Ryobi One+ 18V Brushless Cordless 12″ Chainsaw Review

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The new P549 chainsaw is a big upgrade from the previous 10″ model, with a longer bar, brushless motor, and automatic chain oiler.

Thanks to Ryobi for providing a review sample.


Doresoom Reviews says:

One minor critique I forgot to mention in the video – the battery mounts so the fuel gauge is upside down, and you have to turn the whole saw over to check how much charge you have left. I think the design reason is it’s more secure to have the battery stem connect at the top, but it’s still a bit annoying.

the eabster says:

Two batteries to run a 10 inch chop saw but only one battery to run a chainsaw. Just seems like it’s going to be awful week. Thanks for taking the time to make the video

Hoang Le says:

If using it P102 or P107 battery One+ series to cut a tree with 9 in diameter, can it get the job done well?

J. C. says:

Thanks for the review, looks like a great tool. I have the Ryobi corded pole saw and it’s been wonderful to me for my palm trees. I’m going to have to upgrade to this one for my bushes & smaller trees. #RyobiNation

Guns Cars and Digits says:

For $160, and I already have 2 P108’s, this would make a great saw for a homeowner that had pruning jobs which exceed the capacity of their already excellent sawzall. The chain speed seems to be fast enough. If you have neighbors that let weed trees grow against the wall, you can probably hop the wall, cut the freakin trees down, dope the stumps with triclopyr, and they won’t even know!

Pro1er says:

I usually like your reviews but this one not so much. I realize that Ryobi is supplying you with free tools, but to say that it costs a little more than the old version is not true as it’s almost twice as much. Also, it’s not a “hassle” to supply a small bottle of bar oil, it’s a way of saving 25¢ off each saw sold. There’s nothing worse than getting a new tool home to start a project only to find you have to run back to the store for more things to get it to work. Running the video at 64 times normal speed does not give us any idea of how the saw actually performs. No thumbs down, but you really could have done better.

Deep-Woods Outdoors says:

Nice video Nathan, looks like a nice saw!

stgreen78 says:

Have the older model (works great) & it leaks oil everywhere…I keep it in a trash bag to keep the shelves dry lol. Any leaking with this one? Thanks

Sukhwinder Singh says:

I got this because I have alot of Ryobi tools… and about 15 batteries. So battery charge won’t be a problem for me, can’t wait to try it out!

Cheng Liu says:

I wonder how this compares to the 40v chainsaw.

Andrew Waters says:

Just got one of these and have to say, it is far far mor convenient than my petrol saw for cutting up logs for the stove. I noticed you said it didn’t come with a chain brake? Mine has (took a good shove but it’s there)

Fernbark Frist says:

I have the earlier version of this saw and the 40V Brushless. In the brief amount of real time speed that you showed, it appeared as though the new 18v had pretty close to the 40V speed. Nice. I have heavily used the 40V and I love it. The chain speed and length on the older 18v almost made it worthless.


Wow… it is love at first sight when I saw that tool… cordless and brushless… but oh my.. that price. I envy those who can afford such luxury… all I can do is dream. For cordless tools, it is best to have at least two spare batteries at the ready while one is in use… and then, the overall cost just shoots up.

Ari P says:

It is surprising though that this bare tool sells for 200 shipped on ebay while the bare tool chainsaw from makita sells for the same or less as low as 160 bare tool. The makita is a 36v (2 18V BATS) that is brushless and more powerfull.

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