Review 2- The $77.66 Chinese Clone Chainsaw Of Awesomeness 1.5 Year Review

The cut took 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

The saw seems to be doing quite well much to the dismay of a lot of people in the comment section of the original review video.

I figured since I was going to be doing some milling I’d pull out the Chinese saw and do a review on it. It’s been over 1.5 years since I’ve owned the saw and I have been very pleased with it.

Since the eBay ads change at time goes on, I can’t post the exact link so I’ll post the search and you can find the saw there. They have raised the price of the saw since I bought mine.

They don’t make this exact saw anymore. They have changed the outside of the saw but under the hood it’s still probably the same thing as mine.

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Michael Roberts says:

Forget all those naysayers. Keep doing what you’re doing. I am pretty comfortable around chainsaws. I’ve had some experience rehabing and reselling. Haven’t done it in awhile though. Check out my channel, mrinds. Your video was excellent thanks

Joseph Petrillo says:

Do you have any issues with the ends of your slabs spliting durning the air drying process. I just started milling and am doing some black cherry. I painted the end grains with latex paint and that did not seem to do any good. I was thinking of getting some anchorseal. What are you thoughts. Also… could you do an informational video on your stacks and stacking process so far?

Harley Conrad says:

how do I get that Chinese saw in eBay? I’ve looked and can’t find it anywhere


safety gear makes you like a retard butt at the end of the day you still look Better than that dumbass that chopped his leg off not wearing safety gear

Unknown Hidden1 says:

It’s holding up great . Does it ever leak bar oil ? And If it does how did u fix it ?

Grant Snell says:

I’m glad to see you changed the oil ratio to 40:1 or so. that ratio is fine with a decent 2 stroke oil. I would say that you have got great value for money from that saw!

bilbobaggains67 says:

Glad to see ur happy with it

Ox says:

Well done, bub. I’m impressed with the under $100 saw. Have you noticed the top handle being kind of lacking in the strength category?

I want to see you try to buck a log with that chain with no rakers on it! lol


don’t ever buy a USA made sthil saw their junk get the higher grade one made in Germany

save us all says:


mrpotatoheadracing says:

Caffeine rush at 4:22

Viheavyequipment says:

cuts better then I would have guess having no rakers cool video and good review

Blaine Collins says:

you say people are dogging you.I actually just bought the same timber pro saw and a sawmill before I even saw you video.I was really stoked to find your videos.Screw people who talk crap man.Im stoked to see your videos.Not everyone can blow 800.00 on a chainsaw.People are stupid.I am containing my thoughts and words out of respect

TN MAN says:

Do you have a link for this saw?

bilbobaggains67 says:

We’re did u buy it

Alcino da Silva Rebelo says:

Congratulations on the initiative, removing the rakers makes the chain like a band saw, and with good results because I have never seen a chainsaw to launch chips while milling. One day I’ll give it a try.

firewatch814 says:

The naysayer stihl & husqvarna fanboys hate these videos. its kind of funny that companies are using a design they got from a company (zenoah) that husqvarna bought for it technology patents and those saws are having a little success selling.

Love2boat92 says:

The cut took 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

save us all says:


Gerald Ellis says:

will it cut metal and concrete

Rafe Hargett says:

These chinese clones are great saws i bought 2 of the 62cc Timber Pro saws with 20” bar came with 2 bars 4 chains i am starting my second season with it i will never buy another name brand saw especially a poulan i did replace the first chain at the start of this season they seem to hold up well i cut 10 chords of wood last season with it am thinking about buying another couple of these timber pro saws btw i like the chainsaw mill video really enjoyed it the best part is your doing it cheap with great results Dad has always said it’s not how much money you make but how much you save considering the size of his bank account i believe i will follow in his foot steps !

Roger Bayliss says:

Whats the name of the milling attachment you have on your saw?

Arnie Hancock says:

Like the video. What kind of jig are you using?

Gordon Reed says:

This is not to say that there is something wrong, safety wise, with filing the rakers down to far. On the other hand you are having to manually control how much bite that chain takes with each pass of the chain. It would have been better to just file them a bit at a time until it was cutting the way you want it to do.

ludvig tande says:

Good for you!!

Michael Adams says:

I’m not a safety Sally I would just say this it is very hard on the saw and to shut up all that comment about if you had 2 chains of same make and did one without takers and one with timed to see the difference that would shut them up

Edward Menzies says:

So there’s SNOBBERY in the lumberjack world! Who would have thought it. Keeping the “little” guy down, eh…..

Harley Conrad says:

how do I get that Chinese saw in eBay? I’ve looked and can’t find it anywhere

Van Alstyne says:

Look who got some safety gear. Smart. Another good video. I don’t know how to do it but put a clock on the screen when you mill. People (me) probably want to know exactly how long it took. Good for judging and estimating a job. Same fast speed, though.

damastamon says:

Nice. Don’t worry about people writing negative comments, your video’s are good. Greetings from Belgium

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