic.

stephan123321 says:

Wahrlich einer der unterhaltsamsten Kanäle in der weiten You Tube Welt! 🙂

Good job….go on!


raymae60 says:

I just purchased a dewalt saw like yours (but 5 amp battery) for two reasons: 1. I have other dewalt tools which use the same battery, and 2. (the real reason) Perhaps using it will improve my sense of humor as it also has yours. Thanks, and do include that beautiful, scene-stealing star of your family in all future vids.

chuckles470 S says:

Nice review. Battery powered yard tools are underrated.

Jose Osornio says:

Not sure if a battery powered chainsaw fits with my tactical lifestyle.

Dan Allen says:

I was wondering if I can borrow your chain saw


Heikki Pitkänen says:

Your kid is growing up fast! 🙂

b w says:

You are raising a strong, independent and self reliant daughter.

Michael Penland says:

Awesome video! Great job.

Ryan Brooks says:

Sup bro?

Frank Robertson says:

How long did it take to recharge the battery after it was depleted?

Burning Spork of Doom says:

Does it run on PBR or snooty beer?

homsup lo says:

Barton the shit oit of the tree with a Spyderco roadie, be a fkn man,!!! Girls use a mini griptilian

Cor W says:

By far the best chainsaw review ever lol

joney703 says:

i had the same thing happen to me bro in bristow damn bradford pears

Philoe Olivarria says:

you should know that electric chainsaws will go threw chainsaw chaps…….

candice beebe says:

Use ATF not bar oil. Its cold in my state so bar oil don’t work.

Rockhound758 says:

Love the video; very informative but also very engaging and witty! Nice job!

Lou Cifer says:

You can also put the 16 inch flexvolt bar on this

albert semelmann says:

Excellent video. I don’t like to wear gloves when I use my chainsaws. And I noticed that at times you didn’t wrap your thumb around the chainsaw’s front handle. Just my suggestions. I plan to get a battery-powered chainsaw when my plug-in saw gives up on me. Not a chance that I would by a gas chainsaw again.

Brett Pulley says:

You just bought a chainsaw, why are chopping small limbs off with a hatchet??!!

u2popmofo says:

I like this guy’s videos.

Chad Fulton says:

I also like that 1 person decided this video was just not for them.

Lone Stranger says:

Did you get poop on your finger? Should of taken a break and did a beer review in the middle. I enjoyed.

Aaron Blake says:

Bought one of these for my grandmother’s 81 birthday and she loves it

An_Onion says:

How much does the saw weight with the 5Ah battery. I have an ancient Poulan 10″ that my wrist just can’t handle after breaking it last year.

alittleolder says:

It is quite amazing how much you got done with that little battery pack. I would so buy this if I didn’t live in an apartment in the middle of the city.

Dan Brown says:

Looks like it might be just about right for dealing with this kind of situation. Something that can sit in the shed for a couple years between crap falling down without the entire engine turning into a ball of gunk, and still be able to get it done faster than the silky saw or sawzall I’d be using otherwise.

Bryan DeFabio says:

Daughters work ethic = much good.

homsup lo says:

You’re not a MILF, but in a few years you’ll be a MANther

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