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Milwaukee M18 Power – Comments have poured into many of our videos asking when Milwaukee will release the new M18 FUEL 16″ Chainsaw with the M18 12.0 Ah battery.  No more waiting, it is here and let us show you in the video above that this saw rocks!  The timing of the release was perfect with the landscaping project that had us removing 4 diseased Austrian Pine trees.  These trees are full of many branches and gave us some time behind the new M18 FUEL chainsaw.  First, while Milwaukee was not first to the market with a battery operated chainsaw, they are the first to bring out a perfect battery operated chainsaw with all the power most will ever need or want.

One of our largest complaints about battery operated chainsaw’s is the lack of power for confident felling.  Up until the new Milwaukee Chainsaw, we have not recommended felling large trees with a battery saw!  The bar has been raised and we hope that other companies can and will be able to follow.  All of the trees that needed to be dropped in our backyard were dropped with the battery operated Milwaukee chainsaw.  Our Stihl MS361 sat idle as we enjoyed the power and lack of heat from this chainsaw.

Gas Chainsaws Can’t
Normally we would be making a list of items that a battery saw cannot do that a similar gas saw can, but in this case, it is just the opposite.  We started cutting our trees down while it was cool at 7:30 AM in a subdivision.  There is no way I would light off our Stihl at that time of the morning without some mad neighbors.  Since the high today was 92 degrees, we wanted to get all the work done possible while it was still mid 80’s.  Milwaukee’s battery chainsaw did not kick out heat from the engine or exhaust, so the real feel of cutting in these temperatures was much better than with gas.

We still wear all of our safety gear, including chaps, a helmet, safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection.  Hearing protection is not needed, but it has become a habit.  The silence of working with a battery operated saw and ear muffs allows for another level of concentration that adds to safety.  We know our safety equipment works and there is no need to accidentally test it.

The M18 12.0 Ah battery was able to fully cut down 3 trees and limb them before we took a break for a half charge.  With the heat, this was a needed break, but with a gas saw we would have just filled up and kept going.  Even with the Stihl sitting there, we waited for a half charge to be achieved and we went back to work.  With one tree twisting while it fell, landing on the camera and half in our hot tub, the break gave us time to look at the other trees and do some needed cleanup.

While our day was not perfect, the performance of this saw was.  There was no thermal timeouts, no wanting for more power and no wondering what might happen next.  This saw flat out rocks and we know anyone else who wanted a saw for a home will feel the same!


Adam Petten says:

Have you compared against the ego?

John G says:

I bought one of these saws as soon as it came out. And i would say that this video represents the saw accurately. I have not used any other battery chainsaws so i cannot comment on that, but i do think that Milwaukee is right to say that this is comparable to a 40cc saw. I am a little concerned about how the long the battery contacts will last. there is a lot of amps pulling though those little slip-on connectors. I would say it has to be nearly a 100 amps constant under load, maybe more. (if i get time, i’m going to set something up to measure it). For that reason i was thinking that they would have done what Makita did with the 2 batteries in series for a 36v solution to keep the amp draw down on the battery contacts. On the other hand, I do like the new “Big Bertha” battery.

Gary Brunton says:


Chris Davis says:

Battery operated , be a man , and use that good ole 2 stroke and smell those fumes n screw neighbors, they love me when i start up my 1978 McCulloch pm 750

EOSJOE says:

Question… I’ve been reading that wearing chaps doesn’t give the same level of protection with a battery powered saw as it does with a gas saw because the battery powered saw doesn’t have a clutch. As a result the blade will not necessarily stop quickly when tangled in the chap material. Is there any truth to this?

Aaron Repper says:

Great review looks smooth and strong. Are y’all doing a Milwaukee chainsaw give away?

mikey pizano says:

The voltage doesn’t matter as much as a lot of people think, it’s all about the KV rating on the motor (assuming it is brushless).

Mike Carpenter says:

Very surprising that you say this Milwaukee can compete in power and runtime with Dewalt 40v which has twice the cells, twice the voltage and a higher 300 watt hour capacity. I’m not disagreeing… just saying I’m excited to get my hands on this tool.

James Avery says:

yeah Milwaukee own the streets. Just did a drive by with the Milwaukee m18 nailer on some dewalt guys throwin gang signs

Jerrycube says:

How does the saw run with 9.0 and 5.0 batteries? Just curious how the power drop off feels running smaller packs… might be good idea to use the 12.0 for the big stuff and keeps some smaller packs for cleanup if you only have the one 12.0 pack…

Alex Guzman says:

Why do you have a sthil chainsaw your not even a pro tree guy

DaddyGreer65 says:

Hey Brian how does this compare with the Dewalt 40v saw?

me217 says:

have you used the EGO 56v chainsaw, just wondering how it compares?

Ernesto Rodriguez says:

Which one is better? Which one has more power…Milwaukee or EGO???

DrgnFlys says:

I think you just finalized my decision as to wether I should get this saw or just a corded one. Thanks!

Tony Powell says:

I have the makita 36v 18×2 chainsaw are they similar in runtime and which do you prefer

Chris S says:

Shootout between Milwaukee, dewalt and makita. Cutting speed, battery life and ergonomics

They Live says:

Pretty amazing what you can do with 18 volts now.

Therealphantomzero says:

3 year warranty?

Matt James says:

I mean how is this 18v chainsaw so powerful? Is it the brushless motor?

Andrew Lyon says:

Think they’ll make heated chainsaw chaps

JDub says:

1000 trees cut? How many planted?


Over a 1000 trees in your lifetime?!!!! Are you like a vegan competition eater or something?

OmegaGamingNetwork says:

I have mixed feelings about this honestly. I like the idea of a battery powered electric saw for lopping limbs and such. It is the price that I take issue with. I run a Stihl MS361 as well for primary cutting. Obviously it isn’t going to replace that. However at $400 there are A LOT of other options for drastically less. I rarely am concerned about noise so honestly a smaller Ms250 is just going to be a better choice. If there is a situation I need to be quite there are plenty of 16″ electric saws under $150. The drawback to those obviously is the extension cord. I’m just not convinced that cordless is worth the jump from $150 to $400 for really very niche use. Now if this saw were say..around $250 it suddenly becomes a great deal more appealing. Again not knocking its capability, I like its capability. I just feel its price is putting it squarely out of contention with other options.

Paul Scharlau says:

Good review! Was this an anyway sponsored by Milwaukee? Like did you did they give you the saw for free, reduced cost, or whatever, for a favorable review?

James Penner says:

I just ordered this saw yesterday. If you pre order it also came with a bonus 9amp battery with the 12amp one. I’m sick and tired of having a gas chainsaw. Every time I want to use it it does not wanna start cus it was sitting for a while or I got to mix new gas cus the other stuff has been sitting since the last time I mixed it. Plus I have lots of Milwaukee tools and wanted some bigger batterys with the 9amp and 12 amp batterys that I can use on my grinder and weed eater I’m sure I’ll love it. Great review by the way!!!

Danny H. says:

Great tool and review ! Just not a tool I have a need for … yet !

OM617YOTA says:

Thanks for the video, good stuff. Love the unbiased review, see lots of people pre-judge electric tools poorly just because they’re electric.

Given the implementation of all the tool less chain tensioning systems thus far, I definitely consider the tool-required setup a bonus.

Joe Framer says:

Great review as always… would not have believed this was as powerful as the flexvolt chainsaw with their 12,ah in it…… because I know from experience nothing is close to the 575 especially the 577 flexvolt saws………solid info thanks

Jeff Genchi says:

I love the M18 line. The batteries get better and the tools just work.


Love the blower also! Just like the saw, money is money
Gas you don’t have to wait.
Batteries are close but not affordable just yet ..
Great job!

ford56798 says:

So you’re saying it’s meh…. hahah jk

Chris Broshar says:

I’ve had one on back order since they went live. Can’t wait to get it. Should be very soon!

Jeff Knebel says:

Not helping, you’re making me want one now. Tough part is letting the cheap Stihl I have go away.

John Salazar says:

How does it compare to the 16″ Ego chainsaw?

metrowash says:

Seems like a great option in some situations. Sometimes I just want to cut a couple of limbs and don’t want to smell like two cycle smoke for the rest if the day. And the noise factor is something I never thought about. However, when the time comes that battery pack replacement is going to hurt the pocketbook.

Cyberslug1 says:

How does it compare to what most consider the best electric chain saw, The EGO 56 Volt.

Adam Petten says:

The non quick bar adjustment is a good thing, some of the quick adjust bars move and are not skookum at all.

Taylor Hurt says:

Had to stop watching at the 1:25 mark. That back cut was embarrassing. (The first and second one) sorry, I can’t listen to someone review a chainsaw that doesn’t know how to use one.

Stefan Van pellicom says:

Wonder how it performs on 5Ah batteries. I have 6 of those and only very small chainsaw jobs, but will it run ?…

Ryan Jewell says:

How would you say this compares to echos 58v chainsaw since you have reviewed both?

Melissa Wallace says:

$400? Wow that’s a high price to pay. I would rather purchase a Stihl for $400 I would get a lot more the an entry level saw!

Wayne Gilby says:

I saw this in Home Depot priced at around 550 why would anybody buy this at that price point when a real saw can be baught for the same price btw in Canada

Pro1er says:

Great review Brian. Truthfully, for $400 with a 12Ah battery, this saw is a very good deal if you’re in the Milwaukee platform.

Craig Hatch says:

This channel has become a Milwaukee fan boy club, he doesn’t even hide it. With the tool boxes and banners.You really think he’s going to give a unbiased opinion on anything else. Will be unsubscribe now.

mberk01 says:

Great review.

fuzzy wuzzy says:

I dig it

Cinerea Urban Forestry Services says:

5:26 @workshopAddict I think you mean Austrian pine, Pinus nigra. Good review

Wayne Gilby says:

Ps without batteries

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