Remington RM4620 Chainsaw – First Use and review

I purchased the RM4620 chainsaw a while back and haven’t had time to use it until now. Not a bad chainsaw for the money $199.00 at Lowes. Here the link to the unboxing video


simplestatic says:

the 4620 is not a bad saw. I bought mine a few weeks ago and felled and bucked 3 30 year old Oaks with it. Haven’t had a problem with the saw yet. I think most of the people badmouthing it, either don’t know how to properly use and maintain a chainsaw, trolls, or being paid by other chainsaw companies. it’s not a pro model chainsaw, but I think it is much better than homelite, poulan, etc. I’m not speaking for remington’s whole line. just the 4620.

Tombstone says:

Remington seems to work for me my son give me one for my birthday. So far so good after 4 cores of wood she still preforms as expected. No complains here.

Al, Orange Park, FL says:

thanks this was a good instructional I just had delivered a RM5118R it has a 51cc motor and 18″ bar, am looking forward to cleaning up some land of mine

Ryan Neuls says:

So you put a face cut 50% through a back leaning tree and pinched the bar on the back cut. if that were a real tree you would be dead. Ugh! take this guys review to heart hahahaha

Pat Rafferty says:

Pete…how does the Remington perform now that it’s been about 6 months since you posted the video. Any thoughts in comparison to other saws you’ve owned? Nice-looking ranch.

Gerva Rod says:

IF your gonna upgrade, get a Stihl MS 251. there great for an all rounder saw. the bar on it is the right size and very snappy too with power.

Red Neckerson Customs says:

Now I can’t speak for anyone else’s experiences with one of these, but I picked one up to F off with in the yard, because it’s what I could find locally same day. The damn thing’s lasted through 25 trees, a couple of those 20″ across, one I had to do in 2 pieces Arborist style, harness, rigging, and all. That’s in the last week. No idea on longevity yet, buy it’s not failed in the last few days. By the way, it’ll take Husky small bolt bars. the mounting is the same.

ubbe R says:

made in China. =. crap

Matthew Oresky says:

I purchased a RM4620 from Lowes. it ran for 5 mins and would not start again. Remington support said take it back for a new one. The second one ran 5 mins and would not start again. Any ideas?

nick freeman says:

sorry but yoou never checked chain tension and no saftty gear not a wise move. i dont say in badness more concerned your safety. im a pro and i had to have 80 stiches in my leg after a derailed chain. the gear is worth your life. felling the trees you were spot on.

Burt Hulbert says:

even if you only use a saw a couple hours a year this Remington is a waste of money at any price.
a stihl ms 250 is $299.00 right now. an equivalent 445 husqvarna is about 40 bucks more at Bailey’s chainsaw. these are both fine running saws that won’t piss you off like these crap Remington or homelite equivalents.

Kevin Feliciano says:

when the bar gets pinched use wedges so you dont damage your saw

Brandon Stull says:

Please let the engine break in before revving it. Should do a heat cycle of it just idling for about 5 minutes for the first ever start. Then let it cool completely. Then use it lightly for the first hour or so

Brennan Neff says:

I’ve got 4 cords run through mine (RM4620). Ditched the 20″ bar for an Oregon 18″ pro bar. The stock bar is junk. 46cc & 20″ in hardwood isn’t a good combo. The air filter plugs up every time I use it. I’m just wearing mine out, then getting something a little better to suit my needs.

ken robinson says:

You need a safety course !!! or be walking on stumps..for legs.

Kevin Feliciano says:

wheres your safety gear when you do a cold start you need to like the saw make a popping noise or i call it burping the saw

W. Gator says:

With the chain tight like that you need to keep lots of grease on the bar nose sprocket or you will be going through more bars than chains.

bob wylie says:

this saw looks good i did buy a poulan 42cc pp4218a from lowe’s an will say that thing was pure garbage think it was a flaw in the on off switc would never start in up position why they put a level instead of keeping the toggle stlye who knows never can get it started my thing is price as not everyone can afford a mega buck saw but i guess you get what you pay forbut might be buying this any chainsaw hat starts after 2 or 3 pulls is good for me thanks for the video i know this is a year old video so does the saw still run.

1970 olds442 says:

i have done warranty work on these trash can saws. they are pure junk the top end kit costs $50 cheap pile. the saws i worked on everyone was burned up and none of them were even 2 weeks old. the china guys took the remminton name and put it on a turd china saw that is total shit

DrStanley567 says:

Thanks for vid. Thinking about picking one up. Any issues since this video?

Country Living Experience says:

Nice job dropping that tree where you wanted it.

John Feliu says:

His saftey tech is a little to be to desired.but that ‘s just me…..he ain’t quite a mechanic.I’m sure he’s a okay guy……….A little more tech……

Eric Bubenheim says:

Keep the air filter clean and the unit will cut all day.

Kevin Feliciano says:

wheres your safety gear when you do a cold start you need to like the saw make a popping noise or i call it burping the saw

Kevin Feliciano says:

when the bar gets pinched use wedges so you dont damage your saw

MitchO says:

you can get a husq 236 for close in price

Jason Gleich says:

Nice review ! I just bought this chainsaw today and I worked until late so didn’t have a chance to test it out so this review helped a lot. Thanks !

Hans Carl Clausen says:

Loved your video. Did everything like you said. Worked great – for 10 cuts, Then the chain stopped. Took it back to Lowes to replace, where I was told the entire product line has been “RECALLED”. There are none of these left on any of the Lowes shelves.

Jerry Counts says:

When tightening the chain, you want to hold the bar up with your hand so the chain tension is more accurate when it stretches…Ideally, the saw should be resting on something so you can control the spanner better….Also, no offense, but it would be worth your while to get rid of that thing and get a Husky, Stihl, Echo, Jonsered, etc…especially if you use it more than once or twice a year and have some property…. the aggravation is not worth saving 150 bucks or so…. my .02.

peerless-d6r says:

I just bought this saw on Friday and it’s Monday now I only started it about 8 Times and today the start mechanism failed warranty only covers it for 6 months as well and menards won’t refund

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