Ryobi 37cc Gas Chainsaw Review by @GettinJunkDone…It’s OK

Home Depot and their Ryobi chainsaw…it’s a pretty good inexpensive saw, but far from great. If you understand what it’s capable of and designed for, it’s a good buy.

Ryobi Chainsaw: http://go.magik.ly/ml/ahcx/

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citizen-x says:

I used to prune or cut down trees and branches on my property with a bow saw, one day I was going to buy a new replacement blade for my hand saw at Home Depot, and a store employee in outdoor equipment , recommended that I get a chainsaw to make my work go faster and easier, I bought this same Ryobi saw as in this video, after 3 hours of sweating and struggling, I was lucky to cut off one branch , let alone a whole tree, I went back to the store, threw it on the counter and yelled, I couldn’t cut a thing with this piece of junk!
The guy behind the counter said, let me take a look, after about 30 seconds
I was covering my ears, shouting why is it making all that noise and smoke?

OBServe Garage says:

Do you know if another company makes this chain saw? My Craftsman 18″ was made by Poulan, i’ve had my saw for 14 years and have fell hundreds of trees (I cleared an acre of heavily wooded land in my back yard). I paid $99.99 for it. The best part is, I can buy replacement parts at quite a few retailers. Now that Sears is going out of business, I am glad I can order replacement parts from Poulan. It never hurrs to have a back up. I have a tool cabinet of good tools and a chest full of Harbor Freight toos as back up (and for salvage yard runs). I think it is great you are teaching your son how to safely fell a tree. Hope you and your family have a great Easter Joe.

Jody Hardy says:

My stihl 180c pulls 16 inch bar just fine it just proves that saw is a piece of shit

OBServe Garage says:

If you buy a Ryobi sawzall, be sure to buy the latest model with the larger motor and more anti vibration built in.

octaneforce says:

You are a great speaker im surprised this vid only has 200 views. Only thing i would add is that a cordless sawzall isnt so great for demo jobs. The batteries die fast and they just dont have the same balls as a plug in saw. good video thanks

Nunya Biznis says:

What? You must’ve got a bad one. I got the Ryobi 37cc 16″ 2 weeks. Since then, I have cut down 6 trees that were about 10-12″ diameter and bucked them all. Blue Spruce, Maple, one small Oak, and a few ash trees. I also cut many smaller saplings and a lot of limbing. I’d say all in all I have run it about 20-25 hours. Not only has everything worked without a hiccup so far, but I don’t see much dulling in the chain yet either. And I today expected to be disappointed. At this point, the thing paid for itself. I would have shelled out a few thousand bucks for the work I’ve done with it thus far (when you factor in hauling away of debris).

Also, a sawzall with an arbor blade isn’t a bad tool, I have one (corded) but it really doesn’t compare to a chainsaw even for limbing smaller limbs. Besides, a cordless sawzall isn’t very practical when you have a lot of work to do unless you have tons of batteries and chargers.


Joe I had a poulan about the same price for a back up saw . After ten hours and about 8 years old the crank sheared off at the clutch. It was the best 10 hour saw I ever had. LOL

Jody Hardy says:

Dude listen to you my 180 is a 32cc it will spiny chain fine you just talked me out of getting that green turd

Steven Mck says:

I am thinking about getting the 3714 reconditioned for 69, I got the blue max for 135, a 52cc and that saw is getting better and better after 15 hours of use. I figure my go 2 saw cuts down the tree, takes the trunk down to 6 inhes and let the ryobi take over the rest of the tree which is 2/3 the work thus saving my new best friend the blue maxfrom an early retirement. Also my electric chain saw has worn out making the 69 dollar backup look like a good gamble If I get junk, send it back and get one till I get one that works as it should. No reason for a hissy fit over a backup, You should read the reviews for the 25 percent who are mad as hell.

hillock10 says:

Our new Ryobi 14 inch chainsaw never started. We did everything possible and followed the instruction exactly, including the trouble shooting. So we took it back to the store and got a refund.

John W. J. Snyder says:

After watching this review I went and purchased the Ryobi 14″ saw. As I began cutting through the first few logs I noticed that the saw bogged down and was starting to think I made a mistake. You see I grew up cutting wood and was a tree trimmer professionally. Back then we used McCulloch 14″ saws for liming and small branches which worked great. I figure this Ryobi would be a practical substitute. The one thing that really is the only real draw back about this saw is the safety tip. I had personally never heard of or seen one prior to purchasing this saw and when I removed it, I noticed a significant improvement in the performance of the saw. If you want a good affordable day take the safety-tip off. If you want a saw that boggs on an 8″ limb, then I guess keep it on.

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