Random Bits 220: 30$ Refurbished WORX WG305 Electric Chainsaw Review, Firewood, Forest Clearing

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tippy dog says:

what would you do if you didn’t have us all sitting inside at our computer’s telling you what not to do

Henrik says:

This trunk clearly was a former circus artist. Probably a high wire artist. It had a perfect balance.

Green Silver says:

I’m guessing that because it’s electric, it’s not made for the larger logs so the tightening mechanism isn’t up to the big stuff.
Set a challenge to your local hardware store, you’re looking for a gas chainsaw for someone with autism who doesn’t like loud noise and can’t wear ear defenders.
I agree, the sound of a 2 stroke chainsaw is awful, but you’re not going to get a professional grade electric jobbie.

Also you need some files to keep the blades nice n’ sharp.

TheEPROM9 says:

You really want to be using that with a face shild as if the thing kicks back or chain breaks. It will tear your face apart. My mum when she was a Nurse has seen some horrific chainsaw & other power tool injerys.

Kyle R says:

Your Bike has big batteries , the back of Your bike may become a Mobile Power Supplly for power tools lol 🙂

rodenthideout says:

use a inverter on a hand truck with a battery.

Donald Bruntz says:

After you pull the bar out to tighten the chain lift the bar then turn the knob it shoulld work better.. Yes, oil is manual. Clean it well and be careful.

supergeo.ca says:

A partially fallen tree is an accident waiting to happen. Please skid/drag that tree down to the ground before cutting it.

Scribe Line says:

I guess we know now that a tree that falls in the forest and no one is around does make a sound. 😉

Gill says:

You are just awesome, my love and respect to you.

Eric Christensen says:

Unfortunately you have tied yourself onto another ancillary JOB – acquire the proper file and learn to sharpen saw chain teeth. Have you run out of available time for your projects yet?

John Derry says:

A video series like your bike battery builds on how you make a battery pack and inverter to power the chainsaw would be great.

MadMark the Pyro says:

$30 seems to do a decent job of it. Besides I am sure you could repurpose it when the time comes.

Catherine Kessler says:

Thats cool that you found that thing for $30 and it works well, also you may want to find a tree stump for the chopping block if you can, just not a rotten one

Contantq says:

Heating with wood heats twice…once when you cut and split it and then when you burn it.

Gadget Addict says:

I’m surprised the motor didn’t overheat. Impressive.

Turd Ferguson says:

Someone is deleting comments again.

Forte Mezzo says:

What is the deal with all the ads?

thedriver02 says:

looks like it worked pretty well. I love the idea of a batter pack for it, I also love the brightness! haha

David Amonett says:

I wish you had leather boots on.

Your 9 toed friend Dave…

donald allen says:

that cover unscrew and inside there is a nut that you loosen and a screw that you tighten to adjust chain unplug it before you work on it



Rex Venom says:

Another channel I love watching is J Mantzel, he’s running his chainsaw off solar panels

Arctic Man Gaming says:

Hard to tell from your video but food for thought is when the saw dust actually looks like dust and not chips, the chain is dull. You can buy a file and file it yourself, or buy an electric grinder. It would be best to keep an extra chain around so you don’t have to stop work to file. A dull blade will take longer to cut, heat up and have a higher chance of snapping or loosing teeth.

Mandurath says:

Most electric chainsaws seem to bother me noise wise more than gas ones. Kinda like circular saws, that screeching noise they make bugs me. We tried a few, from HF, WM and a couple others. Only one I really liked was the B&D Alligator. It wasn’t really meant for what we used it for but it did a great job cutting up stuff way bigger than it was meant for. Some in my family use assorted stuff from Worx, they seem to like it. Went through a bunch of cheaper gas ones as well, just didn’t like them much. My father in law and I went in together on a nice Stihl chainsaw, so far its been great. We should have just bit the bullet and bought a good one in the first place. Would have saved alot of time and money in the end.

Eugene Weltzer II says:

Protect your legs when cutting.

Andrew Ballard says:

weird, I was looking at cheap chainsaws last night for a future garden project that involves a good amount of clearing…electric seems the way to go for housey-DIY type stuff but I really want a petrol one for some reason….played too much warhammer 40k space marines :/

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