Ryobi Chainsaw Cutting Hardwood logs in Outback Australia Petrol Chainsaw Review

I really put this Ryobi 18 inch Chainsaw through quite a hard time, as you will see in the video.

I have not done any statistics on the saw, they are easy to get from Ryobi or elsewhere so there is no need for me to cover it here.

I wanted to just give it a good practical test in Outback Australia cutting our hardwood Red Gum Trees, and share the results.

I hope this video helps in some way to make a decision on what to buy or not.

Thank you

This is the link to this video

This is the link to my YouTube Channel


Itsyoungdoz says:

Hey Mate nice video, would you recommend it for a first chainsaw?

Malcolm Robertson says:

Glad to see you back, I’ve been waiting for an installment. What did you do with all the timber. Funny my last 3 chainsaws came of the hard rubbish. All simple fixes and still going.

Richard Denton says:

Thank you for the information, spot on, well done, I have a ryobi chainsaw on the way to me, so your video was very helpful, keep up the good work

billy spearing says:

helped me make a decision going doem tomorrow to buy one 🙂


I have one of these. There a good little saw for cutting up firewood just make sure you order a spare air filter. You’ll get through about 4 ton of wood and it’ll need cleaning. After 8 ton you’ll need a new filter

African Cichlids says:

what was the wood red gum ?

robbiefishing says:

Awesome vid Gav. You’re such an Aussie. Love it! Fantastic demonstration. And for the record I think you’re a great role model. The world needs more Gavin Clarks.

SPPPSydney says:

Been trying to chainsaw through Aus Hardwood, taking forever. Leaving burn marks. Chainsaw really struggling. I sharpened my chain many times, makes no difference. Everything spinning and seems to work fine, wood feels like steel. I’m even getting spark from the log and there is no metal in there. It’s orange hardwood wood similar to one on this video. Any thoughts or ideas ?

Sam Sabastian says:

Thank you Gavin. Great vid. Having just put a combustion wood heater into our new house and with red gum at $380 a ton, I shall be heading bush with a chain saw soon. Looking at all available, but the Ryobi for price and performance seems to be the standout at the moment.

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